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HER FIRST TIME RIDING MTB & Downhill in SOCKS! | Downhill Randoms #24

Welcome to a new episode of randoms! I’m currently climbing here in Berchtesgaden! Something different this time.. I can’t get it out I am not able to get the shoe out of the pedal because i lost a screw. So i am riding in socks now. Still in socks, you should really try that too 😉 Gonna ride always like that from now on. you could look sympathic as well U good bro? These roots are so sketchy! Lets test this without gloves! Way better!! We are back in Saalbach and Nati rides MTB for the first time today. Let’s see how she’s doing it! Gonna be sick! Brake a bit more so you get the turn!! Lean into the berm, yeaah 🙂 Nati is back with new enthusiasm. Lets go! 🙂 Brakes open and there we go! 🙂 That was it for today, i really hope you enjoyed!! 🙂

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