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Get Rid Of GoPro Hero Battery | Replace With Anker Power Pack | Cycling Tips

Yesterday as I mentioned Susan and I
took a three and a half hour ride only about 35 miles like I said we were doing
a lot of stopping sightseeing things of that nature but on yesterday’s ride I
was talking a bit about my new approach to shooting my videos where I now use a
battery pack that both my GoPros are connected to and preliminary report on
that is that using two GoPros one a Hero 3 plus black and one a Hero 3 plus
silver I shot two days of video very close to running the cameras both
cameras almost five hours pretty close to five hours and the LED indicators on
the battery charger and battery pack that I am using indicates that I still
have fifty percent battery charge remaining so two GoPros filming for five
hours and I’m still only halfway through my battery power quite amazing
although I will tell you that yesterday the silver camera stopped about
three-quarters of the way through the three-hour ride because the SD card was
full I use a 32 gig card on the silver camera which is the rear camera and I
use 64 gig card on the black hero which is my forward-facing camera but quite
remarkable in terms of performance that I can get that much runtime off of a
single battery running two GoPros and yesterday’s video the thing that I
mentioned was that I was struggling a little bit with trying to figure out how
to carry that extra battery or that battery and I initially had it in my
saddle bag and then that didn’t quite work out because it was a bit cumbersome
to get at the battery to turn it on what you needed to do to get the thing
running again and yes that is right I had the battery
attached to the outside of the saddlebag and kind of strapped in place but I kind
of effected that wasn’t gonna work very well and it didn’t because the battery
obviously they start moving around because it was only being held in place
by a strap so I went back to figuring out a way to carry the battery in my
saddlebag which I think I’ve got figured out at this point but the one main thing
that has been kind of messing me up is the tire pump that I carry in my
saddlebag and actually that’s the reason I bought a bigger saddle bag was so that
I could carry that tire pump with me originally the tire pump came with one
of those standard brackets that attaches to your water bottle cage well I hit a
couple bad bumps at one time and it rattled the holder for the tire pump so
badly that it actually broke the holder so it turns out it’s almost impossible
to find those holders being sold by themselves you have to go and buy
another pump and get the whole kit together plus the fact that the holder is being held on with these
same screws that hold on the water bottle cage
well my bike is in an expensive bike which you guys have heard me describe a
number of times but at any rate the two screws that hold on the water bottle
cage one of them seized up and I couldn’t get it out and eventually it
just kind of stripped so I only have a single water bottle cage a bracket if
you will and that’s on the down tube I do have another water bottle cage that’s
on the seat tube but that is attached with a clamping mechanism so long story
short the only way I could carry my pump was either put it in my Jersey which I
hated very uncomfortable or put it into a saddle bag which I was able to do very
nicely but now with the battery situation that I have it kind of gets in
the way becomes more clumsy so I finally found something on Amazon that I believe
will work it’s another kind of clamp that allows you to clamp lights and
torches and things of that nature to different parts of your bike and I think
I can use that to clamp to the seatpost
and to the tire pump at the same time with the same clamp and be able to get
the tire pump out of saddlebag and freeing up more space for the battery so
I can get in and out and have the access a little more easy but it’s well worth
it it’s a little bit of a hassle to get access to the battery initially just to
turn it on but that only has to be done once on the ride I don’t have to worry
about changing out a battery because it’s gone dead or about to go dead and I
don’t have to worry about a battery going dead and the video stopping
without my knowing it because that I couldn’t hear the cameras audible alarm
that it’s about to lose power plus the other advantage is I noticed a
few times that when I got done with my ride and I pulled my GoPro out of the
case especially the one in front the arrow 3 black that sucker was pretty hot
sometimes and I’ve heard that that these GoPro batteries can’t heat up pretty
damn pretty damn much so and as a result of yesterday’s ride when
I got back and me and he went out to get the camera out of its case and the one
in the front I mean anything was dead cold and I ran the camera for three and
a half hours or so so yeah getting rid of the GoPro battery makes a lot of
sense for me you

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