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Goals and Dreams for Motorbike Adventures

Goals and Dreams for Motorbike Adventures

it’s me hey what we’re gonna talk about
today I don’t know we’ll get there in the end obviously there’s something I
want to talk with you fucking shut up well now maybe switch the phone off
hey god I’m sick of that going off today but then again it wasn’t Christmas new year
GONE 2019 here we come I put a little image up few days ago I’m
gonna be selfish this year and I’m gonna look after me I’m gonna look after my
mental health I’m gonna look after my happiness how do I achieve that I
achieved that by helping you become happy in that good video become happy
how do I do that that’s how I beat well it isn’t actually
I looked back recently well this morning as I was lying in bed at 4 o’clock I had
an epiphany I I said an epiphany anything else well yeah that would be I had an epiphany what’s made me happy
throughout the years the happiest I’ve ever been is when I was the instructor
in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and I thought to myself why
well I had the power power over recruits jump and they wouldn’t come down until I
told him to run they wouldn’t stop until they’ve run out to breath and I used to
run out to breath a long way before they ever would
and so I thought to myself well what was it well it wasn’t the power power means
nothing really you can have the power but you can have no respect you can have
the power but nobody wants to follow you so it wasn’t that what gave me the
greatest buzz was seeing them pass out after initially 13 weeks then
it went down with 10 weeks from joining his long-haired yetis and passing out as
trend soldiers before they went off to the tread training to become a vehicle
mechanic recovery mechanic the avionics technician Armour what else was there
well that’ll do for now but initially it would meet me and there
was there was quite a few of us as well would be in different patterns of 16 or
at missing started at 64 then he went down to 32 we would take them through
this training enough he would go and people over the years of these last few
years I remember you you were this you without you the other which is grid you
made a big impact on the lives and I haven’t really found anything since
leaving in 30 years to bring me the same satisfaction that I had back then and
I’ve been searching for it ever since and it’s a difficult thing to achieve
but I found it with the motorbike I find it with the motorbike that with making
my films and doing my books and all the rest of it the joy hopefully that I
bring to you the instructions that I can give to you to come and explore an area
see places you’ve never seen enjoy an area anybody can ride through with her
head down in the ass in the air that’s not a skill the skill is taking your
time to ride through taking the countryside in the views in the
atmosphere in discovering the history of the area getting off your bike and going
and learning something that’s what for me motorbikes is all about what about
you just a farm a transport that makes you smile that makes you feel alive that
makes you feel at one with the world and that’s the closest I’ve ever been and
I’m going to hopefully increase the satisfaction that I’m going to receive
by bringing joy to you again and that’s through establishing god-willing a
series of tours in India and beyond to take you across and to show you
places you’ve never seen for you to experience the same amazement my god
going along the road and down the corner just going what that doesn’t exist in
this world staying in places that you feel oh my god I never want to leave
eating food that mentioned tongue explored through the beautiful flavours
that we have and having an experience that you’ve never experienced before
that will change your life whatever that will bring me satisfaction because you
will get the pleasure from it and when I see people having pleasure from what
I’ve done well that brings me satisfaction that gives me mental
satisfaction that puts a smile on my face somebody said to me many years ago
you can have whatever you want in this world as long as you help enough people
to achieve what they want in the world as well so that’s what I’m aiming to do
this year thumper and me sitting in the tree thumper and me riding Britton and
doing more books and videos and stories and the videos are gonna change you may
have seen recently I’ve been doing full films and that’s what I’m going to be
continuing with the full film not the stages that I’ve done before with more
history and more stories and more heritage of more discoveries so again
anybody can ride a bike and go down the road it’s being able to give you the
information that makes you smile it makes you go oh my god I want to go
there so that’s what my 2019 is going to be all about I hope you enjoy it as I
look for my red button and I hope we meet on the road and until we do bye bye
for now

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