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Gta Casino Lucky Wheel Glitch (unlimited spins)

Gta Casino Lucky Wheel Glitch (unlimited spins)

what’s going on guys welcome to the
channel this is bipolar gamers if you’re new to the channel hit like button hit subscribe to the channel for more videos like this here
and it hope it really will get all to help more people and it helps my channel
grow because I have been working hard and trying to find glitch videos and
stuff like this today I’m gonna have for you GTA Casino glitch I found a way to
make the lucky will unlimited spins now keep in mind this glitch its gonna
have some disclaimers one of the disclaimer is being being this maybe
Unwin but it’s been but would see what the game saved you’re gonna have to wait
for the women but the poor thought is you can keep spinning less here and you
can pretty much almost pick what’s forward you want to keep and today I’m
gonna be going for the car and from what I understand them the podium vehicles
what do people have trouble getting up where there’s some wouldn’t span through
day and it takes them forever to get it and there is only one in 20 out on that
so the odds are definitely staffing us he remade and this glitch right here
it’s not a Astra gonna be improving like your chances of winning the vehicle but
the first step obviously is you want to make your way until the diamond casino
in Missouri and once you get him here gonna want to listen closely and follow
this and that step because this is 100% absolutely important because if you
screw this up you will have to wait until the next day the spin again and
the glitch will not wait for you today the first thing you guys want to deals
this will be your choice how your setup is but you want to have a quick way to
unplug your internet turn off your Wi-Fi modem close the game application or if
you go to your settings you can go to network and you’ll have this option that
says connect to the internet and if you press that’s for whatever it is on that
spot it will disconnect from the internet real quick and I recommend
getting this set up so we can double tap the home button so it’s right there for
you the way I’m doing us I’m just gonna be
unplugged my internet because I’m three feet away from my PlayStation and but what works the
best for you and that’s thing you want to do is make your way over towards the
Lucky wheel and before you spin it you want to look up you’ll see this blue
arrow right here and this blue arrow when you
spend this pay attention to that because whatever you win always gonna
fall below this blue arrow and if it’s not what you want to win you just
simply just disconnect your internet and then it will actually load you back into
story mode you can reconnect your internet then come back in here and spin
again and I’ll prove you guys this does work now I’m gonna keep doing this until
I’ll get the vehicle so let’s go ahead and spend this lucky wheel and have your
internet ready to disconnect be sure to do this or this glitch will not work for
you I’m gonna spin this here and we’re gonna see if I get the car today it
looks like I’m gonna get $20,000 I’m gonna disconnect my internet go ahead
and get back in a story mode I’m not happy with that and this part here it
may take a little bit long for you guys because I’m just gonna prove you guys
that this is on the same day and this glitch does work so I cannot cut the
clip out or anything around here so I’m just gonna speed it up until I get back
into you GTA online once you make it back into online
you want to go to the Diamond Resort casino again for some reason I didn’t
spawn there but I’m gonna go ahead and drive up over there real quick okay I’ve made my way back to the casino
we just want to go inside and to keep this from happening just to you just
set you last spawn location the last location the way you spawn right back
here all right I’m go ahead and walk into the casino now once you make your
way back into the casino you just want to walk back over here to the lucky
wheel and I’m gonna show you guys that you do have another spin that you can do
here okay I’ve made it back to the Lucky wheell and as you guys can see I have another spin on Lucky wheel here so this glitch does in fact work it
gives you unlimited spins or until you are happy with the award you’re wanting I’m
just gonna be trying to go for the podium vehicle because I’ve always
wanted to win let’s give this thing a spin here let’s see if we won the car
got my internet ready to disconnect just in case I don’t win that was close
there but go ahead and unplug my internet but as everyone can see
that’s the second time I have down this does 100% work okay guys I’ve made it
back into the casino here we’re gonna give this wheel another spin here and see if we can win the vehicle this time keep in mind this is a one in twenty odd of winning I
never did claim that you’re 100% be able to get this vehicle you’re just 100%
guaranteed to have unlimited spins or Until you decide to accept the award that
you have and let the game save but let’s hop up here and spin this wheel let’s
get her spinning here hope I’m Actually able to win this time I’m gonna spend it
fast this time see if that helps me Win I’m not for sure I’ve been doing this
for a little bit hopefully I’ll get to win this time
come on come on come on on on rp oh no actually a car Let’s go ahead and get this here
stuck into the ground real quick and then we’ll talk about the rest of it as
you can see I have won the podium Vehicle I’m pretty excited and I’m
happy about that because I’ve been trying to win this vehicle for a
really long time now I actually managed to do it with the
help of its glitch right here hopefully you guys are able to get this car I hope
you guys found this video helpful if you did hit that like button and subscribe to the channel comment below if you guys won this car if you think this glitch was
helpful and I’ll see you guys in the next video

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