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Heroes & Villains Of Pro Cycling? Quick-Step Vs Sky  | The GCN Show Ep. 302

Heroes & Villains Of Pro Cycling? Quick-Step Vs Sky | The GCN Show Ep. 302

– From the spookiest part of the Glacial Drumlin Trail in Wisconsin, welcome to the GCN show. (sinister laughter) Oop, dropped something. – Welcome to the GCN show. Brought to you by our
friends over at Wiggle. – This week, why are Quick-Step heroes for winning so many races, yet Team Sky criticized
for their dominance? And we also have a study that shows it’s safer
to ride in baggy clothes in the morning than lycra in the evening. Yes, that is science, apparently. – How weird. I’ve also got more of
your cycling inspiration. I’ve done my first of a
video log all on my lonesome, and we discuss whether a 52 year old could be riding Paris-Roubaix next year. – It’s kind of a striking similarity between a 52 year old riding Paris-Roubaix and you doing a vlog, isn’t it? – Is it? (energetic theme music) This week in the world of cycling, we learn that whilst Emma makes riding through sand look easy, it really isn’t. (tranquil music) Thanks to Zolt from the Vezprem
Cross for sending us that. – Yeah, and while we’re on the subject of GCN presenters totally bossing cycling, which is not something we
can talk about very often, here is Dan showing
that he’s still got it. As if there was ever any doubt. (energetic rock music) (Simon blows out his mouth) – Could we just see that
again in slow motion? – Yeah, c’mon. Geronimo – [Man] Aw, I was playing for that. – Yeah, there’s quite a
ruckus in the comments though. Frazier Goodwin one of
the few people to say, c’mon Dan, who was your stunt double, ’cause he can really ride. Cheeky. – I’ve been called out there, haven’t I? There was a stunt double. – Was there?
– Danny MacAskill, obviously. – Worthy replacement. – Anyway this week in
the world of cycling, we also learned that in
picking up the final stage win at the Tour de Guangxi over in China, Fabio Jakobsen picked up
Quick-Step Floors’s 73rd victory of the 2018 season. – Wow, that’s not a bad tally, is it? Would you believe it that
remarkably that’s not a record, even for this century? So Columbia, the team not the
nation, took 77 wins in 2018 and the following year, they
took a remarkable 85 victories. But nevertheless, in
2018 Quick-Step Floors racked up 30 victories more than their next closest competitor which was actually Team Sky. – And that direct comparison between Team Sky and Quick-Step Floors throws up quite an interesting question. I think it’s fair to
say that Quick-Step have pretty much dominated pro cycling in 2018. – Yep.
– And yet, if you throw that phrase into Google, i.e. Quick-Step Floors dominance? There’s only one headline
on the first page of results to that affect. – Yeah, and that’s
about an individual race whereas if you do the same for Team Sky, you get, among others, is Team Sky’s dominance ruining cycling? The stats. Are Team Sky, the most dominant team ever. Team Sky’s dominance is a problem of which cycling has no solution. And then perhaps most
illuminatingly of all, Lappartient, UCI president, King to curb Team Sky’s
Tour de France dominance. – So what is going on? Why are Team Sky pro cycling’s villans and yet Quick-Step the heroes? – This feels a little bit like opening Pandora’s box, doesn’t it? – I know. – You ready? – No.
(door creaks) Firstly, the elephant in the room. With the controversy
surrounding Bradley Wiggins TUE and Chris Froome trying to exonify himself from the salbutamol suspicion, many people have seen Team Sky’s mission of being a transparecy whiter than white as basically all talk and no substance. However, let’s stress
they haven’t actually broken any rules, this is more of a PR issue. – Yeah, I mean while
Quick-Step Floors seems to have largely avoided that kind of issue despite having been
going for nearly 20 years now, there was, of course Tom Boonen’s
infamous cocaine positive. Three cocaine positives. But then no one actually seems
to mind about that anymore. – Well not now. It was nine years ago and
at the time, actually, it was a bit enough deal that Tour de France organizers ASO did try to block him from riding their event. – Hmmm, sounds familiar
that story doesn’t it? I wonder, though, whether Sky’s
PR issue started a long time before any of these more recent stories actually started to surface. I wonder whether it comes from the fact that when they set out, they said they were going to be different. They were going to do things differently. And they were going to
do thing differently ’cause they were going
to find marginal gains. – I see what you are trying to imply here. You’re trying to imply that
nobody likes a smart-ass. – I’m basically saying, yeah, no one likes a smart-ass. I mean they don’t, do they? – I think some people do like me. – Really
– I’m not sure. Anyway, I think we should look at the types of races
that their teams win. So Quick-Step win one day races and they win stages of stage races. They say they’ve only
won two races overall. That was the overall Tour of
Britain and the Dubai Tour. Sky, on the other hand,
have won nine tours overall. Including, of course, the Tour d’Italia and the Tour de France. But some really prestigious
one week stage races too. The tours of California and
Poland and Tirreno-Adriatico. – Yeah, that is a very
good point, isn’t it? Because in order to win stage races, you need to exert pretty strong control over the bunch, don’t you. In fact, it’s fair to
say you effectively get to dictate what happens in the race. You choose who goes in the break aways and you choose how stages are ridden. And so, actually, nine overall victories in a year translates to an awful lot of days dominating professional cycling. – Not quite as simple as that though. Because with the likes of Viviani, Gaviria and some extent Alvero Hodeg as well, Quick-Step Floors do possess some of the fastest finishers
in the pro peloton. So they could choose to
lock down the sprint days and really crush the race, but they don’t always do that. – They don’t. I mean they do do that, Gent-Wevelgem. – Mmhmm. – Notoriously won the one
that Elia Viviani didn’t win. But, actually, I think more importantly, a lot of their wins come in rather more sort of showboating fashion and those are wins in big races too. Tour of Flanders, solid solo break away
victory for Niki Terpstra. Liege-Bastogne-Liege, solid solo breakaway
victory for Bob Jungels. – Yeah, then those ones the strength and depth played a factor in break aways and
getting riders up the road as opposed to shear dominance where he set an infernal
tempo in the front and keep going till it’s
just one rider left. – True and that, too, is interesting because when you think about, arguably, the greatest solo break away of the year which you’d have to say
is Chris Froome’s ride on stage 19 of this year d’Italia. Actually, for many
cycling fans upsettingly, it went from an unbelievable ride and it tipped over into
an unbelievable ride. – It was a funny one though, wasn’t it? Because that was the type of ride that many cycling fans
pine after, wasn’t it? Like days of old with Coppi or Hinault and yet lots of people
didn’t enjoy watching it. – No, I was waiting for
it from years for Sky. I loved it. – Did you?
– I did, yeah. I did. – And another point I
think we need to make is that about budget because
Team Sky do get quite a lot of criticism from various quarters about the size of their budget which we think is
probably more than double that of Quick-Step Floors. And there’s the sense that
you might start taking wins for granted when you’ve
got that much money. – Well, yeah. Because you can buy up
all the talent, can’t you? Egan Bernal rumored to
be worth 12 million euros over five years. And then, obviously, there’s (mumbles)
Columbian Ivan Ramiro Sosa that mucked up end of this year? – Yeah, I was disappointed
with that side I have to say. I thought he might be
the thorn in their side and now he’s like another thorn on their big (mumbles) cactus. Anyway, don’t know where
I’m going with that. So seems seems Sky set themselves up for a bit of criticism, doesn’t it. Because of their budget,
because of the fact that they dominate stage races which does require them to dominate. But also because when they started out, they sort of set out to
be different, didn’t they? So they set themselves
up to be singled out. – That’s right. Whereas Quick-Step,
meanwhile, whether by accident or actually on purpose, they sort of created
this image, haven’t they? Of like plucky races with great race-craft and cunning and the horsepower to boot. All while on a budget. The question is though, I guess, whether or not those are
actually fair representations of those two teams. I mean, are Team Sky really
the pantomime villain of professional cycling? – I don’t think they are because they’ve always
got huge legions of fans, haven’t they?
– Yeah – Much like other dominant
sports teams of this world such as Real Madrid, I
guess could be an example, couldn’t it? I think people love winners
more than they hate smart-asses. – (Giggles) Yeah, I think that’s right. Actually, I think that’s
a really good point in that there are a huge number of fans for teams like Real Madrid and Team Sky but yet, equally, you can
take a pop shot at them because they’re on their
pedestals, aren’t they? I think, also, there’s
a problem with dominance that comes from stage races. I think the problem lies
with the stage races. I’m adamant that team sizes are too big. I think six man teams in the
Tour de France would be great. – Yes, I’d entirely agree. I think six man teams probably
should be experimented with because it’s quite obvious that Grand Tours now can be dominated much in the same way that team GB and Dave Brailsford worked out
how to dominate on the track. If you produce this much
power for this duration and you’re this arrow and you’ve got this
much riding resistance, you will win this medal. I didn’t think that was
possible out on the road with all the variables. But it does appear as
though they’ve come up with a formula to win Grand Tours. Albeit one where you need a certain budget and therefore the top level
riders within the sport. On the other hand, I don’t
think there is a formula and equation to win the
classics like Milan-San Remo, or Paris-Roubaix, or the Tour of Flanders even though they have won
Milan-San Remo before. – Yeah, it’s funny isn’t it? We said this was like
opening Pandora’s box. It kind of is because
when you’re saying that, I couldn’t help but think, we have seen a team in
recent history dominating a Grand Tour on seven occasions because US Postal did exactly
that and I don’t think, while there are some
parallels to Sky’s dominance, I think there was one crucial difference. ‘Cause I don’t think they’re
doing what Postal did. But Postal didn’t dominate
the classics either, did they really, did they?
– [Man] No. – So it’s funny whether you
can control a Grand Tour by putting out a certain power and buying all the riders that allow you to get the strength and depth to do that. But, yet, for some reason the classics requires a
little of extra something. Race-craft? I dunno. – We need your help.
– We do. – Because this discussion has
been quite lengthy, hasn’t it? And we’ve not really reached
any kind of conclusion. Why are Quick-Step Floors heroes and Team Sky villains
amongst some cycling fans? Let us know in the comment
section just down below. – Now for something a
little bit different. Dan, I gather you’ve done a vlog. – Yeah, I thought you were
going to introduce this by, and now the moment
you’ve been waiting for. – We have. (upbeat dance music) – I have come to Brackenhurst
in a new (mumbles) which is handy ’cause that’s
very close to where I live. Primarily to have a look at
the brand new Factor VISTA. Hopefully you’ve already
seen our first look and first ride video at the weekend. But if you haven’t, it’s their first foray into the gravel bike market. That bike does share some similarities with their road counterpart with the Otis front fork
and bar stem combination. But they have had to change
the geometry significantly for the bigger tires. And also they’ve had to
change the carbon layout for extra degrees of comfort. However also here at the
same hotel this weekend, I’ve got that collaboration
with Chapter Three. That not only includes the
collaboration on the Factor VISTA which was the bike I
did the first ride on, but also a couple of other products too. Let’s go and take a look. (upbeat music) Quick look at some of the products that have got that new Devesa treatment. First up from helmet and
eyewear manufacturer POC, this is the Ventral super
ventilated arrow helmet. And we can also see here that two pairs of their glasses have been
given that treatment too. These are the required road glasses. And we’ve also got the Crave
mountain bike shades too. We also have the Devasa print on the Scoop Elite chromoly
railed saddle, here. Probably designed to go on
things such as the Bronsons which you can also see have been chapter three’ed as it were. This one weighs in at 240 grams but if you follow me over here, there’s something without
the Devesa branding on it but it’s pretty cool and slick. And finally, this is not
the current collaboration with Devesa but it’s not
something I’ve seen before. Maybe you have. This is the Factor Slick bike that they used in the time trial film. And I think you’ll agree that does look very slick both in terms of the design of the frame itself but also the paint job that’s on it. Very nice. (trumpet plays) (gong crashes) – It’s now time for Cycling Shorts. – We should start Cycling Shorts this week with a quick reminder for you. Your chamois goes inside
your cycling shorts. – Yeah, thanks Gail Edmans
or Norsemouse on Twitter for that little reminder there. Now cycling shorts actually were in the news this week for other reasons. Cycling Science tweeted
a link to this study from the Journal of Transport and Health. – Ah, the Journal of Transport and Health. Love that one. – Yeah, well with research like that Dan, it’s not hard to see why. The study investigates to
see whether there is a link between how close a vehicle passes you and other factors to do with cycling. And would you believe it, actually wearing lycra
versus normal clothes is the biggest influence
that they recorded? So basically, if you want a wide berth, wear normal clothes. – Why? They didn’t really tell us? – No they didn’t. They didn’t look into
that, would you believe it? – We don’t know why. But other factors apparently
include the type of vehicle and also the time of day that you ride. So if you want to be on the safe side, ride in the morning. – Yeah, it’s bonkers,
though, isn’t it, really? I’m kind of not surprised
when you think about it in that it’s open to human influences. But still, it doesn’t feel like what you wear should have an influence on- – No – How safely people drive around you. – But anyway, as we said last week, maybe we could be welcoming the advent of autonomous cars as quickly as possible. And now sticking with
road safety for a moment, one story this week that had
a positive outcome eventually regarded the directeur
sportif of Trek-Segafredo, Steven de Johgh after
his wife took to Twitter when he failed to come back
from his morning bike ride. – That tweet quickly, as you might expect, gathered a lot of momentum
so a manhunt ensued and he was found, thankfully. He was down a ravine unconsciously but thankfully still alive. And a lot of the thanks
for that is going to Strava ’cause apparently it uploaded
his ride automatically and the finish of the ride in
Strava was where he was found. – Yeah, I still can’t work
out quite how it did that. – No.
– Unless he pressed stop. But anyway, there we go. It’s definitely something
that you should consider when you’re riding alone. Strava obviously has its beacon thing also Wahoo has its Live
Track which is what I use but it doesn’t even have to be anything other than Find My iPhone or
WhatsApp location sharing. So definitely, definitely
worth thinking about. – It is worth thinking about. And we wish Steven all the best
in his recovery, of course. – Yeah, absolutely. – Steve was a pro cyclist
as many of you would know. Retired back in 2010. – [Man] Rode for Quick-Step
and Sky, interestingly. – Oh, yes, he did didn’t he? However another rider who’s
eight years even older than Steven not that I’m saying
he’s that old, but still, is attempting to make a
comeback to the pro peloton. – Well that’s right. Andrea Tafi who many of you
will still remember, I’m sure, is hoping to ride
Paris-Roubaix at the age of 52. – Which is quite incredible isn’t it? No guarantees, of course, that he’s going to get team just yet. But he’s they say still really fit, still rides a lot every year, hasn’t put any weight on and he’s vast experience in that race. He’s still very relevant. – Yeah, given that he won it in 1999 which would be conveniently 20 years– – It would, yeah. – To when he hopefully races it next year. I’ll tell you, you know who
should sign him next year? EF Education First Drapac powered by Cannondale clothed by Rapha. – Oh my goodness. Do you mean EFEFDPCCR? Oh, forget it. – I think that’s who I mean. But anyway, given that they’re looking to create stories around races other than actually just winning them, wouldn’t it be great to have a 52 year old lining up at the start of Paris-Roubaix? – I’d watch it. – I would watch it. – Sign him. – Yeah, do you think if
I expressed an interest in riding Paris-Roubaix? – No. – I mean if I’d won it and
I didn’t do it 13 times, I still wouldn’t mind doing it. It’s like the ultimate
gravel race, isn’t it? – I think if I expressed an interest in doing a New Forest Boxing Day 10, they’d draw me an entry. – I reckon they would, mate, yeah. You’d have to pay for it, though. – Yeah Right, quite major change
of subject now, all right? Because Zwift have released
a huge new course based in New York and also based in the future. – Yeah, so in terms of it,
there are quite a few kilometers of roads out there that you can link up in various different ways to
give you 10 different loops. The longest of which is
called the Knickerboker which has 385 meters of climbing over 22 and-a-half kilomenters. – Knickerboker Glory, perhaps specifically (Simon scoffs) if you are a bit faster than we are. – Anyways, most of those loops are based around Central Park in New York and most of you all know, that area’s not particularly hilly, is it? – No.
– So it in order to give you some elevation gain on some of the loops, they have based this in
the future, as I said. 2118 to be exact. A hundred years from now. And they’ve included aspects
such as suspended glass roads. – (giggles) Cool. This is the default course on Zwift now so if you want to have a look then, well, you can do it straight away. We’ll actually be taking
a look at is as well. I can’t wait. It’s kind of like the
first major departure from kind of real life to fantasy that you can obviously do on Zwift. Notwithstanding riding under
the city and volcanoes. Anwyay, right, now we’re
going to finish Cycling Shorts with some more news of cycling shorts. Unfortunately, stolen ones. Well used stolen ones at that. – No not just the cycling shorts, in fact, but also everything else too. Because poor old Charlie Condell who was halfway around his attempt to become the youngest person to cycle all the way around the world, got his Cervelo nicked whilst
was cycling through Australia. His Cervelo that he calls Colin. – Yeah, Colin that carried all his stuff and had it with him when he got pinched. Fortunately it sounds like Cervelo have actually stepped in
brilliantly to supply him with a replacement. In the mean time, Charlie’s just been like an international media superstar
doing the rounds but still, hopefully he gets back on
the road pretty soon, really. – Yeah.
– Before he gets any older. – Yeah, otherwise he might
miss out on the record. – Or exactly that, yeah. Before he gets like Andre Attafy. (Simon laughs) It’s giveaway time now and we’ve seen the new Cat Eye
SYNC lights a couple of times actually on GCN and GCN Tech since they were launched
what two, three months ago? But now you’ve got the opportunity to actually get your hands on some. – Three of you do in fact
because we’ve got three sets of these to give away. Within each set is the front
light which is the core with which you’ll have 500
lumens at your disposal when it’s on the maximum power setting. We’ve got the kinetic rear light which has in built accelerometers which means it acts as a break light as well as a standard rear light. And finally, we have the wearable. – Yeah, and now the reason they are called the SYNC range is ’cause they are Bluetooth
connected meaning that you can sync them all up together and that allows you to control
all of them via just one. So in effect, you turn three lights on with just one button which
sounds like a bit of a bonus. And there’s also an app as well that goes on your smartphone meaning that you can customize
them a little bit further as well as, for me,
the biggest boot of all is that you get notifications
when your batteries are low. – You do love that don’t you? – I do still love it, yeah. – To put yourself in with a chance of winning one of these sets, all you’ve got to do is follow the link that’s
in the description below and all the details will be on the page that you get through to. – Good luck. – GCN Inspiration now with
your chance to win one of three Wiggle voucher amounts. Third place each week nets 50 pounds. Second place 75 pounds, and the winner each
week is 100 pounds worth of Wiggle vouchers which you can spend on anything you’d like over on their on-line shop. – Without further ado,
lets start with third place on our Inspirational podium. This one, which is absolute corkers, is sent in by Alan who was
on the long distance route across Belgium called LF5. On his way home, in
fact, from greeting the around the world record breaker,
Jenny Graham, in Berlin. – What an image. – [Man] That is stunning, isn’t it? – [Man] There’s an absence
of bike but nevertheless– – [Man] You still want to ride. – [Man] I want to ride down there, yeah. I mean this autumn has
been some great photos. – It has been a beauty. – Hopefully we’re going to be seeing these for many months to come when it’s dark and wintery
and it looks horrible. – Yes, I’m sure we will
from somewhere in the world. Second place and therefore
receiving 75 pounds worth of vouchers is Till Goodle. This is a called the wall, apparently. Can’t quite see the
grading from that angle but nevertheless a stunning photo. That is from Beatenberg
over in Switzerland. – Good job you can’t see the grading, Dan ’cause it would be much less inspirational if it looked like really
really steep climb. – Yeah, we wouldn’t have included it with the siding there would have we? – Absolutely no, no way. – ‘Cause we wouldn’t have
wanted to get out and ride. – No, right. This last one which really does also make us want to go out and ride. This was sent in by Alexander from the Hpflaz region
in Rhineland in Germany. He’s saying he and a friend
were out on a photo shoot because they are both road
riders and photography students. He says, thanks to Marra
for the beautiful shot. They are going to split the prize money between them, he says, if, indeed, they win. So there we go. – Wow. That’s cool. Fifty pounds each. – That’s a really great photo, isn’t it? – It is. I could never get a photo because, as he points out, requires a friend. No one likes a smart-ass do they? – Well they do like
winners but unfortunately. – Yes unfortunately I’m not one of those. – There we go. – A reminder how you enter
GCN Inspiration each week. You’ve got two options. You can either use our uploader. A link to which you will find
in the description below. First and third, incidentally,
from the uploader this week. Or you can use what Till used which was Instagram the
hashtag there, GCNINSPIRATION. – Yeah, remember as well, you should use the uploader for all sorts of bits that you want to send over to us including Extreme Corner, any
kind of race footage you got. – We’ve got that sorted this week. – We do have that sorted this week. – Not me, unfortunately. (drill buzzes) It’s time now for hack forward
slash bodge of the week. And we’re going to start with something of a repost to a hack. Well a bodge actually that we deemed from a couple of weeks ago which was an Arrow Garmin mount holder underneath his saddle to
comply with track regulations. A little bit niche. Anyway, Antonia has weighted in with a 3D printed Wahoo
element bolt track mount with a custom carbon meld
3D pursuit saddle instead. – It sounds complicated even
in the description, doesn’t it? – It does indeed doesn’t it? Now I appreciate the craft
that has gone into this, Dan, but can I just point out that the Wahoo element bot
is an aerodynamic head unit– – Oh yeah.
– That has been positioned in the least aerodynamic way possible. I mean we all know that the back of the bike
is a little turbulent but to my mind that’s
just poorly executed, Dan. – On top of that even
if you’re very flexible, you wouldn’t be able to
read the display there. – That’s a valid point, Dan. – So bodge. Looks neat but, yeah, orientated in the wrong direction completely. – Yeah. – Back to work, Antonia. – Yeah. – Next up we have got
this from Eeppansson. When your (mumbles) came home, sunset is drawing near and you find yourself
having to change your tub, you misplaced the little
plastic thing you need to unscrew the valve cord extender but your (mumbles) tool
chain breaker works and it makes you a vice
with plenty of leverage. – [Man] Borderline genius. – I love that. It’s like the curse of
deep section carbon wheels, fuddling around with
valve extenders, isn’t it? So that to my mind is a
good get out of jail free. I wouldn’t have thought
of that so it’s a hack. Not that things that I can’t
think of are always hacks, but anyway, you know
what I’m talking about. – No, there’d be a lot of
hacks, Dan, wouldn’t there? – Yeah there would. – All right Dennis Stowers on Twitter- – This is his mate, actually, who has mended his own chain stays by welding the back after
they broke on a steel bike. – [Man] Wow – [Man] And went on to do
quite a decent long ride. I think about 60 miles by memory. – [Man] And then they broke. – [Man] Yes.
– [Man] Okay. – [Man] No, I think they broke beforehand. – No but as in why he only does 60 miles? Surely he’d just keep
rolling on your fixed bike. – That was the distance of
the ride and he got round. I mean that is the good
thing about steel isn’t it. You can mend it yourself
if you’re clever enough. – Well, yeah. – [Man] Now I couldn’t do
that so it’s a hack for me. – I’m still struggling
to get my head around why he was fixing a bike and
then going on a bike ride. Surely you just fix your bike and then that’s it, it’s fixed. Anyway, technicality. It’s a hack. Much like this one from
Velovedic on Instagram which is, apparently, a homemade direct drive electric
bike with homemade pedals. – [Man] Yeah Look at them. – [Man] No idea why this is necessary. – [Man] I want some of
these on my pub bike. – [Man] Why? – [Man] It’s like ski binding, isn’t it without actually being bound in? I think they’d work rather well as pedals. – [Man] Imagine one of them
whacking you on the chin, Dan. – (laughs) Yeah. – [Man] Which on your pub
bike it probably would. – Often on the way back after a few drinks trying
to bunny hop off the curb. Got that wrong and they
hit me in the chins. – Whoa. – I would know about it, wouldn’t I? – All right then, next up
we got this from Christopher which appears to be- – [Man] Oh my word. – [Man] What a backrest? – [Man] Yeah. I mean you
would get a bit of shelter from the rain with that
thing wouldn’t you? But maybe at my height I might
just have really bad posture. – Well he was saying, cause it was spotted outside his local supermarket in Avignon and he was saying that maybe
it’s actually like a sail to make the most of the mistral which is like a kind of
like a really strong wind that they have down there
in the South of France over the summer, yeah, maybe it’s a sail. – So perhaps, so bodge. – [Man] Yeah. – Neil Kenealy over of Facebook. Well he has fashioned something to salvage a broken break
lever to get himself home. – [Man] Is that rhubarb?
– [Man] It’s actually. – Yeah we really can’t
really decide what it is. But whatever it is, that’s a hack isn’t it if it gets you home? Always take some zip ties out with you. – A stick of cinnamon, maybe? – You’re still guessing? – Grade A hack. Keep ’em coming. Use the hashtag GCNHACK
on Twitter, on Instagram. Send them to us on
Facebook and, of course, upload them direct via the uploader. – Caption Competition
makes a welcome return, Si, after a notable absence
from last week’s show for some reason. So winning a GCN Camelback water bottle from two weeks ago is Adam Tyler who put this caption underneath
the picture of the podium with Alexander De Marchi. ♪ For he’s a brolly good fellow, ♪ ♪ For he’s a brolly good fellow, ♪ That’s probably enough of that. GCN Camelback water bottle
will be winging its way to you as soon as you send
us a message on Facebook with your address, Adam. – Right then, what is
our photo for this week? It is this one. That’s right, if you can
think of a cracking caption, stick it in the comments
section down below. Dan, perhaps you could warm everyone up with an absolute perler? – I can, yes. Does my ass look big on this? – Ahh, well, the floor is yours. Or rather the caption section. Comment section, you know what I mean. Before we get on to what is coming up on the channel over the next week, a quick look back at some
of the amazing comments you’ve been leaving on last week’s videos. Like this one sent in by Rich A W underneath the Red Hook
video with James and Ollie. He says maaaate, maaaate, maaaate. All right mate. He then goes on to say how
much he enjoyed the video but if you don’t quite know
what Rich is referring to, have a look at this. – All right, mate? Mate, don’t. – Mate
– Mate – I’ve come to support you today, mate. – Man, I appreciate it. I need it. – The ironic thing is that
they actually hate each other. – I know. – Ollie and Hank, don’t they?
– Yeah. – Mate, don’t. – All right, next up, underneath
your three peaks video, the hardest site of cross racing in the world according to Si. – Oh yeah (giggles) – This came in from Jesus
Enrique Rivera Tellez who I think might be Spanish. He put (spells in foreign
language) espanol two, GCN zero. Ouch
– Yeah. – Yeah they are beating
us two nill at the moment, aren’t they? – Yeah, well you say they. – You say they, just mean Oscar. – Oscar is just smashing is all. Yeah, fair point. Also, James Helm was questioning
the mandatory survival bag that all competitors need saying, is it a survival bag or is it a body bag? Which, well, it could double up as that after some of the descents. That’s absolutely true. Or indeed when you play indoors. And then, lastly, Sue Watson
said it’s bonkers, get a horse. There used to be a race in the UK. – That’d be really hard
to put on the shoulder. Wouldn’t they at the hills? – Yeah that’s a good point actually. No, there used to be a
race man v. horse v. bike which was basically the three
peaks with horses and runners. And the bike rider only won once. – Did they? – Mm- hmm. Remember Tim Gould? – Yes.
– It was him. – Very well. – Four of you will remember as well. – Very well, hence, the horse. I do remember Tim Gould, of course, yes. And underneath last weeks show, last comment for this week. Baby Gerald put in my crystal ball, I see a future smart trainer
that replicates crashes. I think they’ll be called rollers. – (laughs) I love it. – There were some amazing
comments beneath that one in reply too so if you
fancy looking at it, head over after watching this show. All right, coming up on
the channel this week. On Wednesday, we’re gonna let you know how to keep warm in the
winter months on your bike. On Thursday, seven things
that you didn’t know about the brand new New York Zwift course. And on Friday we’ve got, as
ever, as ask GCN anything. – Yeah, on Saturday,
Emma is going to show us, and by that I mean all of us, how to do actual science on your bike. If you ever want to test anything, be it the effectiveness of your position, or roaming distance of your tires, then Emma’s going to let you
know the methodology you need. – I see no one likes a smart-ass. – Yeah, everyone likes
Emma though, don’t they? Maybe it’s because she’s a winner. – Yes, that probably is it, isn’t it? – Yeah, probably. Right then, on Sunday, you’ve
been waiting patiently for it. It is the Iceland video where we pitted a gravel bike against a mountain bike to see just what comes out on top
on an epic gravel ride. So look forward to that one hopefully. Set a reminder. And then, of course, Monday and Tuesday, it’s your favorites. The GCN Racing News Show and the GCN show. – And talking about racing, more live coverage aside
across this weekend over on our Facebook page. On Saturday it’s the next round
of the (mummbles) Classics. And on Sunday, the third
round of the Super Prestige, men’s and women’s. So head over there and set yourself some notifications and reminders. – Dan, I believe there’s some
big news from the GCN club. – Big? Huge news. Utterly democratic process
went through recently which means I’m now in my rightful place as the president of the GCN Cycling Club. – Well congratulations, man. I’m not entirely sure about the democracy part
given that Lasty’s away but– – No it was a vote of one
and Lasty’s not really happy about it through the text that you sent me through on WhatsApp. (Simon giggles)
– He’s in Japan at the moment. Anyways, since I’ve started
my tenure as president, I decided we need to brighten things up as things are getting darker
here in the Northern Hemisphere in the evenings et cetera. So sock zero zero five was
a particularly vibrant– – Wow. – Floral design and as you can see. You got your sunglasses on there. – Yeah, mate. – Liked those ones then
we went all out, really. – That’s not all out? – No, zero zero six. – Wow. – That was the design and
judging by our Instagram feed, that has gone down very well
with GCN (mumbles) numbers. – Wow unsurprisingly. Our next sock, then, is going
to be the Christmas sock? – It is. Christmas special sock
has already been designed. It’s down with our factory
in Italy at the moment. It will be sent out to our members on the 15th of November I think is. And, actually, that means that
if you’re not a member yet, you’ve got time to join
and still get that sock with plenty of time to wear
it over the festive period. And there’s going to be a special prize in that period too for
the best photo sent to us, festive photo, wearing the
GCN Club Christmas socks. – Nice one. All right, well if you want
a bit more info on the club, then there’s a link to the club in the description beneath this video. Go check that one out. – Also, we’re expanding in 2019. Can’t give any more news
than that at he moment. We’ll be taking all the
feedback from the members of what else we can do
apart from the socks. Want to get that bit right first but stay tuned for that. – Well, fair play. Dan, you’re taking your role
as Club President seriously. – I am.
– Having voted yourself in. – Coming towards the end of the show now which means it’s Extreme Corner time. And today, we’re going
to watch Ashley Tour going down a water slide on a road bike. (screeching metal instrument sound) (upbeat rock music) – Whoa. – I guess that ending was inevitable, but he could have made it look
more stylish, couldn’t he? – He could but fair play to him for railing down a water
shoot on a road bike. – Especially up north where
it’s always freezing cold. – Plowing headlong into a lake. Yeah, that’s absolutely right. – Thanks to Russell Downing and friends for sending those videos in. – Yeah, right. Now with Extreme Corner, that of course brings us
to the end of the GCN show. We have some announcements,
though, before you go. Firstly, we’ve got a bit
of a deal on in the shop. Which is that you can
get your hands on one of these black essentials
cases with waterproof zip for free when you order a Fan Kit bundle. That offer only lasts till Friday, though, so I hope you’re being punctual with your GCN show viewing because, well. – Shop those (mumbles) at network dot com although we’ll give you a link
on the screen fairly shortly. That’s pretty much the end of the show so we’re going to link to another video. I’m going to be kind to you, Si. Make sure you watch my jump
on the (mumbles) video. (Simon giggles)
– But we are gonna’ hand over to the three peaks site of cross racing – Argh. – Which is a thoroughly
good 15 minute watch. It’s down here – Thanks mate.

100 comments on “Heroes & Villains Of Pro Cycling? Quick-Step Vs Sky | The GCN Show Ep. 302

  1. Your whole opening dialogue was another great argument for a team salary cap. Sky and Quick Step will continue to dominate (especially Sky and stage races) as long as they can "buy" the win. We see this in American Baseball. Look at the 2 teams currently in the World Series… big market teams from LA and Boston. Baseball as no salary cap. Meanwhile NBA, NFL, and NHL do which has lead to parity and more interesting sport. Sky is the greater villain because we experience their domination over weeks vs. a 1 day race interspersed through a long season.

  2. Caption – "Dang it! I knew I shouldn't have tried translating my bike-fit measurements into Chinese all by myself…"

  3. i don't like the idea of teams in cycling @ all. teams seem to "guarantee" an outcome. who want s to watch a race where we know who's going to win on the first day because the team works to get their one man to the finish line and the strongest team dictates the race for all other teams. i think it should be every man for himself/herself, no teams, just talent

  4. as for what you wear and safety: people in baggy clothes look more pedestrian than people in cycling specific clothing. maybe folks give more room on the road to people in baggy clothing because they are perceived as not as cycling proficient, whereas folks in cycling clothing are perceived as being more cycling proficient riders and therefore less likely to freak out if a car passes close.

  5. When i ride in lycra im always abused. When i wear shorts and a tshirt i never get abused. Same bike, same roads, people just dont like lyrca wearing riders. Fools

  6. 24:30 that welded up bike is a dangerous bodge. It's a lugged bike, so the steel may not be suitable for the higher temperatures of welding. And why did the seatstays come loose in the first place? Frame is (s)crap.

    What do you mean, no-one likes a smart-arse???

  7. As an Aussie cyclist ive noticed when i commute with my mtb shorts and backpack, noone says anything and give me space.

    If i ride the same bike with lycra and no backback, people give no space and its a rare ride when someone doesnt abuse me in some way. Aussies suck.

  8. The Andrea Tafi comeback. I love the idea as it mirrors my own current plan. I started racing last year after a fifteen year lay off, I am fifty years old, have shed my excess weight and my power data looks ok, we didn't have that back then. I want to come in under 22 mins for a ten, my PB being 22 dead. All I need is a you tube based cycling magazine type programme to help with, say documentation and blogging. Tafi will do it, he's stayed in good condition and I reckon cycling favours older athletes as there's not as much shock to joints and other body parts. Go Andrea, do it for us old gits.

  9. About the passing distance study. There was a previous study ( on the differences between wearing a helmet or not. It is believed that if you look like a more confident cyclist (Lycra, helmet, road bike) you are perceived as being less likely to wander from your line and vehicles will pass more closely. If you look like an unsteady cyclist with no helmet and casual clothes you’ll get more room!

  10. I think it has to do with the type of races they win, QSF tends to win 1-day races where all riders will go all out whereas Sky wins GTs or overalls which doesn't require you to ride all out all the time, which sadly makes it boring to watch.

  11. For dominance, just read "Tour de France". For most of the cycling media, that's really all they're interested in, and particularly when it comes to the new UCI boss. Nothing really to do with the no. of wins. QS win a lot of traditional one dayers.

  12. On team sky, putting 5 of the top 20 riders on the front on classic climbs, riding at a set power so no-one can attack your lead before you dominate the time trial will make you so unpopular with many that individual efforts will not regain your popularity. Chuck in a few iffy doping connections, tests, and unknown packages and it's easy to see the difference between them and quick step!

  13. Is part of the reason Quickstep are seen as heroes that they are from traditional cycling nations? A Belgian team with French & Italian winners, whereas Sky are British. I'm sure that's part of the reason for Sky's treatment in the TdF

  14. Team Sky's use o TUE's makes it very difficult to believe they are not doping. When was the last time a team had so many do so well in TDF mountain stages? Lance's team

  15. The real reason they are portrayed as villains is the numerous incidences of shady behavior, i.e. Jiffy bag, testosterone deliveries etc. Froome drug test using true for performance gains

  16. Caption: Katusha Alpecin riders beginning to regret volunteering as delivery men for their sponsor when Emma Pooley makes an order

  17. Quick Step win with panache

    Sky don't (often).

    More importantly though, Sky say one thing but do another. They said Moscon had no more chances left, then got another. They said they would be totally transparent but then drip feed power data only when under pressure (in stark contrast to say Pinot or Dumoulin). And they accidentally order a load of doping products. And they change their story 4 times over the jiffy bag before trying to make the story go away. And then there's the sabutamol case…

  18. Because in the world now being a winner (especially a dominant one) makes you an automatic villain – as if you have some unfair advantage. Whether it's Postal (everyone was doping then, btw), Sky now, Merckx (getting punched because God-forbid a non-Frenchman win 6 tours), the New England Patriots in American football, etc. – no one appreciates dominance anymore. If others want to break Sky, MIMIC them. Do what they do, how they do it. It's a predictable formula begun by Postal almost 20 years ago: they did it with tech (which advanced exponentially from 1999-2005 and has not stopped yet) and now Sky (with marginal gains using big data gathered from years of live cycling and cycling research). Get over it, people. You want to beat them, join them. Do what they do and get their results.

  19. Love your show, thanks! Saw your mention of ZWIFT's New York course. Could you do a review of online cycling platforms (comparing Sufferfest and ZWIFT for example)? I looked and searched but couldn't find anything like that on your site.

  20. The domination of Sky and Quick Step comes down to how they go about winning, not the fact that they win as much. Quick Step seem to do it with far more freedom almost freestyle and reacting to the race itself as it happens. Where as Sky usually take control of the race/stage and dominate the entire stage from start to finish killing off any other attacking. They do the same thing over and over, sticking to their plan and getting the out come they desire. Obviously there's the money thing and the jealousy that comes from that when you turn that cash in to concistent wins. Add a little bit of the anger over the races they dominate as they are the most important and a tiny bit of them being a team that comes from Britain or not from "the traditional heartland of cycling" anyway and you've got your reason. For me the bad PR has come from that hate and jealousy not caused it. Lastly people tend to like the little guy doing well. Quick Step have a small pay chest that they do very very well from, they very much, like Sunweb make the most out of what they have that and their far more, seemingly at least, cavalier style. They don't restrict the house of riser that gets to win a race, letting the rider who has the best chance or is in the best place take their chances.

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    Possibly a hack/bodge or bodge/hack.

  22. Are sites like Strava and Endomondo villians ..? KOM titles encourage cyclists to ride irresponsibly , speed limits and traffic lights are ignored and as a result cyclists as a whole are put into conflict with other road users. On my commute into work a section of 20mph road has a KOM record of 35mph , any motorist caught doing that would be facing a fine , penalty points and a possible ban. Imagine the outcry if there were an equivalent site for cars amd motorbikes…

  23. It is the way that race happens. When more recently, I feel sky's dominance has been less recently so the GC has been more exciting (except the time differences between tters and climbers on tts). In my experience, quick step usually attack and have several cards making them exciting? Attacking is more fun than sitting on the front.

  24. Caption: While it took most of the season to determine that 1x was not suited to the pro peloton, it only took a short spin on the latest 0x prototype to convince riders this was not the shape of things to come (despite the aero advantages of doing away completely with pedals, cranks, and chainrings)…

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  27. 6 riders per team and 3-4 more teams, that would be great. Throw more variables into the equation! And about the ‘people love winners’ point: people who have no personal connection to any particular team tend to lean towards the winners: Yankees & Red Sox, Man United, Real Madrid, Lakers, etc.

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  35. I think that after Chris Froome took over from Sir Bradley Wiggins took over and the dominance of team Sky in the Tour de France it took out a bit of the excitement especially for the French !! . I was good to see Froome crack this year (he's human after all) and I wonder if a character like Peter Sagan was at the helm of Team Sky. I was routing for Tom Dumoulin not the most entrtaining cyclist either but at least he threw some excrement exciting in some of his great rides!!!!

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