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GoPro: “Beyond the Race” – Series Trailer

GoPro: “Beyond the Race” – Series Trailer

well it’s gonna be you as I said earlier Phil I think a Last Man Standing certainly the best we go under the banner the race bill the way they’re attacking here as indicates to me that we’re going to have a passing battle that attack Phil you’re right he’s riding on his guts and riding with his party in this afternoon to climb up if you can back onto the phoneme in Paris on Sunday this is the fire that has seen so many of the big things in the sport of cycling seal of their victories because scrabbling for a place on the that’s Roxanna do look at the speed here’s the moment of glory now he will take the yellow jersey tonight with a delta go what an incredible finale you could not have written a better script today you

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  1. in my last video i walked up an extremly narrow path over the clouds on an island in the atlantic!! check it out if u like :)))

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  3. Pro tip: Don't use Phil Liggett as background commentary. It is well known he is THE worst there's been. Even Sean Kelly is better

  4. Bitte echtes 21:9 hochladen mit einem 21:9 Monitor hat man sonnst immer ein 16:9 Bild und in diesem ein 21:9 das ist echt sehr schade!

  5. Go Pro says they're "dropping" this on 4/28 in a post on FB. Where is it? Where can someone find the product they're actually advertising?

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