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Hannah Barnes’ Canyon Aeroad CF SLX Disc Training Bike

Hannah Barnes’ Canyon Aeroad CF SLX Disc Training Bike

(upbeat music) – I’m here with the Canyon Aeroad CF SLX Disc Model of Hannah Barnes who rides for the Canyon-SRAM racing team. I’ve just managed to grab
her after a training ride, let’s take a closer look at it shall we. (gentle music) Starting at the frame we’ve got the Canyon Aeroad CF SLX Disc
model and that’s painted up in the Canyon-SRAM
team colors which I’m sure you’ll agree does
look absolutely fantastic. Besides the frame, that’s extra small, which measures from the top here down to the center bottom bracket 49cm. Saddle wise we’ve got the Ergon SR women’s specific model and that’s
mounted to Canyon’s specific seat post for the frame. Moving forward, Canyon’s
H36 integrated handlebar and stand with 100mm
stand and 39cm wide bars. Fitted there importantly are the SRAM eTap hydraulic brake shift lever combination. And the handlebar tape
that also comes from Canyon and it’s a nice, it’s got a
little bit of sponge in there too to absorb a little bit extra shock. And here we’ve also a mount
for a GPS unit and that is specific also for these
H36 integrated handlebars. Brake calipers are the
SRAM Red discs of course and they’re stopping a
pair of 160mm rotors. Derailleurs both front and
rear are courtesy of SRAM and again are the Red eTap. The cassette is 11 to 28 ratio. Chain rings mounted to the
SRAM Red chainset are 53-39 and that also features a
Quarq parameter in that too. Crank length is 165 mm and
the pedals are courtesy of Speedplay and they are
the titanium axel version. Now the wheels, they are
the ZIPP 302 carbon clencher disc model which are 45mm
in depth and fitted to them are Schwalbe Durano DD tires which stands for double defense, so
added puncture protection. We’ve just measured them on our digital calipers and they come in at 24.97mm, so pretty close to that 25mm market. So some of the finishing
touches on the bike include the Topeak aero wedge saddlebag,
so inside of that is a couple of inner tubes and tire levers, a couple of CO2 inflation canisters also. There’s an Exposure Blaze
rear light on here too which puts out quite a few lumens to alert other road users to your presence. Bottle cages, they’re from Canyon and they’re the cage SF model. Also just down in there is
a chain catcher from SRAM. So quite useful if
you’re riding over rough terrain and you’re chain was to dislodge from that inner or outer
chain meter for that matter. Saddle height from the top of the saddle to the center of the
bottom bracket is 69cm. And the reach from the tip of the saddle to the center of the handlebars is 54cm. The drop from the saddle
to the handlebars is 8cm. Now the weight of the
bike fully loaded with accessories for training is 8.7kg. All right, let’s check out
that free hub sound shall we. Now let me know what you think of Hannah Barnes’ Canyon Aeroad CF SLX disc, down there in the comments below and also remember to like and share this with your friends, give
it a big thumbs up. And also remember to
check out the GCN shop at where you can buy a whole heap of different goodies and clothing accessories too. And finally, how about checking out another pro bike, click just down here.

61 comments on “Hannah Barnes’ Canyon Aeroad CF SLX Disc Training Bike

  1. Some bikes can really pull of disk brakes (looks wise). This aeroad and the tcr are the only bike I really like the look of with disks.

  2. It's a lovely machine. A pity that the disk rotors and callipers are merely just SRAM stock stuff. Things would be far sexier if they were made by Brembo or Carbon Industries… and painted "RED" 😆😉

  3. This whole video I was picturing Jon hiding in some bushes near Hannah’s home just waiting for her to come home from her training ride and then popping to ask if he can make video of her bike.🤣

  4. That is one of the best-looking bikes you've reviewed this year! And I like the SRAM Red eTap, too. But I'm shocked by the weight! My wife rides an XS (extra-small) frame also and I can't believe that such a small road bike weighs 8.69 kg even if it has an "aero" frame. Canyon's Aeroad frame must be really heavy!

  5. I assume since it wasn’t mentioned that these are 700 wheels (and because 165mm cranks with what looks like the potential for toe overlap).

  6. I really like this pro training bike series; it’s really refreshing to see other than race-only setups while still staying in the pro world.

  7. The integrated handle bar in this video has apparently been replaced from original setup. In Canyon's geometry chart, stem lengths are ridiculously shorter than I expected as racing bike. It makes me difficult to choice the model.

  8. With 160MM rotors on an extra small frame I bet Hannah can stop that thing on a dime and have nine cents change. 🙂

  9. Can you name the truck with four wheel drive,
    smells like a steak and seats thirty-five..
    Canyonero! Canyonero!

  10. Hey John, I think this video is the best I've seen you present. You're relaxed, speaking naturally, and comes across easy.

  11. Great bike but couldn't help but notice the extra string of the saddle bag. I have one of them myself and prefer to tuck the extra string in between the bag and the clip for extra aero gains. Lol

  12. SRAM's chain catcher sucks. I've had mine adjusted three times, but every time the chain has fallen off, it easily goes past the chain catcher, making it a very time consuming and greasy affair to deal with as the group rides away. I promised the last bike tech that, if the chain came off again and went past it again, I was just going to take, or dremel-cut, the damned thing off.

  13. Sorry for my english.
    I just have a question. I put mudguards during the wintertime on my gravelbike. Now I am to lazy to remove them. Maybe you can test a roadbike with mudguards in the windchanal and show the difference in watt without mudguards
    Thanks a lot
    Ray from Ulm Germany

  14. Great Clip, are you coming with me on the Sydney to Surfers ride 5 May -11 May 2018
    If you cannot make the ride please become a sponsor just click on the link and put $20 into Youth Off The Streets

  15. Hey Jon. That's a gorgeous ride indeed. But would you mind telling me what make and model is that saddle again? Couldn't quite catch it. THANKS!!!

  16. great video, but it's kind of useless to mention the measurements of the bike without mentioning how tall the rider is.

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