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GTN Vs Ironman Lanzarote | Can We Break The Course Record?

GTN Vs Ironman Lanzarote | Can We Break The Course Record?

(serene music) – I haven’t done a swim session, per say, for a couple of months,
and the last time I vaguely did anything like swimming
was over a month ago. (serene music) – Yeah, that really nice
bike that I’ve been given, I’ve never ridden it before. (serene music) – I don’t think I’ve ever
actually run a marathon. (rhythmic music) – Whose idea was this?
– Mark came up with this– – Yeah, but– – Why would you come up with something so ridiculous?
– Hang on. – It’s such a tough thing for you to train.
– Why did you think for a moment that you–
– There’s three of us for a team relay. (group chattering) (serene music) – To welcome Fraser to the
team, one of us decided that we’d fly out to Lanzarote
to partake in a challenge. Between the three of us, we
will attempt to break a record, the Ironman Lanzarote course
record, to be precise. (upbeat music) – Come on, Heather. (inspiring music) I’m just gonna walk for a second. (inspiring music) – That’s right, between the three of us, we are going to be attempting
the Ironman Lanzarote race course as a team relay in attempt to break, or at least see how
close we can realistically come to breaking the course record. – Yeah, well, before we head
south down across the island to Puerto del Carmen for
the start of the race, it’s probably time we
looked at some details for Ironman Lanzarote. It has been going for 26
years, and it’s often referred to as the hardest race in the calendar. Perfect. – Yeah, and it takes
place in May each year, but we’re doing it under
our own accord here in November on exactly the same course. Now, that course has changed
a little bit over the years, but we’re going to be
doing it on the course that that male pro record was broken
on in 2011 by Timo Brecht in a time of eight hours,
30 minutes, and 34 seconds. Now, I’ll be honest, I’m
keen for us to try and beat that record, but let’s just
say, maybe more realistically, we’re just gonna try and
get as close as we can. (serene music) – [Heather] So, here is how
the course looks for all of us. I will be taking on the swim, needing to break a time
of 47 minutes, 52 seconds. I’ll be starting in the swim from this beach in Puerto del Carmen. It’s a 3.8 kilometre sea
swim, and it’s fairly choppy. It’s an out and back
with an Australian exit where I’ll run around Fraser, back into the water to
complete another loop. I will then exit the swim
here, and run up to where the usual transition area is
for the event where Fraser will be waiting on his
bike ready to get tagged. – [Fraser] And, for me, it’s the bike, and the time I’m aiming to hit is four hours, 49 and 53 seconds. The Lanzarote bike coursee
is almost an entire loop of the island, including
hills and some of my favourite parts, the El
Golfo region, all the way up through Fire Mountain, down
the backside of Tabayesco, up to Mirador del Rio,
before looping back, and, eventually, after
a few hours of riding, back into Puerto del
Carmen where I started, and where I’m gonna hand over to Mark. – [Mark] And, finally,
we have myself on the run looking for a time of two hours,
47 minutes, and 20 seconds. This is a 42.2 kilometre
run, and I work my way up along the coastal path, past
the airport before making a U-turn, and work my way
back down before completing a couple of shorter loops to finish. The course is simple, relatively flat, but I will have to deal
with a few pedestrians as this is a fairly
popular tourist walkway. (dramatic music) – [Fraser] Oh, I’m nervous. This challenge makes
me nervous quite a lot because I’ve spent an awful lot of time training on the island of
Lanzarote, and I’ve never done the Ironman distance in
Lanzarote for a reason. (dramatic music) – [Heather] I feel like I have
got the lucky end because, even if I’m really unfit, I
know I can float for 3.8K. I’m gonna be wearing a
wet suit but, as a team, I think we’re pretty ambitious. (inspiring music) – I’ve kind of erased it
from my mind for a while knowing that I’ve never run a marathon, and I’ve got to run 42.2 kilometres. Collectively, as a team, I
think we’re all pretty nervous. (inspiring music) You reckon Heather is gonna be
all right out there tomorrow? – Well, she swimming pretty
well at the moment, Mark. – It’s very rough. (waves crashing) (laughing) (ethereal music) Safe to say the jokes quickly subsided. The next morning had arrived,
and we prepared for our fate. Good question, where is Heather? Anyone see Heather? – [Fraser] What’s the time? – 10 past six. We’ll leave in 15, 20 minutes. – [Fraser] There we go. (laughing) You’re not excited?
– Good morning. – You’re not excited? – Why are you still here? (laughing) Suffice to say that I’m not awake yet. – [Mark] So, all of us, full of energy, got ourselves to the start line. (inspiring music) (upbeat music) The conditions were perfect, and after some trouble
trying to line ourselves up with the start line– Yeah, it’s all right, yeah. Yeah, yeah, we’re gonna
come in line with you. Three, two, one. We were off. (rhythmic music) Some expert navigation going on here. (rhythmic music) That way. So, Heather’s done the
turnaround on lap one. She’s heading back towards shore. I think we’re fairly accurate on distance. It’s quite hard to say so,
if we do get ever so slightly wrong, she’ll just swim a
little bit extra at the end. Conditions are the same
so nothing really changes on the swim just as long as
we got the right distance, but she seems to be going really well. (upbeat electronic music) – I was jammed. That was quite hard work,
and there’s something like by coming back on the land
and seeing Fraser was cool, and I could have quite
happily stopped then, to then go back out and
do it all over again, I just started to feel a bit tired. I could definitely tell
my lack of fitness then. Yeah, my arms are tired. (rhythmic music) – Yeah, just like, maybe
to the building I reckon. We are on 37 minutes. I think actually we were
a bit concerned, maybe, we had overdone it on the
first lap, but she was maybe a 100 metres further, so
not as bad as we thought, just cutting the second
lap a little bit shorter, but, yeah, looking good actually. (rhythmic music) (energetic music) – It’s windy already. Definitely picked up since this morning when Heather started, but
his lines are ready, huh? It’s supposed to be windy. (energetic music) Tell you what, these wheels, woo! (energetic music) (serene music) – Yeah, now I’ve just left Fraser and Mark with a lot of work to do so. I mean, Fraser has just retired as a pro so he’s surely the one that’s, you know, makes sense for him to have
the biggest chunk of it. He’s gotta go more than 30 minutes quicker than the record holder did, and the conditions seems nice here. There’s a bit of a breeze picking up but, hopefully, it’s gonna
be a tailwind for him, and then always worry
about the wind drops. You know, we need everything
on our side I think ’cause I haven’t really given
the guys the best chance, so, yeah, my bad. – With the race as it is,
Fraser needs to complete the ride in four hours and 36 minutes. So, Heather and I thought
we’d track him down, and show him a little bit of support. Just tracking Fraser. He is going to be Timofar at the moment. – [Google Navigator] In 500
metres, turn right onto Camino– – That’s our Google
directions telling us where to go to catch him up. Probably just a couple of kilometres.
– [Heather] Is that him up there? No, but he is very close. He’s at the top of this hill. He’s taking a left, so we will be with him in the next minute or so. He’s doing really well,
and we’ve been trying to chase him down for a while now. Yes, I have been trying to ride with him but, at this rate, I’m
gonna struggle to catch him and have enough time
for me to ride with him before I have to do my run. (rhythmic music) We spied Fraser. He’s got some speed, 60K an hour. (rhythmic music) How you doing? You all right? – My word, it’s windy. – We’ve just passed Fraser so the plan is for me to join him. Let’s just get everything out quickly. I’m gonna get changed. We do have a slight issue
though on the kit front because Fraser was very well prepared, and forgot his bike jersey,
so he has got my bike jersey. That leaves me with either
Heather’s bike jersey which will obviously be
quite small, some Speedos. – I’ll reckon you’ll fit in mine. – Probably not a good choice, or a tri suit, so I’m gonna
possibly wear the tri suit. (energetic music) ♪ As I give this a try ♪ ♪ I’m not trying to change your mind ♪ ♪ I’m just hoping you stay alive ♪ ♪ I can change this ♪ ♪ I can change this fate ♪ Proper (bleep) – We’re desperately trying
to catch Mark and Fraser. So, we dropped Mark off, hence why he’s not in the car anymore, and he is helping Fraser for a little bit, but we’ve got to try and catch them, obviously to get some clips
of them actually riding their bikes, but then
we’ve gotta pick Mark up again to take him to
the start of the marathon. Well, I am slightly concerned. We’ve been kind of chasing
Mark for a little while, and I think he’s just
loving riding his bike. – [Mark] Well, yeah, I was, after climbing almost 700 metres, it was time
to descend down Tabayesco. (energetic rock music) (ethereal music) – [Fraser] Mark rode with
me for about 50 kilometres, and by the time he dropped off, I was feeling pretty exhausted. It all of a sudden felt pretty lonely, and it made me realise just how hard the Ironman Lanzarote course must be. I really had to dig deep
to get to finish line. (dramatic music) – Apprehensive. Yeah, we just peeled off
and left Fraser to it. He’s finishing the last,
I’d say, about 60K, so I’ve just got changed,
and grabbed a few snacks, gonna make our way over there, but, yeah, I think while
we’ve just been busy, I’ve been cheering
everyone on, and obviously try to help Fraser a
little bit on the bike, haven’t really thought
too much about the run, so I haven’t really eaten well today, so I don’t feel massively prepped, but what’s really getting
me going is this excitement, and everyone’s pushing themselves, so I’m sure I’ll be absolutely fine, just not the usual preparation. (laughing) – [Fraser] As Mark prepped, I suffered. I’d been to fairly dark
place in this ride, but the closer I got to finish, and the more I could feel
my legs picking up the pace, and knowing I didn’t have to run after, certainly helped drive me forwards, and then the road started to open. I found a reason to love
riding the bike again. This was it, the last stretch,
and a beautiful descent back into Puerto del Carmen. I could feel the end,
so I gave it everything. (upbeat music) – So, literally, we just arrived. Just have a little stretch. Oh, cool, that’s Fraser there. Here he comes. Look at that timing. – [Fraser] Good stuff, mate. – [Mark] Well done. So, this was it, me off to
complete my first-ever marathon. We really had only just arrived, and I wasn’t feeling
particularly well prepped. I had a 29-minute deficit to pick up, so I would really have to
pull something quite special out of the bag to succeed
at this challenge. (ethereal music) Everyone’s worried I’ll
go too hard, too quick. Yeah, I think they’re
probably right. (laughing) (upbeat music) It maybe wasn’t hard to guess
at the beginning of my run that we had lost the record. However, a little oversight on our part, we didn’t have any aid stations. It wasn’t until mile 13
that I got any fluid, but I was already in trouble
and suffering with dehydration. True to form, the guys
stays with me the whole way, but as the rain began to fall,
I had a decision to make, either stop because the record had gone, or complete the challenge
for the sake of the others. – I think it has dawned
on all of us though is we realise that the record is
well and truly gone, sadly. That is not in sight today,
so now it’s just a matter of trying to get Mark home. He’s already walked a little
bit at the halfway point, so walking is happening, and I think it’s just,
when he gets to that point, we did have a bit of chat
of once we actually get to eight hours, 30, and the
record’s definitely gone, that could be a mental
point for Mark to maybe say, okay, I really don’t know what
he’ll choose, and we have got to work tomorrow, so he
might be thinking of that ’cause he does take his job
at GTN very seriously as well, so it just depends on
how it’s weighing up, and quite how clear his
mind is when he’s like in the state that he’s in right now. (inspiring music) – [Mark] After three hours and
30 minutes, I did eventually manage to drag myself across
the finish line in the dark. – [Fraser] Woo, buddy. – [Heather] Well done. We had all known for a
while that the record wasn’t actually going to be broken, but as we stood there congratulating Mark, just suddenly it didn’t seem to matter. – The record was gone, but it
was more just for ourselves, see what we could do, but that whole team element,
it just kept me going. I do wonder whether, if
this was my own race, and I was running on my own,
I probably would have stopped ’cause I felt horrific, but the fact that I knew
that the other two had worked so hard prior to that
point, I just had to finish. (inspiring music) ♪ So it went ♪ ♪ So colouring ♪ ♪ And knocked me off my feet ♪ ♪ The voice of ♪ ♪ This spark in your eyes ♪ – Well, guys, that was
definitely an epic day yesterday. – Yes, some more than others, maybe. – Yeah, it was long for us out there. – Well, we all are still
standing I’m glad to say, and we had time to reflect a
little, and add up the numbers. Now, my swim, including
transition, came in at just over an hour,
one hour and 59 seconds. – That’s right, and my
bike time was 5:05:52. – And although my run
did start off very well, I’m very sorry guys. I end up with a three hours, 31:16. – You gave it a good go
though. You really did. – That gave us an overall
time of nine hours, 38, and seven seconds, so a
fair chunk off Timo’s time. – That’s fair to say.
– But where would that put us in the race? – Well, that would actually
put us as eleventh male pro overall, and actually, we did still beat Natasha Bradman’s time, who won the female pro race on that day. (laughing) – Well, thanks guys for
helping with that one ’cause I definitely
didn’t start us off right, but, I mean, yes, we
didn’t manage to succeed in the challenge, but we did complete it, and I think Fraser, you definitely feel like you’re part of the team after that. – Yeah, absolutely, I definitely
feel like I’m in the gang. – Yeah, well, what’s up for
the next challenge then? – Watch this space.
– I don’t know. (laughing) – Well, if you like this video, do hit that thumbs up button. If you’d like to see more from GTN, click on the globe and subscribe.

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