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HITTING THE BIG SET!  Riding the Jump Park and ‘SST’ at Galbraith Mtn | Jordan Boostmaster

HITTING THE BIG SET! Riding the Jump Park and ‘SST’ at Galbraith Mtn | Jordan Boostmaster

What’s up boost bros out here at Galbraith mountain with Wesley and Alex we’re gonna send it we’re gonna ride SST here and uhh maybe we’ll ride something else. We’ll see what we have time for. let’s shred! see you know what I
like? we’ve got a downhill bike We’ve got an enduro bike and we’ve got a hardtail
really sick we’re the versatility yeah man, we’re versatile! it’s just a day trip
in the States today takeing out my evolve alpha and we’re
trying to figure out how to get to the top of a trail called SST and oh look a
skinny! we have to hit this dang it! Oh and it broke too that sucks. one more try we also happened to stumble
across the jump park with green, blue, black, and double black jump lines Let’s do the black diamond line all right whoa, okay if I go for this big line I’m afraid I’m just like
case them all. I don’t know like I’m just kind of out of it right like it’s wintertime
did you ride these before oh yeah cuz I didn’t even ride these yet
the goal today is to hit this whole big line I’m not feeling the most confident
right now being the middle of winter and not hitting many jumps lately this is no
problem but let’s get more comfortable on the
Black Diamond line and then let’s just take it slow I’m gonna have the Black
Diamond line again get warmed up ready to go with alright here we go
Black Diamond line that’s a bit goofy I did okay it was alright we’re gonna practice on the big
line now never tried these but they should be alright
sometimes the smaller jumps can still feel a bit awkward so even though I only
felt okay at the Black Diamond jump line I think it’s time to just go for the
double black line my first ride behind Wesley here oh yeah oh so good whoo yeah baby let’s freakin send it yes something I just sent the whole thing
first try see that’s how good it is to fall behind someone yeah you give me all
the confidence and I just spit in and hit the whole thing I was not expecting
to do that that was awesome I just felt so good I was like oh yeah dude let’s do
it yeah they are yeah dude I just like no break no puddled and send everything
perfect yo keep going for it there you go
aha or even like a rear wheel top too but be even easier just because it’s so
close so I go second we’re out to you behind a river all right okay
what’s just going and then I’m going and then out ha whoa Oh well huh dude that worked out really well
dude Irie Irie retired tap the rock oh it’s that’s so much fun y’all train I’ll go behind all of you
guys whoo yeah buddy yeah
unsoaked alright that was fun but we still gotta find SST and on the way we
found some pretty sweet-looking jumps being built for a new trail I also want
to mention that Wesley made his own video of this day and I recommend you go
check it out since he’s trying to make better videos now and it would be cool
if you guys gave it a view and tell him what you think honestly I think you’re
gonna make a better video than me huh we finally made it to SST it looks a lot
different than the last time I was here around two years ago because they clear
cut a lot of this area now used to be all forested before it’s my first time
in Alex’s and yeah man okay come on yes yes all right whoa alright there’s actually like a
good-sized jump there yeah I just yeah let’s continue with SST then all right so I remember this we go into
some kind of gym all right ah the Suns in my face oh man
the Sun is way in my face a drop is coming up Oh website this that holder ja yeah
sick man did you do the step up yeah yeah sending it oh he’s just sending it
however equal to say hi alright what’s gonna hit the rock drop and send the
jump Oh what happened I guess I could just do
the step up quickly try it out yeah okay well let’s hit the setup again hopefully
he can do it yeah no problem well that was a lot of fun let’s
continue send it oh we got some bud whoa oh the Suns in
my eyes whoa okay I wasn’t all ready for that yeah buddy getting dark in here Oh buddy
exhausting yeah yeah yeah dryer to house the downhill bike on it bro
some parts of good boots like I wanna like go faster yeah no oh Wesley’s on
the hardtail he’s sending it yeah frickin Fricks yeah I lost my gloves
actually I forgot them at the jump park in case you’re wondering why I still
have no gloves on oh well the good thing Hannah bugs gives me lots of gloves
speaking of hand up gloves if you use the code boost master yes with the
dollar sign you get 10% off on your next order I do get a commission from that so
it does help out the channel as well thank you to hand up gloves for
supporting me in that way all right this is where we go left and
this part it’s pretty fun you’re gonna have more fun on the socks wha-what oh yeah all right yeah oh yeah pull all that skin et the heart
out to your car Oh hmm I was such a good ride such a good day
good day man yeah yeah I was fun to like send those jumps like I was surprised
how quickly I was able to just get them all I always try to be more cautious so
I’m like a bit more like scared or fearful and then like I’m just the
opposite once I’m in the zone I’m just like oh whatever it’s all good all right
guys so my day here in Bellingham is over and man that was such a fun ride I
just love the fact that like we’re on a hardtail and enduro bike and downhill
bike and you know what we’re just all riding together we’re all riding the
same stuff and I think that’s just a ton of fun you know riding with my bros Alex
and Wesley those are the best times thanks so much for watching everyone
hope you enjoyed this video I encourage you guys to check out my patreon page
you got extended cuts put on there I got some early access videos some exclusive
content here and their patrons are a huge help with my channel and my
favorite kind of sponsors so I encourage you guys to check out slash
and Jorden boost master thanks guys see you next time

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  1. i think if you did for enduro and dh races one everyone would love it and two you would probably get more and better sponsors

  2. Hey guys sorry about the weird upload schedule lately! I went to Costa Rica and had a great time last week and I should be back on track to uploading every Wednesday from now on!

  3. A double black jump trail in Florida is a bunch of small table tops three Rollins and a bunch of rollers but I still think that there are jumps you would love at the same place which are about three times the size

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  5. Been waiting for someone to make a vid of this gem spot in Galbraith. If your on the north shore or west coast at all hit up this mountain!!! Dope vid Jordan 馃槈

  6. SO SICK i want to ride with you one of these days, Come further south tacoma/king county. I can take to some dope trails you will love.

  7. that jump line looks sweet- noticed the x-up atempt- would love too see you atempt more tricks, nice video keep it coming!

  8. A perfect boost video: speed, jumps, narration, fistbumps and metal tune in the beginning!!! Mahalo, my dude! 馃馃馃

  9. How come this guy still doesn't have any real sponsers, he is legit one of the biggest riding channels and a very good rider

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