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GoPro: “Beyond the Race” – World Cycling Champion Peter Sagan Returns to His Roots (Ep. 2)

to the Peter saga now is seeing the opportunity here fill the possibility the dream force love it’s pizza song and repeat a second copy the next leader second it is there are a lot of legend still racing but it is different also if the result is not what respect is always the center of the movie so is different is is Peter laughter yeah I’m Ken Sugano Peters wife and now I’m enjoying this beautiful times a year but but it’s a little holiday for me also Peter is having his mountain bike race which is a little bit different than the road bike we are in Czech Republic we are in the city de pizza when that tomorrow we have multiplied crisis and the second place for me in this year and I wanted to try on like holiday it was actually his dream from the little child online he was always dreaming of having this huge stand for himself now the dream came true and he’s so happy and I enjoy watching technologies Peter is is able to combine family life and the race life without any problems at a 9-mil of food I grew he’s very family-oriented is very friends oriented all you know like it’s a little child inside like the car he bawled it was spontaneous decision Oh the relation that Peter has his fans it’s very good he’s always ready we spend a lot of time every day with picture autograph he is always smiling and he’s always ready to do what we have to that’s why people love in a lot he doesn’t pertain he feels good in history and that’s why he’s always like he’s I like you too buddy I can make a so happy it’s good and also my a my dog is happy whatever Peter does he doesn’t have them same every year is different every race is different and I trying my best then after you see you what’s amazing for me is I feel again atmosphere here in mountain bike races and this is motivation

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