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GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: Mountain Biking with Aaron Chase (Ep 1)

GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: Mountain Biking with Aaron Chase (Ep 1)

Hey, my name is Aaron Chase. I’m up here,
I’m going to show you some of my Tricks and Tips for my GoPro Chesty. One of the first
things would be, I like to run it upside down, kind of Airwolf style like the missiles on
a Harrier. Typically you would probably want to set it up with the camera just facing forward,
but you’re going to quickly find out when you review your footage that you’re always
hunched over the bars and you’re going downhill. So actually a real Chesty mounted camera would
probably look like that. It’s going to be looking up almost like at a 45 degree angle. That
way when you do get on your bike and you’re hunched down and everything else, it’s giving
you that perfect, straight ahead, maybe even down the trail. So some people ask me kind
of what modes to shoot in, there’s so many. I shoot in the 1440 by 48. It’s got a taller
aspect ratio that gives you a little bit more trail and a little more bike. And the 48 frames
per second allows you to really slow down the footage. Now, if I’m shooting a lot in
the woods and it might be dark or rainy or something like that, I’ll shoot 1440 by 30.
It just helps a little bit more with the light, brightens it up and gives it a nice clear
shot. This is it. If you want to see what’s really
going on on your bike, throw one of these bad boys on and see how much that rear shock
is moving and you’ll be pretty amazed. Make sure, whatever you do, that when your suspension
is really working it’s not going to crush or smash the camera at all. So I’ve got it
back far enough so that’s not going to happen. You can play around with all different modes
while you’re shooting stuff like this, but since it is POV and it’s on my bike, it’s
pretty up close, I’m going to want to shoot 1440 by 48 frames per second. Or, if you really
want to shoot it and slow it down, maybe 960 by 100 frames per second. Either way, it’s
just all good. You’ve got to play around with it and try different modes and see which one’s
going to kind of stand out and work best for you. Go have fun, try it out.

34 comments on “GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: Mountain Biking with Aaron Chase (Ep 1)

  1. you guys should make a tutorial for motorcycle riding videos!!!! how to have steady and nice videos for motorcycle video.

  2. Someone got some tips to get a smooth video with that mount ? My footage is always so instable when i am going through rough sections on the trail 🙁
    Thanks !

  3. Thanks for the tipps! The ankle is very good but the video is unwatchable because of the hard shaking.
    Please let me know witch programm do you use to eliminate the shakes. Thank you 🙂

  4. Can someone help me, I do snowboarding and I need to know if the chest strap is better than the hard mount. And what type of mode do I use for it in the snow while I'm snowboarding

  5. Was benutzt er für einen Halter das er die GoPro ohne Gehäuse nutzen kann?.. Ich muss meine GoPro immer ins Gehäuse stecken.. 😔

  6. That doesn't work for me, my all arm show on the video and this is really ugly on the video, and when i was fast and near of a lot of woods and also, the camera shake a lot and get a really crap shoot ( GoPro Hero 4 Silver with an class 10 full hd 32gb sd card , and 1440 – 48 ) If anyone can help me with any information i appreciated, thanks

  7. just adding this for novices like me finding my way round the gopro
    he has the camera mounted upside down to a j Hook .. when you record the footage is upside down – change the orientation on the gopro app or the camera itself under settings. ….

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