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Go Mountain Biking With Friends Or Ride Alone? Dirt Shed Show Ep. 107

Go Mountain Biking With Friends Or Ride Alone? Dirt Shed Show Ep. 107

– We have got a ram packed week this week. We’ve got a competition, we’ve got all the regulars and we’re asking a big question. – Which is? – Should you go it alone, or should ride with everybody? – I’m going to say ride with everybody, because sharing is caring. – Well, it’s a very good argument. – It’s Friday– – It’s bike time– – It’s the Dirt Shed Show! (rock music) – So last week Mike Hopkins
released this incredible video, dream ride two. It’s– – [Scotty] Sick. – [Martyn] It’s so good. It’s so good. It’s a fantastic film, it’s beautiful, it’s beautifully written as well. Mike Hopkins has done an incredible job. But, it’s one guy out on this epic ride with his partner, the bike. It’s all about him and his beautiful bike. It got me thinking, is it all about one man
band and going in alone? – I’m going to say on this one it’s not, especially for the adventure-fueled rider, because you want to go with someone else. So, if you are struggling up
a really hard fire road climb, or there’s something tough or perhaps you’ve bonked, you’ve not had your 60
to 80 carbohydrates, then you’re really struggling and you need someone to give
you that little bit of energy. – Yep, no that’s a good point. Getting somewhere and having
someone to experience it with. – But, why I want to say no. – Yeah? – Is what about the downhill racer who’s all about going against the clock, or the dirt jump rider who is all about pulling the gnarliest trick? – Yeah, but when you’re training
to do both those things, downhill and going out and
being a dirt jump rider, you tend to do it with
lots of other people. One, because it’s really enjoyable, and two, for safety, because, you know, dangerous stuff on those bikes and you need someone there to help you. So, then if that can
actually be done on your own, and then you’ve got
something like the Cape Epic, where you were going to be
talking about that in the news, where it’s a two man team marathon riding. – And that goes back to what
I was just talking about where you need your
colleague or your friend to drag you up that climb, give you the little bit
of extra water or food so you finish the race. – Oh, and what about this, Scott? What about riding with your other half? I mean, some people, they want to ride with their other half, others, they want to go riding
to get away from their other. – I mean, it’s something
that we get asked a lot about in Ask GMBN. And we’ve never really
been able to answer it. How do you get your other
half into mountain biking? – Oh, I like it, this is a meaty subject, let’s put a poll up in
that corner up there. Go it alone, ride with your mates, or just for love? Let us know. – And then of course, we want to read all your
comments about this. Your experiences, so leave them down below. – [Martyn] Last week’s
poll we were talking about the endless summer, all about chasing the sun around the world for the perfect ride. – Now, I wasn’t here last week, so can I give you my opinion on this? – Go for it, go for it. – I’m Scottish– – Yeah. – I’m partial to a little bit of rain, and I think that riding
in mixed conditions makes you a better rider. – Now, I think I’m with you. Now the results were endless summer, you guys, 51%, so a large majority
want an endless summer. Stop it right now, I love winter, was only 14%. And I don’t mind either way, 34%. So, a lot of people out
there want an endless summer. – Okay, so this has got me thinking, because all those people
who wanted an endless summer has obviously forgotten
about that key ingredient for mountain biking, called Lome. Now, if you’ve been
mountain biking in Lome, you know that this stop is the very best. – Yeah, and you can’t have
it without a bit of rain. – This is true, it just doesn’t happen. Nature doesn’t allow it. – Yeah, now, and 51% of you out there want the endless summer, but let’s hear from a few people
who’ve got endless summer, who gave us some comments. We’ll start with Daryl Blain, he says, “I live in Cairns, Australia, “our winter is warmer
than the British summer. “You just have to endure
summer and ride early morning or late afternoon.” It doesn’t sound perfect. – No, you’ve got to plan
when you want to ride. And then AJ Thompson is saying, “September, the vicious
magpies start bombing “for three months of spring and it’s back “to night riding again.” – Oh, so endless summer
and magpies bombing you, it doesn’t sound perfect. William Sirski says, “The endless summer does exist, “and those of us in southern
California are sick of it.” – Yeah, and I’ve got a
point from a Canadian, now this is Mobettah and he says, “I love the changes in seasons we have. “Have ridden a fat bike all
winter and it’s been a blast.” Proving that diversity is a good thing. – Yeah, it seems like it’s a
really tricky one to solve, but it’s not as perfect as
the endless summer sounds. Good poll everyone, enjoyed it. And now it’s time to go over to the news with Scotty Laughland. – It’s all really hung up in the mountain bike world, Martyn. Because, there’s Enduro
World Series happening, the Cape Epic is going on– – So exciting. – And, right now the Cape Epic is sick, isn’t it? There’s so many good riders there. – The people in this event, Jenny Rissveds racing
with Thomas Frischknecht. – [Scotty] That’s a good mix. – Yeah, you’ve got Sabine Spitz, she’s winning at the moment. – And then you’ve got a
friend of the channel, Annie Last. And then in the men’s race. Well this is seriously hotly contended. You’ve got Christoph Sauser
and Jaroslav Kulhavy. What a team that is. – [Martyn] Yeah, Nino
Schurter’s in there as well. I tell you what’s really exciting. In the masters, Cadel Evans. – [Scotty] No way! – [Martyn] Cadel Evans, yeah, he’s winning, obviously. – That is pretty cool. – Got some amazing riders, it’s ongoing at this moment, we’re going to come back
to the results next week, but it just goes to show
the season has started, then there’s further proof– – [Scotty] There’s the first round of the Enduro World Series. Taking place in Rotorua, New Zealand. – Yeah, it’s the Crankworx event, and it feels like there’s
an awful lot of energy behind EWS this year. Everyone’s used to the format and there’s a lot of anticipation about who’s going to do what. Richie Rude is a hot favourite. – Yeah, they’ve all been training, there’s new bikes, there’s new teams, new suspension, and it all comes in to this
being the start of the season. You know, locals like Sam
Bienkinsop and Wyn Masters are going to want to be right up there, you’re going to get Damien Oton, Nico Lau wanting to prove themselves. – Damien Oton is the guy
that was buzzing my head just then because I was
thinking that guy is, he’s always on the cusp, could this be his year? – He’s the king of consistency. He’s going to want this title
more than he did last year, finishing second, he’s going to be hungry for more. – Yeah. – But, it’s not just
the Enduro World Series that’s kicking off– – Yeah, it’s all happening, all happening. – It’s Crankworx, one of their biggest mountain
bike festivals going on, and there’s Whip Off Worlds, there’s Dual Speed and Style– – Yeah, we’ve got the Slopestyle
in memory of Kelly McGazza, which is going to be a
really special moment. – We’ve got the Air DH, downhill racing, there’s riders like Loic Bruni out there, so you should just check
all this out on Instagram, follow all the social feeds
because it’s going to be one amazing week of mountain biking. – Okay, now let’s take
a look at what you guys have been saying on the
channel from last week. I’m going to start with some comments from the Dirt Shed Show. Louis Siginski says, “People who put dogs in their
photos are short cutting “themselves into getting a
super nice in the bike vault.” Now, that is true, actually, and I think we need to watch that. If you put a dog in, I think we should make a rule, you don’t automatically get a super nice, you’re being judged on
your bike and your dog. – Yep. – So, take care, take care. – And then, Sumner Bob is saying, “Ahahhahah the Millennium Falcon.” – Oh, very funny. Move on, very funny. – And then we’ve got some
more guest suggestions by the viewers. Someone is suggesting Nino Schurter– – Yes. – Definitely. And then Julien Absalon to represent the cross country massif. – Yeah, that would be cool actually, it would be amazing to get
Julien Absalon on here. – They would both be good guests. And then let’s talk
about the game of B.I.K.E with Hans Ray, because there’s been some good comments. – We’ve got the first one
here from Luis Neto, says, “At 3:43 Martyn throws
the stick to the ground “and gets hit by the stick on the head. “Nice one.” Yeah, that didn’t go as planned. Yeah, just take a look at this. Ouch. Yeah, not the coolest moment ever. – And then, someone’s calling
me out for cheating again. Andrew Mott has spotted me
practising the one-handed wheely. – Although you got kind of, you got done there because
actually everyone had a sneaky– – Yeah, they did. But, unfortunately mine was on camera. – Yeah, yeah, you need to
get smarter there, dude. You need to get smarter. – I didn’t realise it was recording. – Yeah, Sam Davison, “I like how excited Blake gets
when he sees someone fail.” – [Blake] Ah! It touched! It touched! It touched right there! – He does love it, he loves to win. – It’s probably about time that we got him to go make some coffees I think, actually. – Actually, you go and get some coffees while we finish these comments off. Smells Like Blackberries says, bye, Blake! “I think Martyn in faking it.” (laughs) – Faking what? – I think he’s referring
to the wheelchair. Wouldn’t that be amazing, if I just got him and said, “Haha!”? (laughs) – It would certainly be a surprise. – Certainly would. – And then, Robby White is saying, “Hans, what are you doing with your shorts and the knee pads there’s a gap! – [Martyn] Oh no! – [Scotty] “Haven’t
you seen the GBMN video on the very subject?” – Oh my god, Hans, what are you doing? – That’s embarrassing for him. – And Jack Kramer is saying, “Quick shout out to Wyn
Masters for lending you guys “the microphone at the very end.” That’s very true, Hans had nothing and he just
grabbed the Wyn Master’s stick mic and finished off the show. That was a great video, loved games of B.I.K.E, especially when we’ve got Hans Ray along, great comments, keep putting them in the videos and maybe we’ll be talking about you in the Dirt Shed Show next week. – Are you ready, because
the first thing that I want to talk about is I’ve
spotted on the Fox Suspension website that you can actually
win those forks that like Aaron Gwin, Richie Rude, and the Slopestyle athletes
all had at Red Bull Rampage in that bright orange colour, which is cool. But, the best part is if
you click onto the link and you actually go into
the head shot of the person, you can get the individual
suspension setups for each athlete. – [Martyn] Oh, that is so cool. I would so love to set my
bike up like Aaron Gwin. – [Scotty] Exactly. – [Martyn] Because apparently
he runs the hardest suspension out of any riders in the circuit. It’d be really cool to do that. And Richie Rude as well, I wonder what his settings are? – Well his settings, interestingly, were super hard. Now, I don’t want to
get too geeky with it, but I run 77 PSI in my forks, and he was running 100. And he had so many tokens in there to make it just really solid, and it was very similar with Aaron Gwin. So, if you’re interested
in that sort of thing, then definitely go and
have a look at that. And then, in other fork news, no, you’ll probably remember
this a little better than I do, do you remember the RockShox duty? – Oh, yeah, it was the first
shock I really sort of, made me salivate. Made me think, “Oh, I want that on my bike.” – It was also the first
suspension fork I ever had. – Yeah. – And it was, it was okay. It was definitely the budget
end of the suspension market, but it’s back for 2017 and 18. – [Martyn] Nice, nice. – It’s been fully redesigned so you’ve got that boost technology. It’s still coming in
at a competitive price, you can get it for a plus bike, you can get it for 27 1/2 inch, and of course 29 inch. You’ve got a little bit of
adjustability with it, too, so you’ve got rebound, you’ve got compression on some models, and then you’ve also got
the lockout for the bikes, which is pretty handy. – It’s nice to see a revamped version, bringing back a little bit of history of mountain biking as well. Lovely bit of tech. – [In Unison] Woah. – What a good lad, he’s brought the coffees. – Happy Friday, boys, that’s yours. – Thank you. – That’s a coffee. – I love this bit of the show
when the coffees come in, and Blake. – And I’ve got hacks and bodges, I didn’t come just with teas. – Let’s distribute. You go first, Blake. Hacks and bodges. – I’ve got Grant Hanson, he’s made this crazy thing, he did a 50k ride through
the Rocky Mountains. What? – Well look, I can tell you what’s crazy about this. I checked it out earlier on. He’s lost the nut off
his wheel there, look, and he zip tied, he’s basically hanging
his wheel in by zip ties. – He’s zip tied his wheel
after zip tie after zip tie after zip tie. – Is that the craziest zip
tie chain you’ve ever seen? He rode 50k like that. – That’s a bodge, for sure. It’s unbelievable. – That’s wicked that he got back, too. Okay, can I go next? Because this, I all think that
we need something like this for the Dirt Shed Show. Look at this, he’s got his forks and a stool, and this is from Jack Baldwin. He had a leftover fork, so he created a bottom mount
and put a seat on top of it. – [Blake] Well, I wish I had spare forks. – That looks like something
you could sell in a shop, you know, who’s this guy? – Jack, Jack Baldwin. – You know what, Jack, you can be, you’re a bit of a show off. That’s a bit too good. – Is that a hack or bodge? – I think it’s slick. – I say it’s a hack. – Okay, and my one, my one here has been
spotted by Jason Eckman. He was out in the street
and he spotted this– – [Blake] Look at that! – [Scotty] Neil’s got
one of them, actually. – [Martyn] It’s basically
a great big petrol engine been thrown into a bike, it looks dangerous as hell. – [Scotty] It looks fun. – We do not recommend this bodge, but well spotted, Jack. – Look at the size of
the petrol tank on that? – Jason, sorry. – It’s massive. – Yeah, you can get
some miles out of that. – Crazy, absolutely crazy. Sorry about that. – That went through that window again. – Great hacks and bodges, we love seeing your ingenuity and how you’re keeping your bike running. You can see it down just there, [email protected], that’s where to send them. Keep them coming, we love seeing them. – Please. – Have you got any
progression for us this week? – I have, you guys have been super busy sending in your progression. So, Keith sent in his son doing this crazy progression session on his downhill because he wants to enter
the Steel City downhill race that Steve Peters is involved with. – Yeah, Stevey’s race, yeah. – So he’s doing this huge gap jump, so his dad has shown
him like egging him on, which– – Oh, it’s big. – It’s massive, look. And he’s saying, “Pedal, pedal, pedal!” Just way cool and he crashes at the end. – [Scotty] I think he is
so stoked that he made it. – [Martyn] Super stoked. – [Blake] He was like, “Yes!” – [Martyn] It was a stoked crash. – [Blake] So that’s progression. – [Martyn] Well done, Zack. – [Scotty] He’s only 10? – Right, what else we got, Blake? – Well, we’ve got one from Tristan Blent, he sent this one in, he’s been progressing in
his flatland skill tricks. This one is an endo 180, check it out. – Favourite trick. – Oh yeah, doesn’t anyone like it? – [Scotty] Woah! So smooth. And look how stoked he is, what? – [Martyn] That was good. – [Blake] That is good. – You know what he could do to progress that even more, though? Is when he rolls out he
could go up into a wheely. – Into a wheely, yes. I’ve seen you do that. – His roll out there was so nice. – So smooth. – Yeah, he just sort of swapped around. – Next one, Owen Parker sent it in, he’s from Cali, he sent this one in over the
progression on his whips. – Oh right, we can be
really critical about it. – We can be very, yeah. The first thing is it’s on a hip, so that is a start. – [Martyn] Slow, oh he’s coming round, he’s coming round. – [Scotty] Come on, come on, come on. – [Blake] I guess you
can continue that whip, you can keep going. – [Martyn] Yeah. – [Blake] But that is progressive. – [Martyn] He’s definitely– – [Scotty] How old is he? He looks pretty young. – [Blake] He’s pretty young, he didn’t say. – I’m guessing 14, 15, yeah? – Sick. – Keep going, you’ll
be doing massive whips. – Nice one Owen, very good progression. That’s some good progression this week. – Yes. – Now, there’s one question to end the progression session with. Now, is there any chance
that we’ve got one of those rare, rare examples of a first try Friday? – God, yes we have! – Yes! – Teddy Pollett sent this one in and he, he nailed it on the head, right. – My name’s Teddy Pollett and
this is my first try Friday. I’m going to be doing the
biggest progression drop. – [Scotty] Nice! – [Blake] That is good. The thing about that, I know where that is. – It’s big. – Yeah it is massive, but I know where that is and
it’s a progressive thing, so you can start down
there and move your way up. – Well Teddy, you’ve done it, you’re in the club. Go on, Blake. You get a star. A couple of weeks back
we gave you the chance to enter a competition to
win some POC sunglasses, which we already like. – I love them. – And we’ve got the winners here, so get ready, if you hear your name you are a winner of a pair of those sunglasses. We’ve got Jarett Hurley. – We’ve got Joshua Game. – Connor Rees. – Parker Miller. – Sacha Baar. – And Zak McGuire. – You guys are winners! – Now, I don’t have any more winners, but what I do have is news
of the next competition. – Another contest, more goodies? – That is right, another one. Now, it is in Sunday’s video, it is all about the
transition between flat pedals to clip pedals. So, watch the video and you
could be in with the chance to win some Crank Brothers
double shot pedals. – What? – Oh, I love a competition. – I haven’t got clips. – Can you even ride clips? – No. I need to win that. – You need to watch that video. – I need to win it, so I can get them pedals. – Caption contest time. We had some great captions last week– – There was a lot. – For a very silly picture
of Blake, yet again. What’ve we got? What’s our captions? – Well I’ve got one from Edward Findlay, he said, “When you’re waiting for how “to get out of a bowl from GMBN.” – But then, I’ve got one that follows on from your Facebook videos. And this is quite smart. So this is from Tyler Zierer and he says, “When your phone dies after
Blake’s first Facebook video.” – That’s a good one. – That’s a winner. – He’s the winner. – That’s a winner. Well it’s a good one because
that’s actually what happened. Blake did teach everyone to get in a bowl and didn’t teach them to get out. – No, it isn’t true. – No, he just won that bottle. – It’s factual, it’s factual. Now now, for this week’s caption contest, take a look at this little clip. Let me down. – [Cameraman] Martyn, what are you doing? – Let me down. I don’t want to do that. There’s a guy, he’s going to find me. Let me out! Very funny. See what you’ve got to say about that. – Yeah, for your chance
to win one of them. – Right, it’s time for
that bit of the week when we make movie stars of
you guys in viewer edits. Basically, we create viral videos. It’s my favourite bit of the week. – You said movies. – Yes. – What does movies, what do you have to have
when you get a movie? – Ice cream. – Popcorn. I’ll be right back. – Oh, yes, right. We’ll get on with fails
and bails while Blake goes and gets some popcorn. Oh man, popcorn for viewer edits. Right, fails and bails. Now, to get us in the mood, Scott, I’ve got Sam Campbell who’s going to try to get us in the mood
with this almost save, he nearly gets away with it, you’re going to like this, check it out. – Right, okay. – Coming in, and it’s so close, he tries to get the back row down. – Coming in hot, coming in hot. – Woah, look at this, it’s like he’s nearly got it, he was doing everything right, he just can’t– – [Scotty] He even made the jump, it wasn’t like he cased it and crashed. He made the jump. – He was so close to holding it. And I think that one, for the first time in fails and bails, kind of has got me in the mood. – So let’s just get into
some more fails and bails. Run, VT. (electronic music) Okay, it’s time for Instabangerz. Blake’s still not back with the popcorn, so I feel a bit bad carrying on. – He must be getting it warm. – Oh, I can’t wait, I can’t wait to do VR edits this week. So, his Instabanger
this week is Reed Boggs. He loves the guy, he’s a great rider, and he’s sending you guys over to there. Give him a follow, he’s got a great Instagram profile going. So, it’s worth doing. My one this week, I’m going to go with Blake’s brother, Ray. – [Scotty] Is he a
better rider than Blake? – [Martyn] Well, you know what, he’s very, very good. I don’t want to say he’s better– – [Scotty] Oooh. – [Martyn] He’s very good, he’s a much more precise rider, Blake would admit that, too. But, I think because Blake’s
not here I think I can make him feel bad for not
ever doing an Instabanger to his brother. I had to do it. – That’s awkward, isn’t it? – It’s terrible. So Ray, I’m helping you out, man. – Awkward turtles. Okay, my Instabanger this week, we were talking about
the Enduro World Series, young Scottish rider Lewis Buchanan. Now, he’s on track factory racing. And I think that he could be one to watch. He had an amazing start
to the season last year, got injured, and is hungry for more. So, go and check him out, you can actually get a really
good insight with Lewis because he puts up loads
of Instagram stories and has also got quite
like a behind the scenes sort of thing going on on his Instagram, so check him out, follow him. – I know of a great rider to follow. Now, we’re mentioning these guys, so you go and follow them. So, go do it. The link is in the description down below. – Oh yes. – Woah, it’s so dark out
there I nearly fell over coming into the shed. – I’ll prop my feet up. – [Martyn] Right, in
the start of this film from Victor Sandblon, he’s giving us a bit of street. Check this out, guys. I really like this one actually, it’s called “Burning Down the House.” – [Scotty] Oh, that sounds good. – [Blake] Could you tilt the
screen just a little bit? – [Scotty] Look at that. – [Martyn] Really nice lines. Look at that. Love it. A really nice edit this one, Victor, because it’s got lots of different angles, lots of different riding elements– – [Scotty] Different colours. – [Martyn] Really showing
what it’s like to go out on a nice street ride with your mates. Great edit, great edit. – [Blake] Very good edit, started off strong. – Right, next one is from Tim Clark. “Fun at the Prison Camp.” Wait for it. – [Blake] Prison camp? – [Martyn] It’s in Arizona. – [Scotty] Is he an inmate? – [Martyn] No, he’s not an inmate. An inmate of this, the prison camp trail. – [Scotty] Look at all the
statistics of his ride. – [Martyn] The telegraphy, yeah it’s looking pretty good. That’s what he said. – [Scotty] Alright. – [Martyn] Look at that. It’s dusty, it’s blue sky, and he’s with his mate. Next one up is Michael Goodshire, and he has got this ace one. – [Scotty] Oh, it’s with a frog! – [Blake] Is that it? – [Martyn] No, that’s not him. – [Scotty] Does he kiss a frog? – [Martyn] He’s out on
a pre-regular exc-stroke Enduro ride, actually. And I sort of feel like
this must’ve been quite hard to film because he looks
like he’s out on his own, lone rider like we were
talking at the top of the show. – [Scotty] Sometimes you have to do it. – [Martyn] A lot of work’s gone into this. Some nice lines, some great shots. I like that one a lot, Michael. Thanks very much. And this last one is from Kalosi, which I really like. This is one of my favourites. He is in New Zealand travelling, he sold his bike so he’s hired a bike, and I like this because
he’s put a little bit of personality into it, it’s vloggy– – [Scotty] I love that. – [Martyn] It’s really cool. He takes his bike, he’s taken out a Scott for a run. And I tell you what, he loves it. – [Scotty] Oh yeah, look at that trail. – [Martyn] It’s nice, isn’t it? Very nice. – [Blake] Oh, I really
want to go to New Zealand. – [Martyn] Such a good time. – [Scotty] It’s dry, again. – Keep them coming, you can see just down there on the screen, [email protected] We want to see your movies. Go out there, don’t make it all POV now, don’t be lazy. – It’s time for some shout outs, there’s been some good edits this week. – There has been. – Blake, you’re up first. – Miranda Miller, she caught my eye on this one. So she came back from this
crazy injury out in Scotland and she’s come back from it. It’s a bit of an inspirational one, her running a trail. It’s really good, check it out. So that’s my shout out, what have you got? – Right, so I’ve got one from Luca Shaw, now this series is pretty cool. It’s the sound of speed and it’s all raw, so it’s basically you hear the bike, you hear the tyres, and Luca Shaw is a ripper. – [Blake] Yeah. – [Scotty] He’s on the Santa
Cruz Syndicate this year, brand new bike for him, he’s just shredding trails and I love it. – I’m going to shout out to this video, Stacy Kohut on a four-wheel mountain bike out in Whistler– – [Scotty] It’s very good. – [Martyn] Feature on
how he gets out riding and just him talking about his riding, it’s very inspirational, I’m really hoping I can
get to Whistler this year, and I would love to meet
Stacy and see just how fast he does go on that bike
because it looks ridiculous. – [Blake] That would be a
cool feature collaboration. – [Martyn] Yeah, I would love to do that. But it’s a great video
so go and check it out. – Very good. – It’s time for a bike vault party. – Let’s please get in there. – Let’s go, right, first bike up is from
Chris Jared, Black Hills. – Super nice! (squeaking) – It is a super nice bike. – He’s nailed everything. – Llama! – That is not– – Switzerland. – Nice. – I think the llamas make it nice. – Nice. – Not enough of the bike. – Okay, Eden Doland in Ireland, albeit it’s not a super nice, I do like how the twig’s
holding the bike up. – Oh, yeah. – But, the bike isn’t
quite in the right angle. – We’ll say nice. – Nice. – Uh, I think if we do
not give this a super nice we’re going to break
this poor girl’s heart. – Super nice. – Look at how way back those bars are, that’s rad. (squeaking) – Super nice. – Super nice. – [In Unison] Oooh. – In Australia. – Yep, super nice. (squeaking) – That is super nice, that is super nice. – Wow, that– – Melinda Travis in Colorado
sent us an absolute banger. – For another– (squeaking) – Super nice. – Super nice, nice squeaker control there, Tom. Melody Wrighter. – Oh, it’s a NorCal, oh man. – That’s an old school one. – That is really old school. – I’ve always wanted one of them. Drop off fours. Dude, I think that that– – Super nice. (squeaking) – Super nice. – Oh, look at that. – I do love seeing this, I love seeing the trails– – Boulder, Colorado. – Neil won with a shot like that, with a super nice. – Yeah, Pia Jack is coming to process– – The only, the only thing I’m going
to say about this is that– – I can’t really tell what– – Yeah. – Nice. – Nice, I think. – Oh, Tom Clark. – Roller coaster. It’s a new Scott bike, it’s a 29-er edition. Nice. – Unfortunately, we’re
out of the bike vault and we leave it on a nice. – What? – That’s a shame, I like ending on a super nice one. – I was very close to
giving it a super nice. – It makes the weekend super nice. – It just goes to show how difficult it is to get a super nice in the bike vault. What’s even more difficult is getting in the bike vault at all. – Yes. – And it’s getting tougher. – It is, there’s so many. – Coming up on the channel this week, we have got some amazing videos. – We have, and it starts
off with your lucky day, Saturday’s got two videos, one is a slopestyle bike and
realtime with Neil Donoghue out in Chile. – Nice. – And then Sunday, it’s how to convert clipless pedals. – [Scotty] Remember, you can
win some Click Brothers pedals. Don’t forget that. And then on Monday, it’s a maintenance video, you guys were all asking for this, it’s how to set up your Enduro bikes. I’m going to give you some tips, so make sure that you check that one out. And then on Tuesday we get
onto the streets, don’t we? – Oh yeah, dude. – That is a four stamp challenge. – Yeah, I’m looking forward to that one. On Wednesday, we’ve got how
to feel comfy on your bike, and then Thursday it’s
the regular Ask GMBN where you can ask us anything. We’ll answer it. And on Friday, I can’t remember what
we’re doing on Friday– – It’s the Dirt Shed Show! Can’t forget it. – See what I did there? (laughter) – Great show, guys. – I loved it. – Another fun one. I can’t wait to see all
you guys again next week. But, if they want to watch
some more videos from GMBN then they should click right here for a video I did with Hans Ray, all about planning an adventure. – Oh, and it’s Scott versus myself. Five top challenges for downhill biking. – Lovely. And you can click this logo
just here to subscribe to GMBN, where you’ll get a new
video every day of the week, and it’s free. – There’s only three things left to do. Have yourself a good weekend, give us a thumb up like, and share, comment, and just have a good one.

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  2. I ride alone because I'm always trying to challenge my self. I like riding with my friends but our schedules don't always line up.

  3. Wow… Someone is really selling the RockShox Bar sTools as their own? The same picture is from a Factory Tour at SRAM in Colorado Springs. Jack Baldwin? You are a freaking lier! Stop telling lies like that! You ruin the show!!
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  9. I live in SoCal, my favorite time to ride is winter! The weather is perfect. In the Summer it is still good, but you have got to look out for rattle snakes, its really hot, and the trails are very blown out.

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