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Gravity Garage | How to replace a downhill bicycle tire | Angel Fire Bike Park

Gravity Garage | How to replace a downhill bicycle tire | Angel Fire Bike Park

Hi and welcome to the Gravity Garage here
at Angel Fire Bike Park. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about changing some tires
and tips on how to prevent those dreaded pinch flats. So we got a Devinci here and we’re
going to do a tire replacement so lets first take the back wheel off. If you’ve got a Sram
clutch rear derailleur or can use cage lock or if you have Shimano rear derailleur you
can turn your clutch off to make it easier to get the back wheel off. 8mm to remove the
axel here. Set that guy off to the side. So lets take all the air pressure out. A lot
of people don’t necessarily take all the air pressure out of this and I find if you remove
it all, and perhaps sit on the tire to get everything out of the tie, it will readily
help you take the bead of the tire off to make it the easiest possible with these thick
DH tires. Alright so…grab us a tire lever. Remove the tube here, this one came off nice
and easy. So lets grab us a brand new tire but before just install the tire I want to
tell you guys about a little trick we have here to help out with pinch flats. And so
today we’re going to mount the Hutchinson Squale tire, it’s a great dry condition tire
that’s rolls quick and it great for our terrain. And something that not a lot of people do
is use baby powder inside tire and what this does is it allows less friction between the
tire and the tube so when you’re riding down the trail and you take a big trail impact
the tube will tend to slide against the rubber and instead of getting the pinch flat that you don’t
want and have to ride down the mountain so apply a little baby powder inside your tire
and you can simply spin the tire. And that going to distribute the baby powder all inside
the casing of the tire. That should do it and you’ll see a nice even coat of baby powder
inside the tire. Check for your tire rotation. Slide the one side of the tire on first. We’ll
grab our tube. I like to start with the valve core first and pull the tire over. This is where you want to take a little bit of time and you want to completely stuff the tube inside the tire. You want to make sure you don’t get the tire stuck, or the tube stuck in between the tire an the rim because that can also cause a pinch flat. Simply work your way around when you get here you know make sure that tube is all the way over the rim. After installing it you can pull the tire back and make sure you see the rim strip and there is not tube exposed. Grab our compressor. Air it up to your desired pressure. Let’s get this guy back on the bike. Nice and easy. Install our axel. That was easy. You want to get this nice and tight and make sure the back wheel doesn’t have any problems. Take off you clutch.
And you’re ready to go with a brand new fresh tire, baby powder so you don’t get a pinch
flat at the right pressure, tight axle, and you’re ready to take another ride down the
mountain. Thanks for joining us again here at the Gravity Garage if you have any future topics you’d like for us to discuss, please comment below and subscribe above for future

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  1. you make this look way too easy. I have to fight my tires for at least 20min before the bead will go over the edge nicely

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