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Generations React To Dumbest Game Show Answers (Family Feud Popeye’s Chicken, Wheel Of Fortune)

– (Dee) Name Popeye’s favorite food.
– Spinach. – (Eve) Chicken!
– (audience laughs) – You’ll go, “Okay, boomer,”
but that was young and dumb. ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (Dee) There’s one question.
Only one answer. – Oh, Family Feud.
– Oh, I just showed you this one, didn’t I?
– Oh! I saw this on YouTube. – (Dee) That’s it. Whoever guesses
this wins the game. Here we go. Name Popeye’s favorite food.
– Spinach. – (Eve) Chicken!
– (audience laughs) – (Eve) Chicken!
– Oh, no. – (Eve) Chicken!
– (audience laughs) – Popeyes is the best!
– (host) Show me chicken! (buzzer)
– She was so confident until she turned around
and was like, “No?” (chuckles) – That’s tough.
That’s a brain fart for sure. – Nothing makes me happier
than stupid incompetence. – And that’s what you call
a classic… oof. – I don’t wanna say it,
’cause I’m a boomer and you’ll go, “Okay, boomer,”
but that was young and dumb. – You’re on live TV.
It’s nerve-wracking. You have a whole team next to you,
so you kind of just go with your gut and say the first thing,
and it just didn’t work in her favor. – (FBE) So, that was a clip
from Family Feud Canada, where contestant Eve Dubois
answered incorrectly and lost out on $10,000.
– Yeah. – (FBE) This clip has gone
viral since then, so Popeyes Chicken
has now sent her $10,000 worth of free food.
– Oh. Nice! I say that’s a win.
– Way to go, Popeyes. – ♪ Love that chicken
from Popeyes ♪ – (FBE) As you may have noticed,
for this episode, we’re gonna be showing you some of those moments
that make most game show hosts want to give up on humanity.
We’re looking at you, Steve Harvey. So, we’re gonna show you
some of the funniest game show fails! – Oh my god, I love those moments!
– I hope there’s a lot of Steve Harvey on here.
– I love Steve Harvey. – Oh, I love this. Okay,
’cause I love game shows. – (Sajak) I believe every letter
you called is in this puzzle. – Oh! Oh my god.
Is he gonna miss it?! – Hmm. (chuckles)
– (Sajak) You have 10 seconds. Can he do it?!
– I wanna know how he’s gonna mess this up.
– (man) Magic hand, magic band…
– That’s what I would’ve said first. – Are you kidding me?!
– Is he serious? – (man) Yand, sand, vand,
cand, jand, pand, fand, band, (buzzer)
wand– wand! Oh! – “Wand”! (chuckles) Magic “wand”!
– My god! – (Sajak) Ah. Wow, I…
– That “and” looks so… – How did you forget about wand?!
How do you do that?! I’m so sorry! How?!
– He had the right strategy of just kind of going
down the alphabet, but it just didn’t help
that W is at the end of the alphabet. – You know what?
I’m gonna try my best not to judge him.
Under normal circumstances, anyone would’ve gotten magic wand.
I saw clearly that the answer was magic wand.
But you never know. When those hot stage lights
are on you and it’s an audience of 250 people and Mom’s there
and Grammy’s in the corner and stuff, you never know what that
could do to your anxiety. – (Trebek) Less than a minute now.
– (Ken) Tool Time for 200. – (Trebek) This term
for a long-handled gardening tool can also mean…
– I know this one. (chuckles) – (Trebek) Ken.
– (Ken) What’s a hoe? – (Trebek) No.
– Good. I would’ve said that. – (laughs)
– Who’s a ho? – That’s not that bad.
– I honestly don’t know what it is. I would’ve said hoe.
– (laughs) Oh! Oh my god. – That’s awkward.
– He was confident about it. He was like, “What’s a hoe?”
(giggles) – Got some of these
back home, Alex. – (laughs)
– What is it? – (FBE) It’s a rake.
– A rake? That doesn’t make sense. That wasn’t him being stupid.
That was the show being stupid. – But that’s the right answer, right?
They gave him the money? It’s hoe. I stand with this guy!
He should’ve gotten his money. It should’ve been hoe.
– I remember some of my friends at school actually telling me
that– they were talking about that word, and I asked
what it was, and they were like, “You don’t wanna know.
You don’t wanna know.” And till this day,
I don’t properly know what it is, I don’t think.
– (FBE) So, Ken Jennings may have gotten the answer wrong
in that episode, but he’s actually the Jeopardy contestant who has
the longest ever winning streak on the game show with 74 wins.
So, I guess this didn’t set him back too much.
– Wow. I don’t even know what to think at that point then,
’cause it’s like, he’s successful but just not at that moment.
– Maybe that’s what I should just be doing.
Put my years of education into something that matters
and just start watching a bunch of Jeopardy, taking notes,
learning a bunch of random trivia. I’m not saying it’s easy,
but I’m saying I’m ready to put in the work. – I used to watch this show
so much when it came out, like when it was popular and peaked. – Is that Kellie Pickler?
– Budape… – (Foxworthy) …is the capital
of what European country? – I’ve never learned this. – Is it Turkey? Hungary? Hungary! Okay.
– (Kellie) This might be a stupid question…
– Oh, Kellie Pickler. – (Foxworthy) I’m guessing
it’s probably gonna be. – Oh, gosh.
– (Kellie) I thought Europe was a country.
– Oh my god. – (Kellie) Buddhist. Budapest.
– (chuckles) – (Kellie) I never
even heard of that. – (Foxworthy) All right,
here’s your options. I mean, you could drop out with $10,000.
– (wheezing laughter) – (Kellie) Like, I know
they speak French there, don’t they? – Awww.
– (Kellie) I wanna say… is France a country?
– (laughs) – (Kellie) I don’t know
what I’m doing. – Oh, my child. How in the hell
did she get on the show? – I can tell you who’s
not smarter than a fifth grader. (chuckles)
– We have our moments. Einstein said if you judge
a fish by its ability to climb a tree,
everyone is stupid. – What’s endearing
to Kellie Pickler is the Kellie Pickler
of it all, you know? – (FBE) Kellie Pickler
was a former American Idol contestant who made it to the top six
and would go on to have a successful country music career.
– Oh, wow. – (FBE) She actually did
this guest appearance on “Are You Smarter
Than a 5th Grader?” to raise money for charity.
– Ah. Well, that was nice of her. It’s just too bad she probably
won’t be remembered for the charity bit
and more for the blunder bit. – You have a lot of free time
on tour buses and stuff, you know. You might wanna get on there
and learn a few things. – The Newlywed show!
– Like the YouTube trend? (chuckles) – This is ancient.
– Oh. Oh, god. This was the best show.
– (Eubanks) What country will your husband say
the last foreign car he rode in was manufactured? Fran?
– (Fran) The United States? – Oh my god.
– (Eubanks) …the last foreign car he rode in was manufactured? Fran?
– (Fran) The United States? – (chuckles) – (Eubanks) That’s not
a foreign country. – That hair.
– (Fran) Texas. – Ohhh…
– (Fran) Texas. – (snickers)
– (Eubanks) Texas! – At least what–
you watch TV to be entertained. And if it’s at the expense
of someone else, I think we can all accept it.
(laughs) – That’s just clear misunderstanding.
That’s not even she didn’t know the answer. (laughs)
– I loved watching that show just because they were all
young and dumb and said things they never would’ve said
if they hadn’t been on TV. – Sweet, sweet, sweet holy spirit.
For one, I was totally distracted by that hair.
That was some good hair. I wonder how many cans
of hairspray went into that. That was a look.
– (FBE) So, this is from the 1960s game show
The Newlywed Game, which would make husbands
and wives compete against each other to see who knew
the other one better. – Right. And the women–
the wives always won. – Oh, we should play that.
– Yeah. – Yeah. (chuckles)
– As long as we’re on the same team. – Yeah. (laughs)
– (Harvey) Point values are double. We got top seven answers on the board.
– Stevie. – (Harvey) Name something a doctor
might pull out of a person. – His finger. (laughs)
– (Harvey) Name something a doctor might pull out of a person.
Darcy. – A bone.
– (Darcy) A gerbil. – (laughs)
– (Harvey) Darcy. – (Darcy) A gerbil.
– (audience laughs) – Oh my god.
– (contestant laughs) – I am amazed to hear that.
– No, ma’am. – Wait. What?
– That’s an ’80s rumor. (chuckles) – Plot twist: It’s on the board.
– Put it on the board. Put it on the board.
It has to be on there. – (Darcy) I heard
about something like that once. – Yeah, she’s talking
about the Richard Gere story. – (Harvey) I mean,
just right out like that. – She knew immediately. (laughs)
I just– – (Harvey) Bam! Gerbil!
– Gerbil! – (Harvey) Just like that.
First answer. – (laughs)
– (Harvey) Bam! Gerbil! Just like that.
– That’s alarming, ’cause I think that
my knee-jerk response would’ve been a baby.
– Aww, I kind of feel bad for her, though.
She’s just, like– Steve Harvey’s just
making it so much worse. (laughs) – I love Steve Harvey’s
reactions to any of these sort of ridiculous
Family Feud things, though, ’cause he’s such a funny man,
and he takes it so seriously. – Where would have the gerbil?
– The human body can do some amazing things.
– It was Richard Gere. The story was– the rumor was
that he had to go to the hospital and have a gerbil
pulled out of his butt. – (Sajak) Just read it.
– (Keri) Gondola ride through Venice! – Yeah!
There we go. All right. Starting off with
a good thing this time. – I was like, was she gonna
say ‘Veen-ice’ or something? – (Sajak) Let’s check
your geography knowledge. What country do you think
we’re sending you to? – (David) Paris.
– Oh. Ha! Ahhh! Oh. – (Sajak) What country
do you think we’re sending you to? – (David) Paris.
– (audience laughs) – (laughs)
– (David) France. – No!
– (Keri) Do we still get it? – (laughs) – Oh!
– (Sajak) Apparently, you know your husband well.
– Come on now, David. – (Keri) Italy! (laughs)
– (audience cheers) – Oh my god!
– Paris. Is Venice in Paris? No! Because Paris is a city already.
Venice is not in it! – He just shook his head.
He’s like, “Ah, no. I know where this is gonna end up.”
(laughs) “I’m gonna live on the internet now.” (laughs)
– I’ve had so many– a countless number of people
ask me where I’m from. And then, I’ll say Nicaragua
or Costa Rica, and then they’re like, “What part of Mexico is that in?”
And I’m just like… – (Carey) George, what do we have
for our woman from… – Price is Right.
– (George) They said it couldn’t be done.
It’s an off-road motorcycle, a new range, and a new treadmill!
– Oh, this is like that Family Guy joke
when they talk about who gets the okay presents–
(laughs) Oh, no! – (George) …treadmill!
– (laughs) He falls off. I called it!
– Oh, please fall. Please fall, please fall,
please fall. Yes! – I knew that was going
to happen! (laughs) – I’m glad that it was something
this time that the contestants didn’t do, but somebody
that hosted. – Just went straight to the ground.
Took it like a champ, though. (laughs) – Oh my gosh. Well, she has
stories to tell about that treadmill. – I wonder if they told him
to do that or if he just did it, ’cause he thought it’d be funny,
and then it backfired on him, ’cause I feel like the producers
of that show wouldn’t be like, “Get on the treadmill
and run backwards.” – (FBE) Did you lose your faith
in humanity today or do you think that game shows
and live TV in general are just very stressful?
– Oh, man. I feel for
the contestants, man. I feel like it’s
just stressful, you know? You got the money on the line,
you got the famous host, and then you got however many people
are in the crowd watching you. – I don’t lose my faith
in humanity. Everyone has the things
they’re good at and things they’re bad at.
– I think game shows portray such a good mistake of humans,
and I love it. (chuckles) – You’re on live TV,
and it’s hard, and you get nervous, ’cause even when I’ve been doing
all this React stuff for the past couple of years,
I still get nervous. – To have a camera
right on your puss, and then you gotta think?
I mean, look how bad I do! – Thanks for watching
this hilarious of episode of Generations REACT!
(objects crashing) – (FBE) Oh! Are you okay?!
– (Sharon) Oh my god. I’m totally fine.
Totally fine. I just– I was trying
not to let it happen.

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