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Have a good trip, bye some bowel beautiful historic city
center I do enjoy watching the people walking
by going about their daily lives just like how I have all the time in the
world to get ready and finished my projects here in Brazil and then head
out properly with the new setup well if only that wasn’t a comforting lie good a
people’s hope you don’t get there on the other side I had this awesome plan to
leave this Sunday so in two nights to finish up the rack business hold up to
finish up the rack business by going back up to leave an outfit to wear I
already got the top case done cuz it needs some customization well then you
know cutting here and there so I was getting ready for that and yesterday I
had to do one last thing before I went though and that is go to policia fill it
out to extend my Brazilian freeze out wait another three months cuz I was
gonna stick around for a little bit longer turns out that they don’t do any
extensions for countries from the European Union so that means I have to
get the hell out because Saturday tomorrow is the last day that I can be
in Brazil legally and when I leave I can only come back in 90 days so surprise
packing surprise run to the border it’s that day again it’s Santa Cruz all over
again I’m not done yet so all of a sudden I’m in a big hurry
might do some night riding today this is going to be interesting but first of all
I got a pack up this whole mess it’s new packing it’s a new setup it’s new stuff
old stuff away it’s one of those packing setups that’s new so it takes time and
this is going to be a long day so bear with me this is my big hard disk
collection but I’m only going to bring the two terabyte with me I’m going to
leave this one with the Airbnb lady to hurt this to someone here lives here
and studies cuz I got these two now five terabytes it’s a circle of artists so
one day these will be replaced for all they would have a five to eight terabyte
this and so I go shedding the smaller of the hard disks and bringing in bigger
ones all right five o’clock and it doesn’t
look like I’ll be leaving anytime soon so I’ll leave tomorrow early in the
morning I was thinking I could ride into tonight but don’t like the idea of
leaving some Palo late fully loaded at night yeah
tomorrow morning early when I pack this stuff in a big bag this should’ve been
on the bike already but no more time there’s a top case and no one trying on
this on top but I think I’m just gonna put this in a big bag I want to be
camping anytime soon this woman is gonna be absolutely full yep we’re still
checking that one on the back with this one Hey so we bring that one along still you
know fun put it put it on top now I’m gonna leave this one behind I know some
of you out there are rejoicing they was super useful because people a spot that
was heaps in here but it’s just to hold the sleeping bag the tent and sleeping
mat in place he could check vials of water in these other pockets the tenting
stuff just takes up a lot of space a moment of appreciation a precede well
appreciation of this valley trusty GE topcase it worked hard for
five years I got this just before I left in 2014 the first time I did it has been
excellent and if it has gone through some serious pain and suffering and
still intact well wanting a big crash the locking mechanism came out that’s
why I had this weird system all the time so I’ve been riding without that and the
key broke off a second time and was very deep in there
did his job perfectly I think stop box you’ve been too good
yeah so as I was saying earlier I knew it was gonna take a while because I’m
moving stuff around packing things differently trying out new things
getting rid of stuff and then there’s also new pieces so not really gaining
any space unfortunately at least for now and I also got it ring the rack with us
so yeah just one of those days men seem to be getting nowhere but I will get
there more morning early we’re getting ready for too long
primates only 89 on their cars today Have a safe journey, and you have a good day this is the setup she’s rocking now for
now I still got the big bag on there who’s loving it a but I really need a
coffee man just got up and started packing fit damn do I need nice cool
coffee to kick things off and we’re off I got about 1,700 kilometers to cover Thunder although it’s so good and all of that I need a copy 1,800 cuz
I am taking the scenic route down Argentina Marco Polo
next time I got bad fuel so I canceled the ride on
the set of hinges which was have been a 150 kilometers
scenic detour I’m gonna focus all the other nostril because the fuel is really
bad it’s horrible to go under 19 sent event emil satin doll noon coup de
new movie as apart and so I got bad horrible fuel if you Hello good day What’s the cleanest fuel you have, without additives? That’s Podium In Sao Paulo I filled up on very bad fuel It’s bad? Yea very bad I’ve used up half a tank already and now I want to fill up with quality stuff she’s heavy from the back man hey box
you know I I know that I need hey there buddy you know how I know I need coffee bad
cuz the barking of the dogs is driving me mad this morning but then they get
here these tiny little fluffy dogs inside ah look at a little fluffy dog
anyway almost 9:30 and oh man this is like when
the most basic ass coffee tastes gobs like I needed I was writing a bit grumpy
to last hour because I didn’t have breakfast this morning
woke up at 5:00 we got chicken on a stick mmm that’s breakfast well we left San
Paulo South I’m gonna follow the coast towards puto diva 400 kilometers and on
there is where the mountains of the South are and there’s this road called
real do rascal which is a winding road it’s it’s it’s famous among
motorcyclists here in Brazil so before I headed to Argentina I wanted to get a
taste of that which adds about 600 kilometers to the route this morning I
was going to also take road to set up in T thanks to one of you on Facebook who
replied with a full blown route but that was a detour of 100 150 but I was still
going for it but then the petrol was bad and it was like nah but so move on I put in the most expensive stuff I just
octane probably with no additives it’s a good day for the scenic route not
honored what are you I don’t need to feel what just to
regroup because I think I missed the turn to this little loopy scenic route
near Curitiba it’s before that that goes under it here we’re just coming down and
I was on the left lane and couldn’t make an aggressive move to get off the
highway in the rain but I don’t think it would have been that great anyway in the
rain you know how it is I’m soaked just soaked got soaking wet
twice now I took out get a liner got to change t-shirt too though the
colder down here a very rainy day but we’ll see how it is
it’s still like 200 kilometers down south where real grassroots starts so
fast florianópolis maybe things are better there I don’t think so look at what I just stepped in Matthew chicken on a stick
at about 550 kilometres dog all today I wanna throw in another 330 on me today
that is close to real disaster that or just basically there and do it tomorrow
morning if we stay on lucky tomorrow the rain continues and I wouldn’t be
surprised at that so coffee and then after the final today people are getting a bit crazy here on
the coast traffic
oh that’s very just here that man completely jumped me off
pretend that I was not that oh is it really
nice but up that was my mission
yet I 800 kilometers now we find a place to stay see yes
first place I see see what they want 70 he won’t budge on the price but that’s
okay we’re staying here just as possible but ended up will stay here because they
have right now looky looky garage bring understand is it’s called ease and
travel all right let’s settle in so oh the dog is home a
wet dog so I did put this in a liner of these halfway through today Jace
9 o’clock 830 columns for today pretty decent over half the total the
best is still to come and hopefully the rain won’t be there tomorrow they go out
that road up the mountain because I just spent a day in the rain no one likes to
be in the rain and nothing will be dry tomorrow so that was a long day’s ride
oh hi Wayne we’re about 70 case from Rio cadastral should be a nice mountain road
here on side note today might actually already be my last day so tomorrow I’m
gonna be one day late probably when leaving Brazil hopefully that won’t
cause too much trouble see how that goes waking up early hide people’s very wet
episode I’ve got a chicken burger with my name on it I just realized that I’m
on a bit of a chicken streak today so whatever hate then I’m gonna go to
sleep y’all take it easy and I’ll see you soon
enough job
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50 comments on “GOTTA GET OUT OF BRAZIL!!! – ep88

  1. This one has SUBTITLES for the Portuguese bits!

    Check out the playlist with all the South America episodes so far

  2. Nice video sharing ✨✨✨ amazing tour. You have captured fantastic moments. Excellent job done by you ✨✨✨✨🙏

  3. Great ride, though that feeling of being rushed due to the visa issue is a bummer. Alle beste en groetjes uit Costs Rica!! 👍😉

  4. Wow if you still in Tubarao I'm about 35km from you in a city called Braço do Norte 😁👊 let me know if you need any guidance here ! Had no idea you were coming this way! Last time i commented on your video I was in USA!

  5. Hey Pedro almost cross each other by the road! Just came back to Uruguay from Garopaba Santa Catalina.. Serra do Rio do Rastro is beautifull, full of twisties. You can cross to Uruguay vía Yaguarón or vía Chui (the coast)., send me a mail if you want tour in Uruguay or a place to crash. [email protected] Cheers!!

  6. Whoever told you that you had to leave brazil gave you the wrong information. As a Portuguese citizen (unless you don't have portuguese citizenship), you can stay in brazil for unlimited period of time. Just talk to a lawyer

  7. Love the vids as always mate. What's the issue with Alp at the front, you've got some real wobble going on with the bars? Stay safe amigo.

  8. Smart move to avoid Estrada da Graciosa. Although beautiful, on a rainy day like that the cobblestoned road would be a bitch to ride. Ride on, ride safe!

  9. Ciao bro. Like that side view shot, pretty cool. And feeling like some chicken on a stick about now. Safe ride and good luck at the border.

  10. Hi Pedro, blijft fantastisch je avontuur. Mag ik vragen welke camera je gebruikt op je helm en hie deze gemonteerd is?

    Hi Pedro, your adventure remains fantastic! May I ask which camera you use on your helmet and how it is mounted?

  11. You should have tried other FED POL along they…like in Santa Catarina State…they have made exceptions(ext.)…

  12. Oh, this is sad man! Why European Union and Brazil don’t fix this questions about visa!? Please back someday to visit us here in São Paulo! We would love to see your adventures here again! Big hug, mano!!!

  13. Good luck! When I was in Ecuador, the lazy ars was not in the office.
    So I came back next day… Oh, you are to late… this cost you 200$…

  14. Love your style of making vids, nice camera perspectives, nice change of timescale and your vids have such a credibility. Compared to all the other videos in the net made by people with much money, paired up in teams and with the high end equipment… your vids are telling a story… of chicken on a stick 😆😆😆. Drive save. Greetings from Arbil.

  15. dude. don't worry about over staying your visa.. it is not a big deal. thousands of people over stay… the penalties are like 8 reals per day… but the border may not even charge you.. I over stayed 4 months on a moto.. the border guy asked if i would like to pay the fine next time i came to brazil… i of course said yes 🙂

  16. Your visa issues crack me up! I love how chill you are, your pulse must be like 48 or something! Peace brother & I’m glad you made it safe through all that rain on the highway (-:

  17. Pedro, jij kan ook gewoon een boete per dag betalen. Het is niet zoveel, denk iets van 9 reais. En het moet in cash betaald worden. Mijn vriendin heeft dat meegemaakt

  18. Bedankt om me de wereld te laten zien vanuit mijn luie zetel. Zelf ben ik een mooi-weer-rijder, dus respect (ook voor je eerdere avonturen trouwens). 'k kijk uit naar je volgende vlog. Hou het veilig.

  19. Loving your blogs as usual Pedro. Keep up the great work. How hard is it to say goodbye to your trusty equipment when you are on a long trip eh – it hurts. Respect to you and Alp for a long 800km + day in the rain. You are so right – no one likes riding in the rain. How painful is your ass on such a long day ? I used to have the 650 transalp, and it was. Killer ! All the best

  20. Pedro você veio até Ribeirão Preto instalar o baú traseiro, topcase, se soubesse que viria iria te pagar um almoço aqui, moro perto da Motorshopp.
    Boa sorte e se cuida!!

  21. Nós deviamos fazer uma entrevista para extensão de visto mesmo se o cara for da Europa, seria uma honra ter você no meu país por mais tempo!

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