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Harley Davidson Motorcycles : About Slobbering Oil Problems in a Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Motorcycles : About Slobbering Oil Problems in a Harley Davidson

Hi, I’m Jeff Jannett, Certified Harley Davidson
Master Technician, with South Side Choppers, in St. Pete, Florida. Did you know that slobbering,
also known as oil carryover, is a common problem on many Harley Davidson’s, especially the
sportster family? My name is Jeff Jannett. I’m a Master Technician, with Harley Davidson,
working for South Side Choppers. Today’s discussion, oil carryover, basically, you have to look
at your engine, and divide it into one of two categories. Now basically, all engines
have to do what we call, breathe. As the pistons travel up and down inside the cylinders, they’re
displacing air. The air has to go somewhere, and it’s going to carry an oil mist with it.
You have crankcase breathers, and you have head breathers. In the early 90’s, Harley
went to a head breathing design, where the engine actually had two bolts, one here, one
here, where the heads, the breathing, actually came out through there, and they had it channeled
into the backplate of the air filter, right here. If you get misting, oil misting, or
carryover from this area, it’s usually because the bolts themselves, or the tubes, or the
channeling system, if you’ve gone to an after market air cleaner, is not fitted correctly,
or is not attached correctly, or the tubes themselves had deteriorated, and cracked,
and allowed the oil to escape. Crankcase breathers more commonly, initially, were vented right
out to the air. EPA came down, put their foot down, and said, We need to run these things
to filters, or run them back to catch cans, or so on and so forth, so if you get a crankcase
breather that’s got too much oil carryover, chances are it’s coming out somewhere on the
bottom of the bike, and you could put a filter or a catch can on that, to keep that from
misting the back tire, which could provide a dangerous scenario, or a lot of other places,
will figure out a way you can route them back into the air cleaner, from another point,
as we did on this sportster here. This was its original breathing line here, and we routed
it up to the back of the air plate. What this does, is it takes the mist, and recirculates
it back into the motor, so if you’re having any issues with oil carryover, with your Harley
Davidson motorcycle. Again remember, it’s going to be a model specific problem, and
I would recommend consulting your Harley Davidson dealer, or your favorite after market shop,
and I’m Jeff Jannett, with South Side Choppers, St. Pete, Florida, Certified Harley Davidson
Master Technician. Keep the rubber side down.

47 comments on “Harley Davidson Motorcycles : About Slobbering Oil Problems in a Harley Davidson

  1. A couple maxi-pads inside the air breather of the Sporty and FLHS works great. No more drips on the cross-over pipe. Got that tip long ago and don't remember where. Change them out every oil change.

  2. This is why I don't throw out the fingers when passing anyone on a sportbike.
    I've recently realized after purchasing my harley, that most sportbike riders ride like assholes. Go ahead and "blow by" my harley, you're the ones raising the fatality rate…

  3. OMG this is hilarious. I had no idea that Harley's were this bad. Stick a tampon in your bike to keep it from spraying oil? Wow man Harley Davidson never ceases to amaze me LOL.

  4. Harley's are supposed to leak oil mist from the heads, that's where the engine breathes. Most Harley's leak oil and it is normal. The air intake is supposed to suck up all the oil mist and the carb burns it up. In some cases like mine with big compression kits and motor conversions the carb can't burn it up fast enough so some leaks out of air filter. It is as simple as re routing the oil mist. All engines breathe some are designed differently. Don't let it scare you from Harley's mine is great.

  5. Hey Cheevous. My sister in law has a 2006 Harley Sporster 1200 it is blowing oil through the air cleaner and out onto the exhaust just below and back. I pulled of the air cleaner and it was full of oil and filthy. Can this be remedied cheaply and easy?

  6. It is a simple fix. Look at my two videos on how to correct oil slobbering through your air filter. I have a solution with a stock air filter and housing and an Arlen Ness Big Sucker stage 1 air kit. If you are going with the stock setup very cheap, if you but a big sucker it will be around 130 bucks or so and you will need around 15 bucks in accessories. Check out my videos on my channel.

  7. It would be nice if we could silence the negative morons that don't get it. It's about tradition, having fun, just chilling out, and not smashing our balls on a long ride until we turn into girls LOL. If you don't like Harley Davidson, stay off of Harley channels. That's only common sense don't you think? Harley is an American icon. Sure they require a bit of maintenance, but it's worth it I think. I have had several Harleys, and never had any trouble with them… except for an old Panhead I had. That one had a lot of issues (then again it had 263K miles on it) . Currently I have a 2007 FatBoy that is fully customized. I have never had any trouble with it (currently 60K miles on it). Also, I don't go onto all the Crotch Rocket channels bad mouthing them. So why do you feel the need to do it here? Stick to your own channels and the intelligent ones in our group will stick to ours. It shows a huge lack of intelligence to run your mouth just to annoy people. I do have to agree with one point though…. Who the hell puts tampons in their breather!? LOL. There are better fixes for this problem.

  8. I changed the air intake in my sportster and now gas is leaking through the air intake and the bike is not running. It wasn't doing that before with the old air intake. Any advice?

  9. I went outlaw style on my breather. I really don't care to have temperature resistant, detergent oil going into the intake. Harley should just route this to the oil tank and be done with it.

  10. The reason they have the oil problems that they do, is the entire design. Take a long stroke engine, with massive CC's, and barely any crankcase, where is all that down pressure supposed to go?
    It's inevitable.
    It will take a redesign of the entire engine to stop this from happening. A long stroke engine has ridiculous piston speeds even at idle compared to other engines.
    You think because it's idling so slow, the crankshaft is barley turning, but in fact the pistons have to travel a long distance, which in comparison to other brands is crazy! Nearly three times the distance as other engines that produce equal or even more power, because of the longer power band. When your harley quits producing power at 5500 Rpms, others are just getting started! All at the same time never reaching piston speeds that your harley reaches at it's redline.
    Try to understand I build engines, and I can honestly tell you the harley design is so backwards in so many ways that I have trouble understanding why the popularity.
    Thank God for Indians, the country still has a chance to make something American and not be the laughing stock of the entire world!

  11. If you want to lower oil temps check out turbo maxx oil modifier and turbo maxx c-4 fuel combustor cat. This stuff keeps the oil from burning up low oil pressure when the engine is hot we have went from 0 to 12 psig at idle.

  12. Turbo Max does let your engine run much much cooler by reducing friction 10 times greater than any other engine or gear oil helping piston rings to see you and keep compression and keep your V-Twin that runs extremely hot on the road not in the shop. if you would like your V-twin engine to run smoother quieter and cooler doubling your oil life and get more miles between engine rebuilds then I tried turbo Max if not continue to used what you currently use.

  13. I find when things go wrong with bikes that's when you learn! I'm not a mechanic and I have mates who are and show me what the fuck is gong on with a V twin engine and everything that goes with it and how to fix it. Yes Harley charge the earth but they do have nice show rooms to pay for!! lol Quite fascinating so you really need to be boning up on the manual and watching great youtube videos from the experts so your a bit more in the know? Hey when your out riding and you stop for a drink what else you going to talk about I can only slate my missis and the boss at work so many times before the boys get bored of it!!

  14. My 06 sportster blew out a liter of oil on a 500 km ride. The stock airbreather could not keep up with that flow and oil was all over the right side of the engine. I read posts that say don't fill your oil tank to the ecommended level. That doesn't make sense to me. It's a dry sump engine, the oil level in the tank should not affect the level in the crankcase. My question is, if this is a design problem then why don't they all do this? I've seen sportsters that don't blow any oil. Could this problem be an oil scavaging problem? The oil pump not returning oil to the tank fast enough? Has anyone tried replacing the oil pump to cure this problem?

  15. I have a '94 fatboy, oil coming out of the carb, took it apart and everything looks good why is it sumping oil out the S&S carb?

  16. HELP!! When I pour oil in the oil tank (S&S EVO) it flows directly to the crankase.I put 4 quarts and still was empty When I started the bike ,it puked out of the crankase .All 4 quarts are in the crankase. Any thoughts?

  17. I own an aftermarket shop in St. Cloud Florida, You did a good job.We service all makes and models. I simply dont understand the Harley Haters?When I drive my Ford truck to get serviced I dont hear all of the Ford haters or chevy haters.

    If i guy wants to drive a metric cruiser, or a Harley or a sport bike live and let live.
    I personally drive a Harley Softail and love it, I have had EVERY manufacturer out there, Why do i have to explain my ownership to anyone??.This guy made a good video trying to help other people.I just dont get the anger….I dont fucking get it.

  18. Harley"s reliability and fit and finish has improved dramatically in the last couple of years, now just need to quiet them down a little.

  19. get a reed breather,and check the check ball in the oilpump,its there for a reason,the jap bikes always ran and ran,if I wanted a refrigerator I would've bought an one, I want a bike that rumbles,and shakes and lets me know its running,i ride a Harley cause it was my first bike, I still ha ve it,and my second,some things are not for sale,  fast rocket bikes I enjoy your videos of running 190 with forty cops on your asses,love that,my family loves the crash videos and the cop chases,i only ride out of town,too many people now on the  roads since I started in 1965,the hate due to brand loyalty has to stop,i'll pickup any stranded biker,regardless of make,never been turned down for hauling the dead bike home,just enjoy the fresh air and quit the childish bickering

  20. South side choppers is not an HD dealership.
    It’s a chop shop
    And HD doesn’t support a master rating at a chop shop
    So you are a wrench.
    A chop shop cannot “ certify”
    You as anything .
    Only the motor company can.
    And it was 93 when the heads went to a top breather .

  21. What would cause the oil dip stick to start blowing out of the tank on a 2000 Softail. It's never done it before.

  22. I have a Harley Davison 883 it’s a 1999 but there’s smoke coming out one tailpipe and when I put my finger inside the tailpipe it feel sticky I have the timing advanced a little bit and I hear a valve rattling so I’m going to put the timing back but will that make it blow out black looking smoke please respond need help

  23. good information! Is another good video with a simple and easy way to fix motorcycle cylinder head gasket leaks:

  24. I have a 1994 softail custom. I brought my bike to a shop to get the carbs cleaned. When I got it back, there's a thin black hose coming from behind the breather and just hanging down on the same side. Does this line supposed to connect to something.

  25. I was hoping to learn something here about the Harley motor through the comments. Too bad everyone’s comments are combative. What a waste of time.

  26. hey guys, I recently completed a '80ish shovelhead chopper build with the S&S hydraulic lifter upgrade system. I also have their matching 513 cam and what i believe is the matching S&S breather gear. for the first few hrs of riding everything was fine, then I went on a 3wk vacation. upon returning I'm reading upwards of 80+psi and I have lots of oil seeping from the rocker shaft caps on the right side. checked both my relief valves & check ball, both were not stuck, but it still keep leaking with that high pressure readings. too scared to ride her, any advice on what it could be?

  27. Darren, the haters will never understand…you see they place the value of their motorcycle on performance and scoff at and do not seem to comprehend why someone would want to own something nostalgic like a HD. As an example I could easily afford to buy one or two Japanese bikes that are very fast and handle great…but I choose to own a bike that I think has beautiful lines, a beautiful rumble sound and has a historical American heritage. Also I could own a Prius but I prefer old Fords like the 68 Torino in my garage. I don't hate on plastic weird looking uncomfortable motorcycles or cars. It's OK I look forward to the all the hateful comments I will get…I know bad mouth the motor company…I will simply reply: DILLIGAF.

  28. But…but…but…my Honda this or my BMW that. I know either is more dependable…and a fucking Prius will out last a Ferrari. So what? No person in world history EVER bought a Ferrari or Lambo based on practicality, ease of service intervals, low maintenance, ect. You either get it or you don't. Testarossas were HIGH dollar when introduced, but you can find top end drivers with all records for under $40k ALL DAY LONG, 7 DAYS A WEEK. One issue is the need for those name sake red heads needing a $1,400+ adjustment EVERY 1,200 miles. But people that love them will bend your wife over your Prius because that's what rings their bell. I ALWAYS laugh when people go on about Goldwings and BMWs. NO chick EVER came in her pants riding on the back of either of those. Harleys are simply not for pocket protector dorks looking for value. Never have been. If I was a value seeking dork I wouldn't own my Harleys, or my '67 RS Camaro or my '66 396 SS Chevelle. I'd be looking for a freak'n Prius to park next to my Goldwing. My 03 Road King pinion run out was .001 when we installed 509g gear drive (better low end than 510g), but I still swapped my crank for a 2002 crank because they are solid, not pressed together, plus I went with higher flowing 07 oil pump. I had only 14,000 miles when I did upgrade just because that's what I wanted, figuring I'd have a chain drive set to sell. NOPE. The cams were HEAVILY scored, along with bearings and the tensioners were HEAVILY pitted, missing chunks out of the center pad area. How did I feel about seeing all that? Couldn't give a fuck less…don't care. With solid crank and gear drive yours and my grandchildren will be retired before there's any issue. How happy does that make me? Couldn't give a fuck less…don't care. Look, EVERY sensible argument on behalf of Honda and BMW 100% fits Prius. I'll grab that Testarossa and put a Ferrari specialist's children thru school, enjoy your sensible Prius. Two kinds of people just emerged…You're either thinking how stupid I am for tossing all that cash, or you…get it. Btw, it's alright, not everyone is supposed to get it.

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