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Gravel Riding Skills | Gravel Cycling

Gravel Riding Skills | Gravel Cycling

Diverge and I have had a great day out today. So amazing whether it is are we now still March? Yeah so much Part of gravel riding is Route planning which is quite different than Road riding because obviously Road riding you can just follow roads But gravel roads aren’t always as obvious defined So I purchased a couple of Ordnance Survey maps of the area near here where I live So this is the Bristol bath Ordnance Survey and as you can see, it’s quite a bit Detailed so it gives all the walking paths all the bike routes It’s learning the key right now for me. So looking for things like traffic freeze cycle routes and Foot ways. I don’t believe I can use but Bridal ways I can so just learning all of those rules So out on the diverge to that I’m going from Bristol to Bath along the water so it’s part canal and part Avon River I believe and So I’m just gonna stay off road as much as I possibly can using the Ordnance Survey map I have the paper one and the app So when you buy a paper version you get the off and offline digital version of it on their app, so, that’s great And so I’m just gonna practice reading those maps and getting to know all the different options Lovely spring day So not a bad path right, um, incredibly unfriendly bike gate back there though, so No, I didn’t say no cycling on here And for no reason to I think you couldn’t it’s quite wide actually way better than a minute ago. Um, But yeah The gate was to put my bike up on the back wheel to get it through. It was not a bike gate This bad a bite gates as I’ve seen that was a pedestrian turnstile So I think I’ve snuck into this part of the path But I don’t think I’m causing any harm. So I’m continuing on and if I have to turn back then my own fault So I spent the day Exploring a bit. Just checking the Ordnance Survey app just how it works How much detail is on there what it looks like in real life? You know that dot on the map reading maps here in the UK For me is quite different than Canada obviously There’s a lot more in a little area on a map reason Canada you get big chunks of nothing and a lot less you know passes and roads and types of roads, so I’m just learning to read the map it is a skill and So, yeah, hopefully a couple more outings I’ll have the most solid understanding of what I’m seeing when I look at one of the Ordnance Survey maps I sort of joke around that I have multiple personalities when it comes to cycling because I just don’t stick to one type So it really cycle I commute I tour now gravel riding and mountain biking this year so exploring all the different options and cycling and I think a lot of people do it’s a different kit for different types of cycling and So today I was having a bit of a play with what to wear when you’re off-roading It’s quite interesting because my brother-in-law who normally mountain bikes is road cycling this year because he’s going to ride in the Gran Fondo Whistler with Nathan and I in September So he’s training on a road bike now and learning that what you were on the road bike is quite different than what you hear On a mountain bike and I’m similarly today Experiencing the opposite so he is finding it cold learning to dress because you’re exposed to the wind when you’re going faster speeds today I’m learning to layer properly for off-roading where you’re more protected from the wind and going slower speeds. So today I Do the outfit of the day for you today? I’m layering up with warmers and Two shirts here on so – these are finger off Mina wolf. So I have an outer layer and then under layer and Then some three-quarter length leggings and some Shorts I’ve had for ages. I bought them for the cycle across Canada. They’re like mountain bike style shorts. They’ve got pockets so what I realized today when I was getting dressed is mountain biking Clothes don’t necessarily come with the pockets the way you’ve got new jerseys for Road Cycling. So these shorts give me some pockets So that’s very handy And it’s learning to dress again

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  1. Good afternoon

    I love when my gravel roads taper off and turn into paths into fields and old farms … it’s more exploring than just riding.

    PS – I have the same gravel bike as you lol

  2. You seem to be enjoying the Diverge, just wondering when it comes time to return it, would you consider buying it or is it too soon to tell?

  3. I absolutely love riding gravel, here in Switzerland you can get just about anywhere with the gravel farm roads.

  4. Check out the organization Open Street Map of which I’m a member. They’re committed to providing an open digital mapping platform that relies on among other things local knowledge to improve accuracy and depth through enriching the metadata. There’s an interesting ongoing debate about whether it’s appropriate to map routes labeled social trails. These are unofficial walking and cycling paths shared through social networks. Most are located in public parks or protected areas. Many of these routes are well thought out and attentive to being respectful of the environment but sometimes they become so heavily used that damage ensues. Although probably less common in the UK they are definitely a big concern of the agencies and organizations in the US that manage open public areas.

  5. Glad to see you've bought OS maps, I think they still hold up against digital, at least for pre-ride planning; and can of course be packed with your other ride gear and brought along with you.

  6. I don't think this is super helpful for exploring, the go to mtb trail app here is trailforks, I looked at Bristol and there isn't much, likely due to the user base still being small…

  7. Exploring off-road is the best! Not all of the UK has the same regulations regarding public access however. Here in Scotland you can cycle wherever you want (subject to some common sense conditions), footpath ,farm track, sheep trail, you name it. The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 gave everyone the right to use most countryside for things like walking, cycling, horse riding, swimming and canoeing

  8. Nice looking ride👍there must be gravel routes around the Bristol and Bath area, are there any gravel group rides local to you?

  9. I just bought a specialized Diverge too. Havent had a chance to go gravel riding yet, but it was fun to see you on yours. Also similar to what you stated in your video, I own 4 bikes. A road bike, mountain bike, hybrid road commuter and my diverge gravel. Thanks for the videos. I enjoy them

  10. Great video again, I started cycling last year with a Hybrid and love cycling the cycle paths. We live the otherside of Bath so intersting to see the cycle routes you are using. We are planning on riding the Two Tunnels route then onto the Bath-Bristol Stretch sometime soon. Keep up the good work.

  11. Great to see you gravel riding! You going to do some bike packing? Sustrans have a book ‘Traffic-free Cycle Rides’, a great resource. Do check out the Path Less Pedaled YouTube channel. 😊

  12. Great video!
    I'm curious your thoughts on the aluminum diverge – I have the option to get the aluminum Tiagra model or the carbon Tiagra model with the future shock in the front (for $150 more). I am also one for not needing to baby my bike, and want to do some very light touring. Thoughts?

  13. Just discovered you!, interesting video, lovely day for March!. My partner & I ride gravel and road in Herefordshire and the Forest of Dean, we use OS mapping app’ for planning and post ride viewing of routes, it’s a great tool, one of the best features is the ‘Fly Thru’…., in 3D you can see where you’ve been, or where you are planning to go, and then we can transfer the files out to the usual Strava/ MapMy, apps, and/or use the mobile OS app to follow a route, highly recommended.

  14. Used 1:50 000 Ordnance Survey maps for years. Looked at the modern electric route devices but still prefer a map. One tip learn how to use a compass with your map, known as "taking a bearing". Go explore!!

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