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GOLGAPPA CHALLENGE Mystery Wheel #Fun Aayu and Pihu Show

GOLGAPPA CHALLENGE Mystery Wheel #Fun Aayu and Pihu Show

Hi friends Today we are going to Golgappa challenge We have already done one Golgappa challenge but today we are going to mystery wheel Golgappa challenge See sister, there are so many unique things like green chilli sauce, red chilli sauce maggi is usually nice, but really how good it would be with Golgappa Sweet noodles ( Falooda ) gems chocolate Gems would be nice, I can eat gems with this? yes I can eat Come on let us start It will be fun Yes and whoever likes Golgappa like this video Come on stone, paper, scissor so the first turn is mine and I have to spin the wheel whatever comes in between the red mark we have to put that in golgappa and eat one, two sweet noodles ( Falooda ) oh sister you got such a nice item in the first turn Mom bring the sweet noodles fast I can’t wait anymore I hope I get gems no, juice juice wait, you are going to get red chilli sauce you’ll get green chilli you’ve eaten it before sister did get green chilli in golgappa challenge part 1 even in the finger chips challenge That’s why sister’s name is green chilli sister Sweet noodles…. I don’t like it at all Yes Aayu didn’t get it that’s why you don’t like it yes I wish I get all the sweet things I got one I’ll get them afterwards You will get red chilli green chilli sauce What are you looking there, look here See how does this looks? eat Aayu you must be tempted to eat I don’t like it I like ice cream I don’t want to eat it I don’t want to look at you eating either Eaten? It’s tasty Feels like I am eating sweet chips Friends you should try this too Now we have removed the faluda Sticker, so we won’t get it again the next time See I got Golgappa water This should have been in mine Golgappa with Golgappa water I will love it It’s too spicy I will eat the bland one Now it’s my turn Pickle We will eat pickle with Golgappa for the first time, a new thing But i’ll only add the spices in it No you have to add it in Do you like pickle? I like it but Yes even I can eat it with flat bread (roti) but I can’t eat it with Golgappa can I eat? Hmm.. eat Sister a ghost is coming Sister the ghost is here Is it nice? Is it bad? Is it nice? It must be bad right No it’s good I liked it You should try it too It isn’t that bad My turn, now I’ll eat it Tomato sauce My tomato ketchup is here Now I’ll eat Vow tomato ketchup is coming How is it? Now my turn Lentils What is this happening today? Come on mom bring the lentils Sister is going to eat lentils Very little It is so fun, sister gets to eat lentils, pickle My lunch is done I don’t feel like putting it in You don’t eat it either Is it nice? Yummy ….. Tasty, tasty It feels like I am eating a papad with dal Now you start gems Yesss It’s so nice I’ll get to eat gems Mom bring the gems fast I’ll add it one by one I’ll eat it like this done I have filled it …. like this It dosen’t fit in your mouth now my turn Ice-cream I got ice cream I got ice cream I got ice cream That’s so little now how will I get to eat it? Who has eaten ice cream with Golgappa please do let us know I don’t like this milk based ice crem Whatever nice items I get he dosen’t likes those even if he eats them daily, but still It has melted a little but it’s okay It won’t affect the taste Ice cream won’t taste like lentils Sister how was the lentils? I don’t like it It’s very tasty Now it will be my turn I hope I don’t get red chilli sauce or green chilli sauce I hope I don’t get red chilli sauce Red chilli sauce Laughing I really like it I am having a lot of fun First I got sweet noodles then ice cream Now Aayu got red chilli sauce I got gems See sister I added it 3 Drops Sister if I find it spicy will you let me eat something sweet? okay He can’t fit it in his mouth you didn’t felt the spice means you won’t eat sweet (Laughing) You don’t feel the spice like this If I get anything, it’s not a problem Even the green chilli? Yes Because I am so happy right now From now on Aayu’s name is red chilli sauce And sister is red chilli red and green chilli My name is already green chilli Yesss… Yess… yes If Aayu can eat red chilli sauce so I can eat green chilli sauce too See Sister likes green chilli so much green chilli Sister you’ll have to add 10 drops No Aayu added, 3 I’ll also add 3 one It’s just a small drop so half and half is now one yes one one one and half then it wil bel 6 drops what is this? two ok it will do two and half I added a big drop no, no three Sister I ate red chilli, why are you scared? I’ll get off the sticker It tastes good okay now my turn juice, yeaahh It’s orange juice right? I feel like drinking it alone no I’ll drink it afterwards If not now, I’ll have it later Sister you pour it, I can’t do it Don’t finish it all sister It’s tasty So you’ll drink the whole glass So even I should have tasted ice cream So you should have, why didn’t you? come on start with the next round untill then I’ll have my juice there is so little left milk Mom add bournvita to the milk or horlicks would do Don’t add bournvita or horlicks and some turmeric why? (Laughing) Mom my juice is finished Do you want more milk? Mom bring turmeric and add it in okay no, no plain is okay means you like it yes but with horlicks I’ve heard it first time from sister that she likes plain milk It didn’t get fill in Gol-gappa it went all in the plate It’s okay it’s a nice thing plain plain milk Mom you could have at least added sugar That’s good Kheer should not come Kheer should not come Oh God it just missed by a little bit You’ll might a blank again …. wow I like it, like it very much It would be nice in gol gappa eat it Imli chutney (Tamarind Sauce) How many drops should I add? hundred I have added 10 already Did it? 100 completed Oh ho Straight 100 after 10 I just added one zero a zero has no value If you add it afterwards, it has a value and even when you add it in the middle Now I am eating What, what are you saying? Now I am the one eating nice things Do the next round yes It’s in the middle chocolate syrup I can say one thing I should not get Sweet milk and maggi I hope you get maggi and I get strawberry syrup and sweet milk too Bhujiya should be yours chocolate syrup and Roohafza in mine Okay friends, this would work right It’s my round now you drink that Oho… oh yes YESSS… I got chocolate, so his is strawberry It was very tasty Mom My tasty will be here too My tasty is here Mom does it has milk? no Aayu has broken the Gol-gappa It popped Have this woww.. I am having strawberry shake – Good Aayu do one thing drink it You have already bathed in it Bathed First you popped the Gol-gappa then spilled the strawberry shake and now sister said this Do the next round I’ll drink this hmm… Tell who should get this and who shouldn’t get this Roohafza I can’t wait any longer Mom you could have given this earlier with milk It’s okay You got such a nice item still youo are making a fuss at last, he got irritated every time he teases me in the videos now it’s my chance Aayu see sister this is lava This isn’t lava I teased you once more This isn’t roofza This is red colour This is red colour friends this is red colour sister ate red colour How did sister liked the red colour? At least give me one good one now At least give me one good one now I am giving you an option I just don’t want this one You can choose any one you like Because I’ve gotten so many nice things I am having fun So I’ll choose 2 I’ll start with maggi Yes, maggi and sweet milk is yours First I’ll taste maggi It tastes like puffed rice snack (bhelpuri) What happened Aayu Didn’t you liked the maggi one? Maggi one was nice but I won’t like the sweet milk one why? Who adds sweet milk to Gol-gappa? Who adds pickle to Gol-gappa? Who adds lentils? I ate it though and you’ll have to eat what I make I won’t eat it I will not eat it Aayu eat it fast How is it? the one I made I enjoyed the challenge but didn’t like the sweet milk one.

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