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Hand Cyclist Erik Williams at the 150-Mile Finish Line

Hand Cyclist Erik Williams at the 150-Mile Finish Line

(people clapping and cheering)(cheering increases)(“Erik!…Erik!..Erik!…Erik!”… more clapping…)ERIK: Let me catch my breath first.(laughter)ERIK: First of all, I’d just like to say, thank you all for coming out. This is a very humbling and honoring experience right now. It was an awesome ride, really intense, lots of hills, up and down. I’d just like to thank CSUN and the Center on Disabilities for giving me this opportunity today, to be here and to be able to put something I’ve worked a lot of years training for which is Project Love, to go across country 3,000 miles. And I’m just really honored to be here right now. I’m in awe because of where my life was and where my life is today. To be here in this moment is truly special. And I just want to thank all of you. So thank you! And thank CSUN!(cheering… applause… “Erik!…Erik!..Erik!…Erik!”)That’s to keep his hands from blistering when he pedals, right?… Congratulations.Do you wanna give a shout-out to CSUN. I’m the CSUN Webmaster. We’re gonna put you on YouTube.ERIK: CSUN! What’s up! From the CTVA department at CSUN. We definitely did 150 miles to San Diego. But just want to give a shout-out. CSUN is a diamond in the rough. We’re right there. Forget UCLA, USC. It’s all about CSUN!(cheering)

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