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Benefits of cycling

Handlebar Bicycle Co-Op at Dickinson College

(uplifting music) – Bike culture on campus is pretty great. (wheel clicking) – So this is my bike,
we’re at The Handlebar. (uplifting music) The Handlebar is the
volunteer run bike co-op. I’m fixing the back derailleur. It’s currently rubbing. So I’m just getting it so it’s good to go. – They will volunteer a few
hours of their time per week to help Dickinson students, faculty, alumni who have problems with their bikes and
they will help teach them how to fix them themselves
so that when they leave they have not just a fixed bike, but the knowledge of how to
fix it themselves next time. – It’s not just about fixing bikes, it’s about teaching people to fix bikes. – I just love that in
the age of technology and everything being
online, there’s this space on campus where you just get to express your mechanical skills. – It give people a lot
more access to a job that’s further away. Getting to class quicker
to getting everywhere more economically, more
environmentally friendly way. (wheel clicking) (uplifting music)

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