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Previously on our day 4 on the Hà Giang Motorbike Loop We departed from Meo Vac a bit late because it was rainy and foggy. But we were lucky that during the trip we didn’t find any rain. The road wasn’t easy. Some parts were narrow, and we found so many parts under construction being asphalted. We didn’t stop at all until we arrived at our destination Bao Lac. Our fifth day of the Hà Giang Loop started with a fresh coffee and a farewell. We had to say goodbye to our friends Adi and Jin. They had other plans and they had to go back to Hà Giang city to continue their travels. It’s nice to meet other travelers and we felt very lucky to become friends with Adi and Jin. We are still in touch with them and we hope we can meet them somewhere else sometime. But from then it was just us on the road. Pretty scary since we didn’t have our motorbike experience friends with us anymore. The day I started a bit cold and got even colder. The layers we were wearing were not doing much. So we had to get some warm food on the first village we found on the way. But the ride became more difficult when we found ourselves in the middle of the fog. We were getting very cold. The wind and the humidity got us shaking for the last few kms, and when it couldn’t get any worse we found out we were running out of fuel Luckily we found a gas station before we panicked, and just three kilometers after that. We arrived at our destination. So, where are we? So, where are we? Hyekyong? We ‘re in the middle of nowhere! It was super freezing when we came, Oh, I almost died and There were moments that we were totally inside this fog, yes. That place had some strange atmosphere, it felt like a ghost town. But at least, we could see some farmers selling their produce. To be fair not everything there was gloomy, we got to see something very special. Do you see this wall? They are… small butterflies. On our next episode We continue our trip escaping the fog We’re in a desperate situation, so it’s best! And we finally arrive at our most expected stop on the loop: The Ba Be Lake National Park. Yeeaaah! It’s freezing! Bullsh**! Thanks for watching this video If you liked this video click like leave a comment and support us by subscribing to our channel Visit and follow our Facebook page and Instagram and read our stories and travel articles on our blog


  1. As you see, not everything was flowers and sun! We got pretty hard moments on the road! Please, if you like this video, click like, leave a comment and subscribe to our channel! And it really helps if you share it with your friends!

  2. Hey guys loving your vlogs! Looks like you are both on the adventure of a lifetime… lol wasn't trying to make a pun with your channel name, I swear! Vietnam by motorcycle looks like so much fun and you get to see so much more that way. We have newly subbed to you and can't wait to check out your other videos too. If you have a minute check out our food and travel channel too 🙂

  3. Your travels must require loads of planning! Checking the weather for monsoons, fog and temperature changes, as well as mapping the route and doing recog to see where gas stations are…

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