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100 comments on “Himalayan Motorcycle Adventure – Full movie

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  2. A lot of people say you should go on such a trip alone. I wont mind going with this kind of company too. Fun loving guys.

  3. Does anyone have the actual route/Map for this ride? Am planning a trip Manali to Leh and want to take much of this route.

  4. Awesome trip guys, you have been to Himalayas from China and India, only side remains is Pakistan.
    I have been there twice and every time it feels amazing.
    When you plan you visit this side do let me know and i will be happy to be your guide.
    Keep riding!

  5. My wife and I turned 50 this year and we flew from Adelaide to Delhi to rent 2 Enfields and ride the Himalayas. We set off for 3 weeks in shorts and t-shirts and just bought what we needed on the way. No real plan. Everything worked out fantastically and it was certainly an adventure. Don't worry or over-think it, just do it.

  6. I enjoy seeing it again, but I'm longing to see a new adventure with Nugget and maybe Philippe (a compatriot of mine).
    Any project on the way ?

  7. Fantastic movie. Inspired me. Making a similar trip from Manali to leh in September. Have my tickets with my adult son. Anyone? Advice on motorcycle rental in Manali for one way to leh and the ability to use the same bike in and around leh seems like there is a law says you use a rented motorcycle from outside the area. Sad but true. There must be a workaround..

  8. Hi awesome footage. i must have watched it 10 times as i would like to do the same route in 2020. my name is Greg (from south africa) we are 3 guys wishing to do the ride, Can you please email me at [email protected] I would like to get more info about renting bikes. we dont want to go through tour groups…too costly. I would highly appreciate if you would advise us. We plan to ride in 2020

  9. Good. I watched a film last year. With killer riders in black. They chase a group of friends gone for a ride. At last most of them are killed except two of them. Any suggestions on the movie title pls. The killer riders wear black suits.

  10. When you are in India be Indian.. that's the only way to get out in one piece in these road's.. food, road's, secenarie… amazing!!!

  11. Thanks for the inspiration. Iโ€™m a poor sleeper and I thought I would just play this video to fall asleep to. Fat chance, itโ€™s now 4:35am and feeling way to pumped to get any sleep now

  12. Can you FELLAS PLEASE pick up this guy from Ohio for an adventure? Lol…Iโ€™m a fireman who rides alone lot…need an adventure

  13. Awesome you all poke fun at each other….wish everyone from everywhere could get along and enjoy each otherโ€™s cultural

  14. Ya come to Himalaya to see mountains and biking!!! Please don't focus and criticize of what's worse but what you didn't expected to be!!!

  15. The view at 1:02:13 is AMAZING!!!! Btw, great trip, thank you very very much for sharing this expirience with us! โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  16. Wow, they have piped Indian music throughout the entire country. Was hardly a minute in the vid that you couldn't hear it.

  17. Don't think I seen you guys getting gasoline,did most of them little towns have gasoline.What kind of gas mileage did y'all mostly get?

  18. 211 harley road king riders dislike ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„ if I can't take my hog , I'm staying home and polish it !!!

  19. I donโ€™t think Mosko moto reckless bag system is safe in South America especially being made of vinyl, I would like to keep at least the rear mounted lockable box to keep the valuables, especially when you take short brakes for lunch during your day ride, are you planning to remove all the bags including the bag on the gas tank that has a camel bag when you park your motor cycle and get inside a hotel. What is your plan for extra fuel storage, Keep up your good work, we really enjoy watching your channel

  20. I've read quite a lot of the enfield himalayans suffering at altitude, the bs3 models anyway, is it a case of low oxygen to fuel ratio? Couldn't everyone who suffered just adjust the mixer on the carb to componsate for the change? I'm no mechanic, just a question I've always wondered as a lot of peeps slated the bike that was named himalayan and not able to go up them ๐Ÿ˜‚ I know the fi does it all for you now ๐Ÿ‘…… Himalayan owner here in UK and loving it!

  21. That was one crazy video. Very beautifully captured and very informative regarding various conditions one has to face while riding through the Himalayan valleys !! Would like to see you capturing many more such videos in India.
    Happy Riding !! Cheers !!!๐Ÿ‘

  22. mindblowing travel movie, this is the type of company you need for a road trip… feel sad for that German dude… and Nuggets awesome guy to be travel with overall this movie is unique and far far better than all other Leh-Ladakh videos in youtube

  23. Scary… Worse than watching a Ghost Movie, especially where the Bike crosses other Heavy Trucks on the Cliff Edge.

  24. At 31:15 – But 'Kali Mata' doesn't stand for Goddess Black Mother. Rather Kali translates to Kal = Time in a female form as Ma = Mother. As time can absorb everything in this universe, the colour is Black, the ultimate colour.

  25. Great video chaps. I've twice been through the area, but we were on Royal Enfield 500s and Himalayan's… perfect for the terrain. If you head East from Shimla and ride the Spiti, Lahaul, Kinnaur valley's to Rotang Pass, the effect of AMS (altitude sickness) is lessened as you climb in altitude much slower, mind you it is still there i.e. gradual increase in altitude is easier to acclimatize. India is wonderful and beautiful people you meet along the way. Roads are rough and awesome this direction too, lost of gravel roads mostly.

  26. This was the best thing I have watched in years. Absolutely breathtaking scenery. Great personalities. I love that you spent as much time explaining and showing the culture throughout your adventure as you did riding the bikes. Class act film.

  27. Congratulations for every thing, the trip, the quality of the film, your jokes, etc… I am planing to do exactly this trip next July but starting in Manali. Close to the end which way you took from Pagong lake to Sarchu?

  28. People say Chinese dual sports are trash, but y'all made it across india on them. I have a Chinese made 2017 Hawk 250. It has a cloned Honda CG 229cc engine and has been very reliable for over 5k miles since I bought it new.

  29. This was an epic and grand adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed this video. I even subscribed to your channel. Great job producing this video.

  30. pack travelling , riding in a gang mmmmmmm i hate this ….. doing what others want to do its like a bunch of school kids on a outing ha ha …. i travel alone freelance … ha ha do what i want when i want .

  31. Guy who got injured brought with him Klim Adventure Rally Jacket ($1,200) & Pants ($899) with him for this trip. That's over Rs 1.5 Lakh just for pant and jacket, which is wroth more then the motorcycle he is riding. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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