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HJ-EP10 – Royal Enfield Himalayan review after 23 days and 3100kms, end of the motorcycle tour

We’ve slept in this resort this night. The A/C was working luckily. It’s extremely hot. I’m not sure how hot it is. My bike shows 43 degrees C. It mistakes the measure by 8-10, so it’s about 33-35. But there was no wifi. No wifi. Ishpan was quite upset. A Facebook maniac. We’ve packed. We’re gonna sleep one more somewhere. We’re going to arrive to Delhi tomorrow,
where we give back the bikes. Hi, cow. He passes in front of him. The bikers as well. There’s no huge traffic at all now. The last motorbiking day has arrived. We’re going back to Delhi. Still 208kms to go. Look at the place where we were sleeping. The hotel was awful. I couldn’t sleep well, I got diarrhea. The door was knocked at 1am. Three armed policemen were investigating
what we were doing here. It seems the team is ready. Let’s head to Delhi. So guys We’ve returned to the bike rental after a difficult day. To Delhi, to Stonehead Bikes. The bikes are returned. The temperature was between 35-38 degrees Celsius. We got really hot. I haven’t eaten and drunk the whole day due to my flux. So I got really weak. I’m better now after changing in the office with A/C. A few words about the bike. Here we have this beauty. 400ccm. With luggage racks. Additional fuel tanks. What can I say? It’s a very interesting machine. At first, its front tyre is 21″. All my bikes to date had 19″. I’m not sure about the difference between 19″ and 21″. But certainly, with this bike, I can enter water crossings and any other off-road sections. I wouldn’t be dare to do the same with my Honda Crosstourer which weights double of this. About the bike itself, I can say that it’s a small bike. The fuel tank is about 8-10 liters. You can ride about 350-360kms by one tank. It’s most convenient travelling speed is 80-90 km per hour. It can run by 100-110. Ishpan tested it. He rode by 120 kmh with all the luggages. That was the maximum. I can’t propose it to the Hungarian roads. I mean for the tarmac. For off-roading, for roaming, it is perfect. We had no technical difficulties. Except for the only case when I fell to the water and it slurped the water in. The cylinder had to be cleaned to be able to restart it. And furthermore, what I’m not communicating here we had to change the oil that got milky coffee-like. It was operating perfectly after that repair. Oil was refilled. The oil level was absolutely stable. It was working well. It’s 6517kms. I took it with 3400kms. So, our tour was 3100kms. The engine itself is good. It was convenient to ride with. It was perfect for the Indian environment. For Hungary and for Europe it’s not the best. It’s not powerful, not accelerating well, it’s weak a bit. I mean for normal roads. As I do not ride off-road back at home I cannot judge how good it would be for off-road. What else can I say? I got loved it, I enjoyed riding it. There’s only one serious problem with it is when it’s fully loaded with packages, you must be very careful with the side stand. The bike must lean to the left. Otherwise, it can fall to the other side. Ishpan had this trouble, unfortunately. If it would be shorter by one centimeter then it would be much safer. When it’s empty it’s easy to put on the middle stand. When it’s loaded then it’s difficult. We always helped each other to put on the middle stand We always maintained the chain. Later in the service, they cleaned and tightened it. Its break is quite good, having ABS. ABS was working, helped us several times. When they stopped in front of us, we had to stop suddenly. And it worked properly all the time. Don’t look at the current status. It’s very dirty and filthy at the moment. It requires huge cleaning. The luggage racks worked for me fine. These screws had to be tightened from time to time. Let me show you Gabee’s bike. The racks broke 4 times. It’s Ishpan’s. Gabee’s bike had to be welded 4 times. One welding is here. Two times here, that is three. And once here, that is four. Gabee spent 6-7 hundred rupees only for welding. This one was eating up the oil. We can say when we rode by 70 and below it was not consuming oil. But on highways at 80kmh it was eating a lot. So we had to fill up time to time. It’s a 2015 or 16 model. This is 2018. Mine is 2019. It was perfect, not consuming any oil. It was working properly. That’s all for now. We’re giving back the bikes, taking back the deposits. We exchange some of it to rupees. I don’t have any rupees left. We’re going to hotel. We’re going to rest some. And tomorrow morning we’re going to Agra. By a taxi. And we’re visiting the Taj Mahal on Thursday morning. After that, we’re gonna swim in the pool of the hotel. We’re going to sunbathe, rest and having some beer. There’s a fort, the others want to visit it. I’m definitely not. After checking the Taj Mahal I’m going to picture and record it just for you I will go back to the hotel and spend there the day. Friday night we’re staying the same hotel as today. After a short sleep, we’re flying home with the early morning flight. But I’ve been running too much ahead. I will record at the Taj, in Agra, so we will meet. Bye.

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