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Hill Climb Challenge | GTN Vs The Pros

– [Mark] For decades
triathletes and cyclists have been flocking to
the island of Lanzarote for its mild weather, its smooth roads, and its climbs. Arguably the most famous of
them all is this one: Tabayesco. It’s just shy of 10 kilometers with an average gradient of 5% and an elevation gain of 607 meters. Fraser and myself have
cycled it many times. We’ve even raced it many times, but this one might be
our toughest attempt yet. (dramatic drum music) (heavy breathing) – Yeah Mark we’ve, I’m
really actually not sure what we’ve let ourselves in for this time. – Yeah I mean what started
out as a bit of banter between us and a couple of pro athletes, well, it’s turned into
quite the showdown now between GTN and some of the
best triathletes in the world. – Yeah I mean Mark, look,
I really wasn’t that good at climbing when I was racing
professionally, let alone now, so I’m not sure what we’ve
let ourselves in for, but we’re going to have to
try and think outside the box. – Well, it’s probably
time to show you guys what we have let ourselves in for and those athletes that we’re up against. Reece Charles-Barclay,
professional triathlete, husband to Lucy Charles-Barclay, and practically a resident of Lanzarote. Andi Dreitz, IRONMAN
70.3 European Champion, and an animal on the bike. Matthew Bottrill, bike
coach to a number of the top pro triathletes, and a TT Superstar. Lucy Charles-Barclay, (record scratching) who insisted on doing a karate kick. I mean fine. Who are we to say no? And Tim Don, who actually
missed the photoshoot because he was in the van, eating sweets. Oh, and not forgetting
Gary, Lucy and Reece’s mate who, well, seemed to back himself. Yeah. Go on Gary. – OK guys, the race is simple. First one to the top is the winner. And obviously this is
all just a bit of fun, but when you see the winner’s trophy you may decide to lay
it all down out there. Fraser, bring it in! – I think you’ll agree
this is worth climbing for. – Yeah. – But what we will point
out is that Mark and I are at a little bit of a disadvantage here so we’re giving ourselves
a 60 second handicap. Lucy and Reece you get
30 seconds after us, and then the rest of you are following. – Now personally I don’t think
60 seconds is quite enough considering half of
them are on road bikes, but, guess we should forget the excuses. – Yeah let’s just give it a go. – Is that made from the golden fleece? – [Fraser] Maybe. (all laugh) – Do you want to feel it? (all laugh) (ethereal music) (upbeat music) – It’s a tight close one. I think, if Lucy gets her tactics right, I think she’s got a good chance. LL Cool Frase, never discount him. So, where’s the smart money? I don’t know. I just don’t know. Who do you think is going to win Andi? – Well, the guys of GTN are, they look really, really serious, and I think with their advantage
it’s tough to catch them. So, the plan is to get them in the sight, so if we see them, and
hopefully we work together at the beginning to close that gap, and then everything is possible. (dramatic drum music) (dramatic drum music) – [Mark] Spirits are high. The athletes make their
way over to the start line. It’s all smiles now, but
the tension is building. GTN take pole position on the grid with the best pros in
the world behind them. – [Race Announcer] Four, three, two, one. GTN! Let’s go GTN! Come on boys! Come on! – [Tim] Bloody hell I’m
not starting like that. It’s in 30 minutes. We’re never going to catch them! (laughs) (exclaiming) – They take it, they
probably take it serious. – [Mark] Up next from left to right: Lucy Charles-Barclay,
Reece Charles-Barclay, and Gary, looking rather nervous. I’m not sure he realizes what
he signed himself up for here. – [Race Announcer] Come on! Look at that triple push off from Lucy. Come on, pedal the
wheels, pedal the wheels! – All right, we’re not going
that fast, are we guys? (all laugh) – Let’s move up. Move up to the line. Everyone behind me. – [Mark] Interestingly Reece
is already surging ahead, and he’s, um, already dropping his wife. – [Race Announcer]
Three, two, one, go team! (upbeat soft rock) – [Mark] Well that’s it,
we’re all on the road. It’s game time. 10K to go,
Andi Dreitz is on a mission. (rock music) – [Mark] Equally, Reece appears to be on a bit of a mission himself, too. We are being hunted (both laugh) – [Fraser] First pass of the day, and it’s not even five minutes in. (upbeat drumming) – Time to shake the boys,
time to shake the boys! (shouts) So hard! So my game plan is how I always race, which is to go hard from the gun, leave everyone for dead. So I’m going to try
and beat the boys today by going out super hard
and never looking back. – [Mark] Yeah, Andi had different ideas. (rock music) – Yeah, it’s tough. We can see them, we are close. But they are setting a good pace. But yeah, we still have a lot of time to go. Well, my game plan for
today is to start solid and it’s the, yeah,
one of the last days of the training camp. I have really no clue what
the legs are able to do. But then when I feel somebody
struggling I will attack. And yeah, just give it all and uh – yeah, push whatever I can (acoustic guitar) – They’re coming. – My game plan is to
not let my wife beat me. I’m going to set off pretty
much a consistent pace throughout and then try and hopefully save a little bit for a
sprint finish at the end. – [Mark] Hmm. Interesting
that Lucy didn’t feature in that game plan, Reece. ♪ I used to have a wife ♪ ♪ But she said she had enough ♪ – My plan is to get from A
to B as quick as possible. And survival. I’m pretty
smashed in the moment but I’m really looking forward
to having a good hit up. It’s my second time up the climb. I’ve got a factor 30 suncream on my nose, which I probably don’t need,
but always be prepared. – [Mark] Well, we lost
him almost straight away, but as the footage shows, he wasn’t lying. It looks more like a ride
to the shops than a race. Meanwhile, Gary was still in good spirits, but sadly, this is the last
we’ll see of Gary today. (upbeat music) – My tactic is always to take victory. I’m going to go out as hard as I can, and keep going faster. I’m going to smash it up today, big time. (upbeat music) – [Mark] As you can see I’ve been dropped. Fraser and Reece are up the road, and I’m about to be passed but (exclaims) I have a trick up my sleeve. (wind rustling) (cheerful music) – Trying some cheater tactics to try and get myself on to Andi Dreitz
but I didn’t really succeed. And now I’m around, well, we’re about half way up this climb. I know this climb inside
out, which is good and bad in some ways because
I know what I’ve got to come. Because after this we
hit the switch backs. Which, just really hurts, that bit. And you know you’re so close to the end Every turn hurts. But I think that’s going to be the bit that really change the race
up the front because, well, assuming Andi and Matt catch Fraser, maybe they don’t, he’s riding well, I think Andi or Matt, one of them, is going to really kick on
out of one of these corners. But yeah, be exciting to see. (upbeat music) – Mark’s just dropped off half the pace. Back to, I think, I think
Reece is just behind but I know that Andi is, he’s climbing quick. I can see there in the hairpin
that we just went through that he’s not that far behind. So, I’m kind of just, doing my best to stay in front for as long as I can really. Waiting for Andi to catch. Which Will be soon. – Bit of a tough time now, I’m on my own. But not because I’m off the front, no. I’ve had to let Fraser go. And Reece. They’re just going a
little bit too hard for me. I had a funny feeling this might happen. I’m a little bit out of
my comfort zone today. For me, now, I’ll just
try and hold off Lucy! ♪ I did run out of time ♪ ♪ Faced with your advice ♪ ♪ To get her back in line ♪ ♪ Struggled to suffice ♪ ♪ Weighed down by all your pride ♪ ♪ Had to break my stride ♪ ♪ Then get back on my feet ♪ ♪ With nothing left to ensure ♪ ♪ Safe trips ♪ (upbeat pop music) – [Mark] Well it’s probably
time we caught up with Andi, who is on take-down number three. (upbeat music) – [Mark] So here’s where we currently sit. Lucy and myself are riding together, as are Matt and Reece just up the road. Whilst Fraser is still clinging
on to that pole position but Andi is in hot pursuit. (upbeat music) – [Mark] Whilst Fraser is
having his own battle as am I. But I’m a gentleman. I’m going to let Lucy go ahead. (country music) – Right, so, it’s so tough here. (breathes heavily) Trying to keep the gap. We are in the final stage now. Maybe four minutes more and then it’s over. (intense rock music) (heavy breathing) (exclaims) – Mother (bleep)! (heavy breathing) – Well done! – That was some crazy in the beginning. – Well done guys. (heavy breathing) Well done Lucy! – (bleep) – That was emotional. I, uh, couldn’t hang on to Fraser’s wheel. A bit hopped. Recovered a little bit again. And then Lucy came past. Thought I was doing all right, and then just blew up catastrophically. – Oh my god. (laughs) Yeah, game plan kind of
fell apart from the gun. My husband decided to just
leave me straight away, so what’s that for love? Thought we were working together? (Lucy and Reece laugh) – Yeah, it’s a little bit of a poor handicap on our behalf. I’m quite glad I got a minute. Yeah, it felt really good,
so I just kept going. – I got confused I went up to Mirador. (all laugh) I’ve done like 14,000 meters of climbing. Oh my god. And I got burned – sun. – [Mark] The first ever
GTN versus pro challenge and I say that was quite a success. At the prize giving Andi cried and said what an honor it
was to receive such a trophy. It was beautiful. – Mark, I don’t think
Andi wanted his trophy. Look, Andi didn’t even take
the trophy back with him. – Ah, well, that will fit
perfectly in the GTN set. And you did come second after all – I did, I did, I did. Perfect. – That’s going to look
beautiful, look at it. – Yeah, pride and place. Center piece. – And now, on that note, you
went a little bit too fast for my liking. That was pretty impressive. – I, to be honest, surprised
myself with that, Mark. I actually thought I would
be out at the back door pretty much straight away, so. – I think a few more videos for tonight, a year down the line and
we’ll re-do that one. But yeah, if you like this video today hit that thumbs up button. I’m not sure I liked it too much but it was good fun really. Hey if you’d like to see more from GTN you can click on the globe and subscribe. And, we’ve done a pretty good challenge out here before as well. – We sure did. So if you
want to look at that one you can click here.

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