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Herald Motorcycles – Café 400 Test Ride Review

Herald Motorcycles – Café 400 Test Ride Review

Hello and welcome to “The Biking Actor”. Today
I’m here at the Herald headquarters here in Huntingdon to test ride this beautiful machine,
the Café 400. Now if it looks like I have a big smile on my face, I do because I’ve
been looking forward to riding this for a while. So without further ado, let’s take
it out for a spin. Just a quick reminder if you enjoy this video
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left. Well I think that’s it! Let’s get on with the review… So I’m out on the Herald’s Café 400 today,
a bike I’ve been looking forward to riding for, well since I saw it at the Birmingham
NEC. There’s just something about the look of this bike, and there’s something about
it and you go, “Ooo, that is something special” and that’s what this 400 said to me! And there’s a great sound which I’m really
pleased with. That is (an) awesome sound! Haha. Oh my lawd, that is beautiful. It’s a great bike to ride. It feels responsive,
and that sound … I’m loving that sound! And everything about this bike is customisable,
which is lovely. So you can really get this bike configured to a style that you like. So this Café 400 comes in at a respectable
£4499 plus the usual on the road fees, making this a very affordable motorcycle. Offering a single cylinder, twin port Honda
based engine, this 400 boasts 27bhp, is A2 licence compliant and in the UK at least,
comes with 2 years RAC breakdown cover. But what Herald have done here to make them
stand out from the crowd is to make the Café fully adjustable. It comes with fully adjustable
twin upside down front forks accessed from this unique CNC top yoke with a step down
edge. It has fully adjustable brake levers, handle bars, exchangeable clamped exhaust
and adjustable piggy back shocks. Keeping that 60’s café racer style throughout
the bike, this 400 comes with twin brushed aluminium clocks and a stunningly brushed
aluminium strap to accompany the retro tank. This whole bike has been beautifully finished
and if it rides anything like the way it looks, then this Café 400 is a must have. The café racer is fun! There’s something
about the leaning forward I think, that really gets you feeling like you’re more involved. I love this seat, it’s so comfortable. And
I love the look of this machine, the tank as well it’s got this beautiful brushed metal
strip running all the way along. That’s what’s so good, is that their machines are stylish
and affordable. And that’s what Herald want to do, they want to introduce new people into
riding which is why their 125’s are so affordable and why now the 400 is affordable. It’s a comfortable bike, despite the café
racer style. It’s got great power, 27hp. It’s a great looking bike. Everything on it is
customisable, every aspect of it is changeable. And the quality of it, the build quality I
mean I love this tank. I love the cream tank with the metal brush and I love the top yoke!
Just the attention to detail that is so refreshing. I can see myself riding this and pulling up
to a local bike cafe, getting off, feeling content with my bike as it measures up to
all the others. Gorgeous.

15 comments on “Herald Motorcycles – Café 400 Test Ride Review

  1. It's a pity you didn't get into more about performance instead of looks. I would have liked to know things like top speed, cornering, motorway riding and any vibrating at higher speeds. Does it have ABS? There doesn't appear to have much detail on Herald's web site.

  2. That is an awesome sound but am gunna play music over the sound so you can’t actually hear it 🙄

  3. So it's fully built in Taiwan (with some Foreign-built parts)?
    Nice looking bike.
    Wonder which is better this bike or Mash400 (Honda cb400ss clone)…

  4. Hello Nick, subbed your channel I have just covered the first 325 miles on my new Classic 400 ( the green one) & absolutely love it! Came down from a beautiful Bonnie T100 but the Herald is so much better on our Fen roads so no regrets. It is as you say very pleasing re style & the sound is amazing, I can't stop grinning every time I turn the key.😁 I hope you get to review the Classic & post your thoughts. That would be awesome! Cheers! 👍

  5. Here in ph, it is called bristol. It’s a good bike, i just hate it when they changed the name from herald to bristol. It kinda negatively affect the heritage.

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