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Get Fit In 4 Weeks Ep. 3 | Building Ride Duration, High Intensity Intervals & Recovery

Get Fit In 4 Weeks Ep. 3 | Building Ride Duration, High Intensity Intervals & Recovery

– If you’ve been following
our fitness series you’ll be well on your way to getting fitter, faster and more disciplined with your cycling. If you haven’t, where have you been? Go and check out the other two videos before getting stuck into this one. This week is all about increasing your longest ride,
increasing the intensity and really digging deep
throughout the week. Let’s go. (uptempo pop music) (uptempo pop music) So for this week I have a new
session for you to try out. It’s a tough one and it
will force you to dig deep. It’s 40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest. You do that ten times, then
have ten minutes recovery. You repeat those blocks 3 times. It’s really tough. It will push you up over your sustainable threshold and it will force you to work in shorter, but more intense bursts than you would otherwise
be able to sustain. This one is a really good session. Let’s go try it out. (uptempo pop music) (uptempo pop music) (uptempo pop music) (uptempo pop music) Remember those six by
thirty second efforts? Remember I said not to do them too often? We’re gonna leave them out this week. Instead we’re gonna try
6 by 2 minute efforts. 2 minutes on, maximum
effort up a steep climb on to a gravel road even followed by five minutes recovery. This is different stimulus but it’s targeting a
similar kind of energy zone. And these are really gonna help you on those short, sharp climbs. Let’s get stuck in. (uptempo pop music) One other alteration you
can make to your training would be to increase the length of your longest ride by 25 percent. Now if that doesn’t like it’s much two hours to two and a half hours you’re gonna feel it. If last week you managed four hours why not push for five? Whilst there is little
to no evidence saying you should ever ride over 125 percent the length of your longest competition or goal event in this four week training program I think there’s definitely scope to do so. Not only will you burn more calories you’ll increase the training
overload on your body but you may even push on to do your longest ride ever. And why, that would be cool wouldn’t it? (uptempo pop music) This training is pretty tough going and if you’re like me you’ve just completed 14 days of straight structured training. The fatigue will start to be kicking in. Now this easy for the pros to manage. Easier if their on a training camp they have little else to worry about other than the training. They don’t have to focus on the cooking, the cleaning, and the taking care of mundane daily tasks
that the rest of us do. But there are a few tips in video one that will really help you streamline the time you have available. Being efficient and organized is key to maximizing the amount of time you have to spend on the bike. (uptempo pop music) To really get the most
out of this four week plan you need to be committed and pay attention to every aspect of your life. Now I’m refusing to use the term marginal gains but they were kinda on to
something there weren’t they? Question the decisions you
make throughout the day. Will this help your
performance on the bike? If not, did you have a choice? Could you have done it differently? And what would you do next time to avoid making the same mistake again? A teammate of mine used
to say the following: Everyday we wake up with
our potential at 100%. The choices, decisions and actions we take throughout the day either help maintain it or chip away at it. Whilst it’s best to except early on that we can’t change everything there are certain things
we are in control of. The food we eat, how motivated we were on our bikes and the commitment we give to the intervals and the
sessions that we complete. (uptempo pop music) So you might be training on the bike you’re focusing on your sleep your recovery, your organization and generally being more professional. But you want more. Well, there’s something extra that you can throw into this training program. And that would be some core sessions. I don’t advise doing more than two or three a week. And these don’t have to be fully blown, 60 minute
gym sessions either. Just 15 minutes three times a week of good, sensible, focused exercises will be enough for you to see improvement. On your bike and just in general life. You can do these either straight after your on the bike training or separate them out and leave a couple of hours between the sessions. For inspiration and ideas
on what you should do we have some great core videos for you to view. But don’t skip on the rest day. I’m a big believer in rest is best. Plus it will help recharge your body and mind to get stuck
back into that schedule once more. There’s only one week left and by now you’re likely
to be feeling pretty tired and that’s okay. Push through the fatigue keep on going and stay committed to the plan. Because all of your hard
work is about to pay off. For more training videos why not click over here? Thumbs up if you enjoyed
this training video.

47 comments on “Get Fit In 4 Weeks Ep. 3 | Building Ride Duration, High Intensity Intervals & Recovery

  1. Outstanding video. Just completed four hours on the bike. Getting ready for a tour. Your videos and content are outstanding. Take care, Al

  2. If you are in fairly good shape, you can do this in four weeks, but if you are a couch marshmallow, it might take 8 weeks.

  3. I have a question ? At the start when u said go 40 sec hard did u meant go all out like a spribt if not then wat did u mean ??

  4. 3:46
    old man approaches
    Said old man: ‘Young man, can you please help me with lifting this up?’
    Me: ‘Nah mate, can’t be asked, got a 40/20 session planned for this evening.’

  5. Hi GCN please ask Chris to reveal the brand of those blue and white sunglasses he wore in the "how to be more pro" video.

  6. Core / Strength Training – Well, you answered the question I was going to ask after the first two videos. In the past, Strength training was suggested but I was wondering how the heck it could be added to a very intense Road Training program. So Thanks for the answer ……..and for this very helpful series………

  7. So you told 3 different sessions, first the 40 seconds-20 seconds, second 2min harsh climb session and the core training. Can you please give info about the planning too? For example should I do the first session followed by the second one next day? Thanks!

  8. 40/20's will whip you into condition. I was fortunate to learn that interval from a former pro turned coach.

  9. 1:12 Damn look at those guns! (To the uninitiated, guns refers to a cyclist's legs. Although, in Chris' case both might apply.)

  10. Well, isn't this an excellent series. Great work, Chris.
    Week 1. Pepperami
    Week 2. Banger
    Week 3. Cumberland
    Week 4. Salami

  11. I regularly do those 40/20 sec intervals, they are brutal, but they are my favourite sessions, i feel they are also the most productive, nothing destroys my legs like these sessions, but the feeling after i've finished is amazing!

  12. Hmm, I definately don't wake up at a 100% each morning. More often than not I can barely get up and then I need about 2-3 hours to get my bearings and then, if I'm lucky, I end up at something in between 70 – 100%. Well, on a positive note I can say that Emmas Oat cuisine at least gave me another 15-20% each morning – that really made a huge difference and I hope there's more to come.

  13. Did you change your audio equipment ? In the last couple of videos the noise of the motorcycle is pretty importunately.

  14. 2 mins hard climb and then 5 mins rest sounds good but then i found out that the repeat 6 times was IN THE SAME RIDE!!!! not separate days OMG!!!!

  15. Doing these interval without power meter doesn't make sense. What is hard or easy? should know your numbers

  16. Excellent video series, I just have two questions:
    (1) Should you do V02 max intervals/HIIT year round? or should you focus on longer rides and tempo work when building a base?
    (2) Is there any chance you could publish this training program in an easy to read format such as a table, or perhaps using an app such as Training peaks?

  17. I like Chris a lot! He gave some motivating advice!!
    Definitely going to incorporate this mindset into my training & other aspects of my life as well! @ 3:15–4:19 is solid gold advice from a pro that can help anyone at any level

  18. I am following to those instructions. This is my second week, and today I've done my first group ride, of course I got dropped off but my speed was better than ever and my energy level was awesome. I can't wait to finish this training plan! I control my fatigue on Polar Flow and it says that with my 71 VO2MAX (calculated by test) I am not very tired, just tired. Tommorow I'm doing 3 hour ride, and in saturday some nice and sweet climbs. Yummy! Thanks for those tips, I've read many books about cycling training and I still find something new.

  19. Nice to have a bit of inspiration for reinvigorating my commute. 🙂 Any chance of GCN using electric motorbikes/ cars for filming? Better for the environment and might help the sound issues!

  20. For the first workout, why are we seeing what appears to be a maximal sprint, which would be almost impossible to do for 40secs, let alone be repeatable twice more (in just that set alone) with only 15secs of recovery? Looks like a classic sounds good/looks fancy on paper, with little thought as to the desired response. If it's AC, you'd be better with much longer recovery periods. If it's VO2max, then you'd be far better doing many more 40sec/20sec repetitions per set, with a intensity of somewhere in the region of 115-130% FTP for the 40secs (accounting for individual differences in anaerobic capacity, FRC, TTE etc). Strange prescription…

  21. This series is really good! Especially for the cyclist who signed up for a tough race or wanting to get better quickly to hang on during group rides. Wonder why YouTube buried this content?

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