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Geraint Thomas’ Pinarello Bolide Time Trial Bike

Geraint Thomas’ Pinarello Bolide Time Trial Bike

– This is Geraint Thomas’
Pinarello, Pinarello Labs Bolide TT time trial bike. (upbeat music) Let’s start at the top
for the build on this one where he is running a
Fizik Arione R1 Saddle. Interestingly, that is a different saddle than the one he runs on his road bike, but also, there are a couple
of silver marker points up on the top of the saddle
the mechanics have put there just so G’s position is
dialled in to the millimetre for any upcoming time trials. Moving forward from the saddle is possibly the coolest part on the bike and one of the coolest bike parts I think I’ve ever seen. G is using custom, of
course they’re custom, 3D printed titanium aero bars. Yeah, very, very, very cool. The advantage of using these bars is not just that you can
make a set of handlebars fit your perfect time trial position, it is that they are made exactly around your perfect time trial position. So, they’re literally gonna make him as aerodynamic as possible, they’re probably pretty light and how cool is that? You have a one of kind set
of handlebars made for you. Other 3D printed details on the bars are the brake lever blades, which again, I think they’re pretty pimp. More advantages of having
the 3D printed bars is that they are one piece, which means that they’re
going to be stiffer and probably more comfortable
than they would be if you got a tonne of space in there. Finally and this just
goes to show the level of attention to detail is the 3D printed Garmin mount. This is genuinely so, so cool. On to the things that are attached to this 3D printed titanium handlebars, we’ve got some custom cut foam arm rests, some skateboard grip tape here. Lighter, sleeker than
handlebar grip tape might be and then we’ve got
Shimano Dura-Ace shifters on the extensions. These both operate the rear mech and on the bull horns, we’ve got some very custom carbon fibre Shimano Dura-Ace buttons. So, front mech, rear mech obviously. The shifters link up to the slightly older Shimano Dura-Ace Di2
front mech and rear mech and the chainset is Shimano Dura-Ace, again that is the previous generation. Pedals are also Shimano Dura-Ace, as are the wheels. These wheels are a stand in, we actually just asked the
mechanics for this bike at the last minute. Usually it might have a
tri spoke in the front and a prop disc wheel at the back. The brakes are integrated into the frame, so they are by Pinarello. The bottle cage is by Elite, like all of the bottle cages on Team Sky and it actually nestles right down to the lower end of the frame and they’ve done a lot of work on the aerodynamics of the bottle cages because you need to stay
hydrated in long time trials, but you also need to be
aerodynamic if you want to win. The other aero shapes on the frame are, as you’d expect from such
a high end time trial bike. Just stunning, very, very cool to look at. There are a couple of
things that I’ve spotted that I think should point out though. One thing I think is very cool and it is the most minor of
minor details on this bike is the Team Sky sticker, which
is used to mark saddle height I think that’s very on brand. When I was looking for G’s
crank length, I spotted that the mechanics have
literally cut no corners in their efforts to make this
bike as aero as possible, because they’ve taped over the
pedal bolt holes on the back of the cranks here. Again, the same level of detail there. The powermeter on the bike is Stages is that it’s dual sided. The chainrings that he’s
got set up on it currently are 42 inner, 55 outer and his crank length is 175 millimetres. I’ve hope you’ve enjoyed
looking at Geraint Thomas’ Pinarello, Pinarello Lab Bolide TT bike with the custom fitted handlebars. I have, yeah it’s just outstanding. If you’d like to subscribe to GCN, there is a button to do that on screen now and there’s also a link to our shop. To see Matt Stevens go head to head with some off the wall
challenges with Geraint Thomas, click right there, and to see another Team Sky pro bike, just click down there. Finally, give this video a thumbs up and hit the share button too, and let us know what you
think in the comments.

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  1. When I was at primary school, and I'd just watched Airwolf, StreetHawk and Knightrider, that's the bike I'd be drawing whilst doing it.

    But I'd have Spokeydokeys on mine.

  2. That tape over the pedal axle hole is quite specifically banned in the uci rules, also those bars aren't available to the public and would be banned as well

  3. I feel like you do these Pinarello bikes every year and there are plenty of other bikes that never get a mention. Another Shiv? New TM01?

  4. #askgcanyrhing Is it possible to buy a TT bike and put road handle bars to make a super aero bike

  5. could the 3d printed parts be even rougher ?! because Im sure thats as aero as a turd wraped in sanding paper

  6. They've taped the crank bolt, but not the triangulated frame of the brake levers? Are they not like tiny air brakes??

  7. We, the Dutch people of the Netherlands, demand a Tom Dumoulin Special!
    well, maybe not demand, but please please please do!

  8. please stop saying "bolìde" it's frustrating, in italian is "bòlide", I know it's hard but just try

  9. the moment you tape your bolts to get more aero while your brakes levers have more holes than 10 lbs of Swiss cheese

  10. While the 3D-printed titanium parts are sweet for the sheer prototype-ness of them, they look rather rough and poorly finished.

  11. marketing taps into placebo bs.
    small areo does sweet f all.
    If Billy thinks a little bit of tap on the crank ends,
    in any small way, aids performance, he's overdosed on marketing bs. a good shag the night before gives the biggest gains 😎
    looks like to me the tape just stops grit and dirt from getting into the threads, if you change clip ons 😕
    it's just tape….

  12. GORGEOUS BIKE! Very Italian! Love it!
    Plus, I will miss you dura ace 9000 chainsets. I've seen dura ace 9100 in person a lot and I miss the 9000 chrome bling 🙁

  13. can you guys at least explain why you aren't providing half the data on the bikes over the last few videos? (measurements, weight, freehub etc)

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