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Gnarly Mountain Bike Crashes! | GMBN’s April Fails & Bails

Gnarly Mountain Bike Crashes! | GMBN’s April Fails & Bails

– Okay, it’s time for
the best fails and bails of the month, April of course. So Chris, you’re joining me. – Yeah. – Lets take a look at
the best fails and bails – I’m looking forward
to it, lets get into it. – And the winner is going
to win a GMBN jersey, so we have to try to choose, between us, what is the best stroke worst
fail and bail of the month. – Okay. – Looking forward to it. – Alright lets kick it
off with this is Oliver, riding a Nab Quarry. Tell me what that is, looks like UK to me. – Yeah. – Tried this jump the first
time but it’s very dry. – Big old run up. – He’s going very, very fast. I wonder what’s gonna happen here. He’s not in that one. – Oh – [Both] Oh! (laughing) – Straight to flat on the front wheel, Straight over the bars.
– Definitely over shot! But look at the like, yoga
move he does when he lands. – Quite big of a jump isn’t it? – So if you pause it just there, you actually wouldn’t say he’s on bails, he just lets go of the handle bars. – Just like, blows up pretty much. – Oh my God. (laughing) Oh my God. (laughing) – That is like textbook almost, isn’t it? – Sort of like– – Tucked in, forward roll. – Virtually touching
his toes with his hands. That is mental. That’s what a lot of people do as well, get your mate to film it as soon as something goes wrong, they hit stop straight away. Actually you need to keep filming. – Yeah that’s best bit. – Yeah, wow it’s a pretty strong start to the fails and bails of April. Oliver, of course he’s number one, it’s the only one we’ve seen. – It’s gonna be in for
the running for sure. – That was good, very,
well, good stroke bad. Alright, Nick riding a
specialized stunt jumper in Danbury Common. – Nice, out in pilgrim land. – Is it? – Yeah that’s where he rides
with all those guys so. – Trying a new jump again, someone else trying their
first jump for the first time. (laughter) – Oh my God! Wanted to fight with the tree as well! Another over jump! – So the jump, he over jumps
it, but he rode it out. – Yeah, what actually happens? – Rode it out. – Oh he’s pretty sideways– – A bit flat as well, and a bit sideways. – Can we watch this in slow-mo? Let’s run half speed on YouTube. Oh, that there’s the
problem, after the jump, he rides into a big hole. – Top of the — bam, straight in a holly bush isn’t it? – Look at his shoe! – Oh my God, shoe gets flung. (laughing) – The shoe almost hits camera
man straight in the chops. – Whoa, God. – I wonder if he found that shoe? I think he lost it, that’s gone a long way. – Amazing, these are so good. – [Male] You know it’s a big
crash when you lose your shoe. – Well I once, in qualifying,
for Maribor, Slovenia, fell off and lost my shoe. – Oh, I remember actually, that’s right – Had to run up the hill and
get my shoe and get back on. Still qualified! – Did ya? Nice. (laughing) I thought you were gonna
say you rode down the hill without a shoe on. – No, someone did do that. – Yeah, I remember that, who is it? – I can’t remember, someone did do that. You ever crashed so hard
you lost your shoes? Literally lost them, couldn’t find them? – No, no, no literally I haven’t. I don’t think they’ve ever flung off. Pretty big old impact though
to have them flying off. – Something to aim for then at least. (laughing) – I don’t think that’s quite
as good as Oliver’s first one. It’s good, but it’s not as good. – Yeah I think there’s
more jumps coming here. Right, Benjamin, hang on, Chris
rides a giant and is unhurt. Oh, this is the Wrekin. Ah, so I know this place I
used to ride here all the time. I used to dig jumps here. – Did ya? – Yeah I wonder if these
are the jumps that I’ve hit? So here’s Chris Ward
giving it the big send, he has lived to tell the tale though, you’ll be glad to hear. – Looking forward to this one. Sounds ominous. Whoa, oh my God!
– That just went wrong! – Is he alright? is he alive? – [Man] Stay there, stay there. Breath deeply for a bit. – Man down. – Breath deep, winded, that’s the worst. – Oh his head’s fallen off! – [Man] Breathe deeply. Try and keep calm mate,
try and breathe deeply. (man groaning) (laughing) – You know it’s bad when you
get the winded pain going on. – He just hit that. – I don’t know, he just hit the take off and just completely compressed? – Pushed into it, rather than up. – And then just got buckaroo’d, whoa! That’s quite impressive isn’t it? If you pause it right there. It’s a good screen shot. – Sort of just a massive– – A lot of these are just
way too much speed I think. – Yeah – That’s the biggest problem so far, is just people coming in way too hot. – I mean it’s easy to get carried away. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Um, wow, at least we
know Chris is alive. I wonder if he’s gonna
try that jump again? Hopefully, next time, it
can’t go any worse that that. So try it again. – No, no, just chill on the speed, more pop up rather than down, you got it. – Yeah, maybe get a new helmet. Job’s a goodun. Okay, right, there are more jumps. This is Tim riding a Lapierre
Fogger 2011 piece of pooh. Not heard of that bike,
have you heard of that bike? Chicksands Bike Park. He’s hit everything in the bike park, thought I’d tried this, and
didn’t have enough speed. – Not enough speed? – Not enough speed. – I know this flat, they
call it the Coffin Jumps. – (laughing) I wonder why? So, he’s gonna case it. How bad is the case gonna be? (groaning) – [Man] You alright man? (laughter) – Quite a bad case, it’s almost– – I’ve never seen that,
where the bike just goes nah, and goes back that way. – Bounce back. – And the rider just lands on the– – That was pretty impressive. – Oh my God! – Too slow. – You can’t call it a case. If your front wheel doesn’t
make it, that’s not a case. – No what would you call that? – I don’t know. – Like a head-chew-hang-up
we’d call it back in the day. He actually lands before going
in the back of the landing. Oh no, he’s– – Whoa (laughing) – [Man] You alright man? – Literally splat. – Carpet burns by the looks of it. – [Man] You alright? (laughter) – He’s kept the camera
going, this is good filming. – Wow, a bit more speed,
bit more speed, yeah. I like that one. That was pretty good. – That was pretty bad, wasn’t it? – Tim, well I don’t know,
is it in the running for a free GMBN shirt? – Hm, still pretty impressive. Not as good as the first
one yet, I don’t think. – Whoa, what’s that? We’ve got this picture here. – Right. – This is an Orange Crush 2016. Trying to ascend the
trail-top on the flow-trail, but hit the root on the lip. I’m okay-ish, but my front
wheel’s now at a right angle. Yeah, that is– – Definitely more than
a right angle isn’t it? It looks pretty, split
the rim and everything. – That rim is not fixable I’m afraid. Here it is, this is the next crash is it? We’ve seen the aftermath, here’s time for the real action. – That’s not so bad. – Oh, it’s going a bit wonky. – Got the bar turn going on. – Going very wonky. – Wait, did you see the front wheel go? – There it goes. – Yeah, whoa! – That’s quite dramatic! – Funny shapes going on like
star roll into the reeds. – I mean, it’s not that bad. – No, I was going to say– – It goes pretty
dead-sailor-wonky on the take off. – Not crazy quick either is it? – It keeps going and going and going. – I think where he just stays
on and goes to full-lock and the tire bites. – Yeah, there’s a lot
of force going though that front wheel there, isn’t there? – And a lot of speed and
weight is literally sat on it, isn’t he? On the front wheel. – And this is just after
buying the new bike. – Nightmare. – Oliver, there’s another Oliver. – I don’t think that
was true out, will it, maybe gets a good spoke-key on it – Reckon you can give it a whack. – Over the head whack, yeah it’ll be fine. – There’s another Olly, full of Ollys this week who can’t jump. Do you know an Oliver who can’t jump? Tag them in below. Olly is riding a specialized
demo at Farmer John’s. You ever been there? – I haven’t actually,
it’s one of the places that I haven’t yet been. – It’s a bit of a ghetto bike
park in the UK, isn’t it? – Yeah. – I’ve never been actually,
but I’ve seen some cool videos. The 50to01 Crew ride there. – Yeah we did that jam down there. – So first time at Farmer John’s was riding with some
locals, and one of them sent the back flip as trying
it on the big airbag, but it didn’t go too well. His name was Damian Smith. Here’s Damian dropping
in on his downhill bike. – Nice scrub. – That was good, that was good. – I mean if you’re going for half flip, that was a pretty good flip.
– He was there. He was half way, it was just the– I think he just over-jumped, or like that cranking before the take off, that’s kinda ruined it I think. – Yeah he has to go quite
fast to flip though. – Yeah, but look, I think
it’s that peddling here, too easy a gear. – Lost a load of– – It’s quite a mellow a take off. – It is mellow, and fast as well. – Didn’t go as planned,
that flip, I’m afraid. – It looks, I think it’s
just the speed caught him out basically, just over-jumped
and under-rotated. – I wouldn’t fancy
flipping a downhill bike to be honest. – Apparently it’s not too bad, oh it’s front flips I heard are super easy on downhill bikes, not back flips. – Nah, don’t fancy it. Anyway, that’s it for this
week’s, April’s best of, and it was a good selection to be fair. Who’s the winner though, Chris? – I think that first guy, that’s
the one that did it for me. Shall we remind ourselves of
the first one, who was it? It was Oliver sending it to the moon. – To flat, to front-flip. – Oliver, on his Norco Fluid Hardtail, a hardtail as well send of
jump that big on a hard tail. – It’s the noise as well and
the way he got up I think. – There’s a real squeak
to it, wasn’t there? A real squeak. – Yeah, I think it’s just
his nose on the front tire. – (laughter) Yeah! Right, Oliver send us details
we’ll get one of these GMBN jerseys in the post, love it! Keep sending your fails
and bails to our uploader. So use the link in the
description down below this video. And maybe you’ll be in chance of the best of May’s best of fails and bails. If you want to see March’s
best of fails and bails, down there. Give us a thumbs up if you
like watching other people fall off their bikes.

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