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Half-Ironman Austin 70.3 2017 Day 5: Race Day

Half-Ironman Austin 70.3 2017 Day 5: Race Day

(upbeat instrumental music) – Morning, trainiacs. Race day. (upbeat instrumental music) Four Sigmatic Mushroom Cordyceps Coffee. Tylenol to get ahead of the heel pain. Osmo Nutrition Hyper Hydrator. (upbeat instrumental music) Light toast and peanut butter. (upbeat instrumental music) Still hurts, should be okay, should. 15 minutes until. (upbeat instrumental music) Hand me over to a pro. They can’t see that. – I was going to say, I don’t think you can see anything on this. (upbeat instrumental music) (applause) – It’s going about as good as it can. (upbeat instrumental music) – Taren Gesell from Winnipeg. Good job, Taren. (dramatic instrumental music) (upbeat instrumental music) – Oh, did I make them work for that. I saw three groups of people come and go. – Really? – Oh yeah. Oh I was a special project, big time. Plus I got this lovely, hang on. Not only do I look like a burrito, but I also got this cool. – So sexy. – Nobody else walking out with this. (upbeat instrumental music) At about two miles left,
I was like full on, I’m going to go as hard as I can because I need the med tech really soon, and then when I ran in,
it was like pitch black. – Oh really? – Yeah, so I missed worse than I thought. This is going to be really bad. (upbeat instrumental music) Well trainiacs, I’m funny and pretty, I don’t smell good. So that race went okay. Fifth out of 172 athletes in
the 35 to 39 age category. Not a PB, not even close. 4:57:12, I want to say. My PB in a half IRONMAN on, granted it’s on a short course, I think is a 4:46:46, but you know what? I think that given that
course on that day, this race was probably
better executed than that PB. Swim, nailed it. 31 minutes out of the water. Had a slow transition, so that’s going to drive up the time. I know I was talking about a 4:40 is what I think my body has in me, but that’s what I was saying
is like my perfect race, so slow transition
because I put on booties, I put on jacket, I put on gloves, and then the bike, holy geez. The bike, they said, on the course map, that it
was 1,500 feet of elevation. I was talking to the dude after the race and said 20 kilometers
before the finish line, he was already at 2,400 feet of elevation, and then we had some massive hills there, so I went 2:43. I was shooting for about a 2:30. Best Bike Split said that I
was going to do about a 2:30, but I was not counting on those hills, and the wind, because there’s
so many stinking turns, it, A, slows you down
every time you’ve got to go through a turn. B, the wind is just constantly swirling. There is no consistent wind, so you can’t really get in
a groove and hold power. It’s just all over the freaking map, but it was weird because I’m looking down, my heart rate is good, my power numbers were probably well higher
than they should have been, like instead of holding 206, I was going in between 170 and
260 at times with the hills. The time was just slower. Oh, and I gotta work on race tactics. I don’t know if it’s that
I’m not aggressive enough on the bike, but there were
some real assholes out there. I was not a fan of them. Somebody that was
ticking me off throughout the entire bike ride, actually
in the last 10 kilometers of the bike ride, went in front of me, cut me off, was eating a banana, didn’t throw it off to the side, threw it back in front of me, and that’s kind of how he,
and a group of about three other dudes, acted towards me, and I think everyone else
throughout the entire bike ride. Not cool. And then the run, it was
three laps of about 7K, first lap, 4:28 per kilometer,
boom, bang on, felt good. Second lap, 4:32 per
kilometer, boom, okay, we’re right on pace and
everything’s feeling good, and then in the last lap,
started getting tunnel vision, and I could feel that my
blood pressure was dropping because my heat couldn’t, my heat, like my temperature
couldn’t regulate itself, my pace was dropping from 4:44 to 4:46, and I was literally thinking, I just have to finish
and get tot he med tech. I finished that last 7K at
five minutes per kilometer and did it in, what was it? A 1:36 half marathon. And in that last lap,
and basically throughout the entire run, what was in my mind is something that actually Mark Allen, six time world champion, said to us when we had him on the podcast was, it’s not about having your
best time every single time you step up to the line, it’s about having the best race that you can put forward and your body is capable
of every single time you step up to the line. And on that run, I wanted to walk a lot, really wanted to walk, especially when my blood
pressure was dropping. I thought to myself,
alright, I want to have the best race that I
can get out of my body, and my best race does not include walking. So yeah, there is your
very short race recap. Right now I’m actually going to go the Half IRONMAN World
Championship roll down. Well actually I’m going
to eat a ton of food and wash the pee off of me. If you want to know more about this race and why I’ve got to wash the pee off of me and why I ended up in the
med tent for 90 minutes and why my blood pressure dropped and how I got infuriated in the swim, check out the podcast. While I’m waiting for the Half IRONMAN World Championship spots to hopefully roll down
to fifth place Taren, I’m going to sit and do
a full on race recap, and it will be longer,
but thanks trainiacs. I probably got shouted
out of people saying like go Taren, go Triathlon
Taren, 50 times today, and every time it was cool. It did not lose its
luster one bit, so thanks. You’re the best, trainiacs. You are the best. Let’s cross our fingers for a roll back. You know what, rocking
chairs on a front porch, I get it southerners, it’s nice. – Gareth Spear. Stephen Cunningham. Taren Gesell. – Yeah. – Yup, I heard a yeah. – Oh crap, crap, crap. Yeah. – Congratulations. – How about? – Bart Stevens. – It’s a little windy. – It’s alright. (upbeat instrumental music) – Congratulations. Have you ever been to a world
championship event before? – Uh, recent? – Yes. – No. – Oh, okay, well welcome. – Oh wow, I had no idea about this. I got hardware for fifth place. Baby, that’s a chip. If I can just get through
this limp in time.

100 comments on “Half-Ironman Austin 70.3 2017 Day 5: Race Day

  1. I ran a half marathon once and had to stop for 3 pee's. Like you I never need the loo and usually take good care of my nutrition. We narrowed it down to a resturant meal I ate 2 days before. Crazy but true. Lesson is don't eat out close to race day. Not happened since!

  2. you are amazing!!! WORLDS!!! Get on that PODCAST to find out the good stuff of the race! hahaha well done! and keep up the fantastic, world level good work!!!

  3. The wheelchair finish is the epitome of motivation, and the reason why I continue to watch your channel. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. If you finished 6th or lower in your age group, I was planning on unsubscribing. Well done. It's funny about the rude athletes, Sanders, Lange, those guys are the best and so nice, maybe the attitude slows you down!

  5. Boom! You nailed it. Inspiring to watch. Thanks for the video. I find it hard preparing on my own let alone having to film everything as well.

  6. Congrats Tearen! Great race and hopefully your blood preassure is OK now. Mushrom cordyceps coffee no good for blood pressure 🙂

  7. I wish there was a video like this when I was first getting into Tri last year. Such a great recap of the events. Congratulations! So exciting! I was really surprised to see them help you take your wetsuit off- I live in Korea and almost all races are wetsuit manditory but no help getting out.

  8. wooow Taren CONGRATS, amazing effort and great video as always! 😀 😀 So cool to qualify for the World Championship event! have some ice cream, ice cream is the best 😀 😀

  9. I can't believe that you suffered such deliberate abuse in the swim and bike legs. I've been doing tri for 4 years now and the MAIN reason I do it is because everyone is so nice. I do Challenge Wanaka Half in NZ and the atmosphere there is great. Nothing like what you described ever happens.  Our names are on our race number panels, so as people pass on the bike and run plus spectators all yell out encouragement using your name – its great. Never see any deliberate drafting packs, although the in initial part of the bike is busy so hard to avoid the odd accidental squeeze up of bikes. Perhaps its a Kiwi v American thing or maybe a Challenge Family v Ironman thing.

  10. Proud traniac day. Congrats on the race. Might be an idea to get a kickstarter going for worlds. I'm sure you'd get heaps of support!

  11. Congratulations!  I wish my outlook could be as positive as yours.  I'm hoping to get some of those positive vibes through Ironman training.  One thing though, don't be afraid of (planned) walking during the longer distances.  My Half-Ironman PR of 1:29:40 was done walking for a few seconds (about every mile) through every aide station.

  12. Congrats Taren! Coming from a Brit living in TX, there are a lot of D-bags around here and especially in the triathlon scene. It's sad but one of the hazards of doing tri's around here. The running crowd is a whole lot cooler.

  13. Congratulations, man!!! That's stinkin' amazing! You're an inspiration, bro!
    Hey, thinking about signing up for Ironman 70.3 Whistler, any chance you'd sign up!? I'll buy you pizza if you do!

  14. Congrats. QUESTION: Why don't you race as a Pro? I know your times are not there yet, but do you really think you qualify as an Age Grouper when your primary job is to train as a Triathlete? Do you think that you still represent the average AGer who is really just a weekend warrior? Not to take anything away from your win or accomplishment, but it's hard to see you in the same light as all the others in your race group/competition.

  15. Congrats but I am waiting for Nice in 2019 to qualify ! I am scared of sharks in South Africa especially I am front of pack in my AG 🙂

  16. Congrats on going to worlds. It was awesome when they put me in the aid tent, and I got to meet you, and have some good laughs, and conversation. My club , Tri Force, were cheering you on all day! As I said then, thanks for all the great work you do to help us all keep the passion for this sport ignited within.

  17. This was such a motivating video!  Great work on the video editing and on the race, and huge congrats on qualifying for worlds!

  18. WOOOOHOOO I watched this 4 times! And I totally tracker stalked you in church (I think Jesus is ok with that) you are going to the WORLDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said this about Daniella Ryf and now I say it about you…ROCKSTAR STATUS!!!!

  19. Congrats Taren!! While you were kicking ass in Austin 70.3, I did a piddly 7K race (ok, only my second race)…in which I puked at the 4K marker and struggled across the finish line due to (I now know) low potassium. Bleh. However, not too shabby for a girl that was 320lbs 3 years ago! I can honestly say, despite being an extremely competitive person, my attitude towards having a not-so-great race is purely because of you! Your positivity really does rub off on people 🙂 Despite having a shitty race….I’m still pondering training towards IM Muskoka 70.3 (Ontario) in July next year. I blame you for that 😂 Anyways, congrats again and so excited you made it to Worlds! You deserve it! 💪🏻

  20. Congrats Taren! I love the fact that you don't come from raw talent. You've worked and train your ass off to get to where your at. Super inspiring

  21. First off, congrats! Sick race. I know not a PB but damn, worlds and that time with that elevation?? Well done. Also, you talking about not hitting your best time every race? For some reason it JUST hit me. That’s my goal for next season. Race plans and sticking to them, timing be damned! Congrats again!

  22. Massive achievement mate! Couldn't wait for the video to come out after following you on IM tracker. Congratulations from Amsterdam!

  23. Congratulations on your slot for the 70.3 world championships. I entered my first ever tri sprint event a few weeks ago and I always watch your videos for motivation and inspiration. My goal is to join the half ironman in Langkawi, Malaysia next year and I hope your training program will help me along the way.

  24. I’ve got a tri this weekend and I’m going to keep reminding myself to have the best race I can have on the day. Excellent motivating words 👍

    Well done on your race, Taren. You looked so much more together than I expect I will.

  25. Great job … but very few people at the finish line ? Not nice behaviour on the bike … never experienced this in Europe so far

  26. An inspiring and motivating video.
    I honestly like the snot part hahahaha
    I would’ve smack the guy in the ass

  27. Great job Taren! I just started following you channel after Kona where my wife competed! I'll try to join you in South Africa! 😜

  28. Great job Taren! Now that you're gonna compete at Worlds – I might actually make the trip down from Johannesburg to PE to come and support you boet! Well done again!

  29. Taren! I did my first triathlon in Austin with you. I looked around but couldn't find you.

    First time swimming with a wetsuit and first time in open water. I actually had a great time! I used techniques you talked about and stayed calm. Finished the swim at my target pace.

    The bike course was fun but difficult. First time using aero bars and training on a stationary bike did not prepare me for the wind and hills. I powered through as best as possible but ended with a bike split 15 minutes slower than I estimated. 

    The run was brutal. My legs didn't recover from the bike (2200+ ft elevation gain and wind). My run was 30 minutes slower than I wanted.

    The race was tough. I'm glad I finished and I wanted to thank you for all the great videos and advice. I wouldn't have survived without your help. Keep it up and congratulations on your great time!

  30. Awesome Recap! First time I can actually see a Taren video and say “hey i did the same and was there too”. It was a great weekend. Brutal cold but paid off with a very nice cooler run! It was absolutely awesome meeting you, my kids were like “ is that guy Daddy watches ALL the time on the videos” they were STOKED!
    Congrats on Worlds. Well deserved!

  31. Congratulations for making it to the 70.3 WC! Just get that heel checked to make sure it is not plantar fasciitis – no joking around with that sucker!

  32. Worlds! Way to go Taren. Your videos have been huge for my training, I watch all the skippable ads and will watch more to help fund the Worlds trip for you. I am not saying you should, but you probably should crowdfund a little for this. I would drop some money in a pot to help send you (Mel and NTK too?) to Worlds. I would hope some of the 23k subscribers would put in some $ to have someone to legit get behind at Worlds. I dont ever plan on doing an IM (I'll stick to Oly, Sprints and Try) but I enjoy watching your content and your progress. Let us help you! And again, really great result. Really respect how you powered through all the adversity and still came away with a great result. Own it! Who needs blood pressure anyway?

  33. Congrats! My friends told me they met you, mexican and colombian guys! Hopefully I'll meet you in another race.

  34. Thanks taren for another fantastic video. I went to Austin 70.3 as race support for my big brother, and being able to see also the pictures of the course gave me a better idea of what he went through.

  35. Good recap, it was cool to meet you at the bike racks before the race, enjoy your channel. You have one of our teammates in your video, and funny enough we have a pic of you right behind him on our page. Great job on a challenging course.

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