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Helle Frederiksen’s Trek Speed Concept Pro Bike And Triathlon Kit

Helle Frederiksen’s Trek Speed Concept Pro Bike And Triathlon Kit

– We’re here with the bike and kit of professional triathlete
Helle Frederiksen. (upbeat guitar music) We’re actually out in Lanzarote whilst Helle is in the middle of a rather intense training block. So her bike is set up for training, rather than being race-ready, but first thing we should chat
about is this paint work. It’s Trek’s Project One custom paint work, which Helle has actually designed herself, with this rather striking blue
for the main frame colour. The thing that I really like is this fade that we’ve got going along the top, in between the rear stays,
and even on the handlebars. So starting on the front end, we have a fully integrated Bontrager
handlebar stand combo. In chatting to Helle, she loves just how adjustable this front end is. She’s got an ever-so-slight tilt upwards of the aerobars and the rests, and that could be done really simply by tightening or loosening
two bolts just to the centre. You can easily adjust the stack
height underneath the rests, and also the width of
the arm rests, as well, can be adjusted really easily. And then, a really cool feature is that you can put any poles in you like. And then, to finish it off, Bontrager have also got their own bottle cage, which should be neatly
attached between the armrests. So moving on, the back is fully kitted out with Shimano Dura Ace Di2 9150, which we can see on the
end of the poles here their shifters work the rear mech. And then, we also have
shifters here, on the base bar, which work the rear
mech and the front mech. And whilst we’re here, we may
as well talk about the brakes. So let’s start with the front
brake, which is well-hidden. It’s hitting the front fork,
that’s for aerodynamic reasons. And rather than being a right fast to try to make any adjustments,
Trek was good about that. So there’s a couple of little openings on either side so you can
make those fine adjustments, and then, the rear brake is hidden under the bottom bracket, with
its own aeroshell, very neat. And moving back through the bike, and as we said earlier,
she’s a fully kitted out Shimano Dura Ace, so we
have Dura Ace crankset here in a 53/39 race shift. I should say, actually, for a lot of the races this year, she will be switching to a 54 big ring. She’s currently got a 167.5 crank lengths, and on the end of those, she’s riding a Look KEO blade pedals. And, interestingly, should I say, when she returns from this camp, she’s gonna be changing the bottom bracket bearings for a ceramic speed. And moving to the rear cassette, she’s currently riding a 1128 cassette because she’s in Lanzarote with some fairly beefy climbs, but she has said she’ll switch it out for races, and possible even something like an 1123 for really flat, fast races. And let’s move on to the wheels. And given that Helle has
only just signed to Trek and Bontrager, she doesn’t currently have her Bontrager training wheels here. But she has told us that for race day, she’ll probably be opting for
the Bontrager Aeolus 5s or 7s. And while she is here at training, she has got Continental
Grand Prix 40000 tyres in a 23 mil width. So whilst she’s out here training, she’s wanting to ride to power. So she’s actually got a power tap hub on her training wheels,
but when she comes back from Lanzarote, another
thing that she’ll be having added to this bike is an SRM PowerMeter. Now for the saddle, and
this is the Bontrager Hilo triathlon-specific saddle. Helle has actually tried
a number of different saddles over the years
and she just prefers the slightly narrower road feel saddles, so the Hilo ticks all
the boxes for here there. And then, we have this Bontrager
storage box on the back. And it’s actually been designed so it’s fully integrated with the frames, and then, she’s got all her
spares for punctures, et cetera. And then, on the top tube, we’ve got this Bontrager storage
compartment for things like her gels on race day. Now, moving on to some of her kit, and she is here for
training rather than racing, so this is more training-specific. So she’s got her ROKA Maverick X wetsuit because, apparently, the swimming
pools are quite cold here. Helle is a very good swimmer,
very natural in the water, so this has got a good neutral buoyancy throughout the whole suit. And moving on, she’s got the
Bontrager Circuit helmet, which is incredibly light, it’s lovely. And she uses the OP EB0 sunglasses because she really likes the fact it doesn’t have a frame
along the top here. So she’s got a really
good field of vision, especially when she’s doing aero work, she’s got her head down a little bit more. And then, moving on, finally, she’s got the Bontrager Meraj cycling shoes. Again, these are for training. She’d wear something different for racing. These are a women’s-specific shoe, so they’ve actually got a
slightly narrower forefoot. They’ve got Boa lacing, and then, she’s also using a maximum floater, she use 9 degrees for
her cleats and pedals. Okay, for those freak hub
fans out there, here we go. So there we go, that
is Helle Frederiksen’s pro bike and kit, and if
you like this paint work as much as I do, hit
that thumbs up button. And to see more videos from GTN, just click on the globe to subscribe. And if you’re in the middle
of your Winter training and maybe you want to do an FTP test, you can find out how to by
clicking on that video up there. And if you want to see another pro bike from Kim Morrison, just click down there.

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  1. Nice colour. Almost had my speed concept in blue. Went with radioactive green. Lucky im not seeing blue with my choice

  2. I ordered my trek speed concept (red and white frameset color)2019 full carbon, sram etap component, aeolusxxx6 wheelset with white bontrager decals, R4 320 tires, hilo pro carbon saddle, bontrager xxxbottle cage, bontrager drop box, bontrager speed box, total of all top of the line parts. Will be arrive on Oct.5,2018 🇺🇸

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