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Gel Press Printing with Dina Wakley Media Gloss Sprays by Kate Crane PART ONE

Gel Press Printing with Dina Wakley Media Gloss Sprays by Kate Crane PART ONE

Hello. This is Kate Crane with another video for the Gel Press #fromPrintstoProjectwithGelPress series.
Now recently I got myself some of these. These are the Dina Wakley new paint
[Gloss] sprays by Ranger. And the first thing that I think when I get any new mediums
is: can I make this work on the Gel Press plate? So I’ve been having a play. And what I
have discovered is that you can get really super bright, colorful and really
glossy prints. So here are some of the prints that I’ve managed to pull off
using these paint sprays. It is a little bit messy, but the colors are just
amazing. And you can also get some really nice kind of celestial effects. One of
the things I really like doing is working not just small, but really teeny,
tiny. So I’ve made here this: Look. a super, super tiny little book. It wraps around
with a bit of ribbon. Now you could scale this up or down, so it doesn’t have to be
as tiny as this. But it is full of all these little signatures of beautiful,
glossy, shiny, colorful prints. You can scale it up or down. You can make it any size that you wish. Thanks for joining me. I hope
you’ll enjoy playing along. I am working on my 8 by 10 Gel Press plate.
Really any size will do because the project I am going to create is really
small. So we are going to be cutting it right down. Now I have picked out eggplant, fuchsia and magenta, because they will blend nicely. And I think one of the key
things is not to flood it. Not too much. It is very fluid, as you can see. I am
going to add the lemon. I am just removing it and just splatting. Now you will see
because it is so fluid, it does bead up a little bit. But I like it. It gives it a nice bit
of pattern. Now I am printing on a regular smooth, white cardstock. This is by Mondi. It is a color copy, 200 GSM. So nothing special about it, but it does print
really nicely. Okay. So that is if there is no paint on the
plate. We are going to try it now by putting a layer of paint and letting it dry to see
the difference. If there is anything left on the plate let’s keep doing a pickup
print, because we might get a nice layered print from that. This time I am
starting with a layer of titanium white. (let it dry!) Amsterdam it’s a standard acrylic. As soon as
you spray it on it starts to resist the paint that you spray on and it creates
this kind of open hole pattern on the top. See that happening? But straight away.
I’m doing it this way means that the lemon stays distinct where it is. It is
not blending. It is not bleeding out and blending in. You can also kind of draw a
little bit. Add some extra little patterns with it. (This is a plastic sink protector!) Let’s have a look at what we’ve got.
There is the first print without the paint. But then the difference that that
paint layer makes. Looks almost a little bit… a little bit celestial. And as
well as some lighter, pick-up prints, which are good for contrast.
Thanks so much for playing along. Come join me in part two, where I am going to make
a little teeny tiny, cute, mini project Thanks for watching! (Part Two coming on Saturday)

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