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GTN Bloopers | The Best Outtakes & Fails From 2019

GTN Bloopers | The Best Outtakes & Fails From 2019

– If like many, you’ve
taken a little break from your triathlon training
over the Christmas period. (cricket noises) You. – That’s me. – Oh. – Sorry, I think that’s me done. Ah! (mumbling)
(fast beat piano) – The specific, (mumbles). Knew it was going to happen! – Ah, come on you got to, oh. (laughing) – The C and the F, don’t work. – How is it again? – Specificity. Specificity. So from the specificity of certain, oh hello. – And it could actually even exasperate these issues of the sinking legs. – Exacerbate. – Exasperate, exacerbate. I managed two words. Exasperate. – Exaggerated, exacerbate. – Right, this is no
normal game of monopoly. I have… What have I done? – You’re starting. – (bleep) me, am I starting?
– I think so. – Why am I thinking that. I am. Of course I am. – Nice one.
– Is that okay? – That’s good.
– That’s good. – Is that good? Did you just get that? – [Woman] That was perfect. – Did you get that? – For now (bleep) What’s wrong with me doing the first line? – Hey Fraser . (laughing) – You’re looking too confused early on, I mean just like. (laughing) – [Camera Man] Just shout
when you need a hand mate. (bleep) – You filming? – Now this one, it’s been quite some time
since I read Harry Potter books but I’ll give this a try. – It is wingdardiom levusia. – Leviosa. – Well with off-road running. (mumbles) (upbeat music)
(laughing) – Ah! – [Camera Man] Take a run at it. – That’s exactly what I was
going to do and clatter my knees. (laughing) – It’s like you were saying Fraser. (laughing) – What was I saying. – [Camera Man] That was
so (beep) “Oliver Twist” So you were saying (mumbles), continue on. – Now Ben is arguably the most versatile male athlete racing triathlon right now You didn’t hear that Ben – Prove our prospective points. – [Camera Man] Prospective? Respective? – Oh god, I’ve been saying
prospective all along Oh yeah, it is respective. I think I’ve been saying
prospective for all of it. – Well with off-road
(laughs) Okay I’ve (mumbles). The tarmac of the road. (laughs) Where do you want me to go though? (laughs) My god I’m also going to get rid of that cause it’s (beep) me off. – If you’re
(dog yipping) If you’re
(dog yipping) – This is their famous
innotivive, innotivive. (clucks) Their cloud technolotgy.
Technolotgy, Fraser. Their cloud technology,
innotivive aww Fraser. What it is that makes on I know. (baby talk) – Perhaps you’re not that
familiar with what makes yourn (mumbles) – Straight over us.
(mumbles) – He’s filming you. He’s been filming you doing
all your specificities. – She’s been sitting there
having a fag and a McDonalds. Whilsts the dog is
taking itself for a walk. (both laughing) I think she has. – We can find that here. It wasn’t moving (both laughing) Quite a bit further than the 25 or 50 meters of our swimming pool length. – With your hand (distorted audio) – Yeah so this sort of overreaching. (camera man laughing) – Takes in all sorts and
then finishing with a… Oh hi there you all right? – I think you need.
– Oh, okay, all right (beep) hell. – [Camera Man] Right okay. – Okay. – [Camera Man] Cool, nice. I’ve never had that. – Well that’s quite a considerable
drop off than Matt has but obviously we are all very.
– Sorry I was. – It was has or (car honk) Did he do that on purpose. – Yes he’s (beep)
himself of course he did. (quizzical music) – Do I have any interaction or am I supposed to look heather or… – I did say running – Should I or should I? Okay all right. – Just try and set them up
almost identically from using eye (laughs) By using vision
– Eyeballs – A spoon full of sugar, but I like where he goes.
– I don’t know. (mumbles) (laughs) It stumped me. – Hah it’s even better
than a Bristol accent. – Using my special power. – Put my tongue Which is a innotivive,
innotivive (beep) sake. Innovative. – You need all the energy can get you can not go swimming, really? – Significant gap by 16k he had (beep) Hello I wasn’t talking
about you being a knob. – Now this doesn’t need to be anything fancy or online
(car honk) (beep) off. (happy music) – Tip six, that’s not six, that’s five (laughing) (mumbling) – Which is innotivive, I’m
going to get it, innovative. An innotivive, technology
right there in their soles and – [Camera Man] You didn’t get it. I didn’t get it did I.
– No I massacred it once more.
(murmurs) Fraser innovative. – Hand on, hang on I’m on a roll here. – It’s not a difficult word
it’s those three syllables. Innovative, that’s four isn’t it. – Come on now, come on now get in the car. – Innotive technology which sits in their, didn’t get it did I. – [Camera Man] No. – What did I say innotive – [Camera Man] You said ititive. (giggling) Oh dear. – But if you actually want to
see Fraser diving for yourself well there’s a video on
how to dive right here. – And if you want to see
a rather better video that heather did about all problems to do with women then
that is here. Did I just? (both laughing)

40 comments on “GTN Bloopers | The Best Outtakes & Fails From 2019

  1. Mark laughing at Fraiser trying to climb that wall, typical friend behaviour, would rather spend all day laughing at him struggling then consider helping 😁

  2. In these festive times, Fraser is the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks for a fantastically hilarious and entertaining year to all the GTN crew!!

  3. Seeing that Monopoly bit again made me wish for a 2nd time that a miniature Fraser Monopoly piece be made. Either a metallic one or a 3D printout would be fine. 😂😂😂

  4. Thanks for being human and not perfect and for the laughs , especially during the holidays and having a son missing , its was nice to laugh today , I needed that, you all are so much better than some guy in Canada , this video shows why .

  5. Heather's laugh at the end of the video! Ridiculously contagious!!! Happy New Year to everyone at GTN. Hope 2020 is your best year yet!!!

  6. I simply couldn't breath for 7:51 minutes! I cannot imagine how painful but also hilarious moments you had this year!😁 Great job guys! Thank you for you videos! Keep it up! 👌👍

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