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Han River Bike Ride (in Korean) – 한강에서 자전거 타기

Hello. Hello. Why are we here in Yeouinaru? We are here to ride bikes. Yes. I really like riding a bike. Me, too. I really really like it. Then shall we go? Let’s go! Where will we have to rent the bikes? When I was here before, I think I rented them at Yeouido station… Kyung-hwa is talking by herself. She’s strange. I see that she’s good at talking by herself. Seokjin is saying that I am weird because I am talking by myself. I want to ride a bike that has a basket. Why? Because it’s pretty. Not because you are going to put food in it? I haven’t brought food. Have you? I haven’t brought food. But since there are a lot of convenience stores, we can buy beer, which Kyung-hwa likes. Come on now, you are setting me up. You can buy soju, squid… No. I really like riding bikes. We are going to rent bikes with baskets. Yay! Yes. We must bring this back to get my ID card back. Now they have my ID card. Okay. Let’s go. Wow! Let’s go. Let’s go. I’ll follow. I’m riding a bike again after a really long time. I’m so happy! Seokjin is going slowly. Yes. In order to go with Kyung-hwa. Very good. I’m matching my speed to yours. Very considerate. Call me Mr. Jin Manners from now on. I’ll watch you a little more (in the future). Just as I thought, since there aren’t many people, it’s very convenient to ride bikes. It’s really good. The weather is nice, too. For real though, it’s been a really long time since I’ve been to the Han River, and especially since I’ve ridden a bike by the Han River. When did you say was the last time you rode a bike? I guess maybe the last time I rode a bike by the Han River was when I was a university student. When you were a university student. Yes. Then about 20 years ago? What?! I used to ride a bike a lot in my neighborhood, both when I was little and after I grew up. In your neighborhood? Yes, I would start riding my bike in the neighborhood and then go far. Usually among guys, we would bring chicken and beer to the Han River and eat it here. Girls are the same. They are the same? There are some girls who bring pretty lunch boxes, and there some who bring simple foods, but as we age, I think more and more friends of mine know how to pack their own lunch box, whereas when we were younger, we would always buy food. That’s right. I assume many of them brought kimbap. No, unlike you expected, they didn’t bring kimbap, but sandwiches, or things like cheese, fruits like tomatoes, or something like that. Sounds like the lunch box would be pretty. Yes, that’s right. Because girls also take a lot of pictures. Very nice. I am so excited. Oh my gosh. I need to buy a bike. My previous one got too old, so I threw it away. When I was little, I was jealous of friends who could ride with both hands off the handle bars. Like this? Oh no. I wanted to do it like them, and I could let go with one hand, but I could never do two hands. You have to balance well. Balance…oh, well, this is difficult. This bike seems difficult to balance. My friends who could ride a bike with two hands off would brag a lot to me. Back then, when I was little, (kids) used to brag about even the smallest things. Right now, Seokjin and Kyung-hwa went really far away while concentrating on talking. I think they must be absorbed in talking without even noticing that I’ve escaped in the middle of the ride. The scenery is here so good. The weather is not good today, but the scenery that I can see here is good, so I’ve stopped for a moment. Aren’t you hungry? Yes, how did you know? How did she know? Everyone, I don’t know what time it is when you are watching this now, but we are hungry. I guess it’s about one o’clock now? Now? Yeah. It’s two o’clock. It’s two o’clock? Already? It was 1:30 when we rented the bikes. That explains why we were hungry. We normally eat at one o’clock. That’s right. The lunch time in the office at our company is usually from one o’clock but now it’s past two, so we will go back to eat because we are hungry. That place is Bamseom Island. Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. The one from the movie… It’s the island in the movie “Castaway On the Moon”, but in fact, there is no path to go there. You have to go there by boat. You can only go there by boat. Or you can jump from over there. In that movie, Mr. Kim jumped from there and ended up going to Bamseom Island. (Accoring to the map) that is Seogang Bridge and this is Mapo Bridge. Oh, I see. But Mapo Gu is actually over there. Exactly. Interesting. Mapo Bridge, and then? Over there? Over there? This side. Over there, next to Seogang Bridge is Yang-hwa Bridge. Yang-hwa. And then Seongsan. That’s right. And next. After Seongsan is Gayang Bridge. Gayang. How about this side? On this side, the one you see here now is Mapo Bridge. Mapo Bridge. The next one is Wonhyo Bridge. The next one is Hangang Bridge. The next one is Dongjak Bridge. Dongjak Bridge, and the next is Banpo Bridge. Yes, that’s right. If you know that much, I guess you can say that you know almost all about the majority of bridges in Seoul. I would know better if I drove (that’s right). As for me, the bridge that I always pass when I go to work in the morning is Dongjak Bridge, so I said before anything else that Dongjak Bridge is over here. Shall we go return the bikes? Yes, let’s go. We have returned. We are here. We have arrived. On our way to get his ID card back… That’s it? Yes. Thank you. Yes, finished! Goodbye bikes. Bike riding was fun today. And everyone, we talked about a bunch of things today, and I hope that you heard some interesting stories. I didn’t get to hear what they were talking about because I was riding separately, so I think I will have to watch the video to find out. It was so much fun, right, everybody? As long as you didn’t talk about me, it’s fine for me. Did we…? We’ll see you again in the next place.

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