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Benefits of cycling
Helpful Bike Safety Tips

Helpful Bike Safety Tips

Riding a bicycle to work, school or the store
cuts down on your carbon footprint, and it’s also a great way to exercise. Here are some tips to help you stay safe while
riding: Never ride without a properly fitted helmet. The helmet should be snug, level and stable. Obey the traffic signals and street signs
that all motorists follow. Use hand signals BEFORE you turn. And make yourself clearly visible by wearing
bright colors and using reflective lights. Make sure you also know the regulations
in your area, by checking with your local municipality. Finally, losing a bike due to theft or an
accident can be devastating. So talk to your insurance agent about bike
insurance coverage. Your bike may be covered under the personal
property section of your home or rental insurance policy Regardless of where you’re headed or how
long the trip will take, stay safe by following the rules of the road.

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