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Homemade 3 WHEEL SCOOTER Baotian ?!  PART 2

Homemade 3 WHEEL SCOOTER Baotian ?! PART 2

So you guys have probably seen the last video where I made this three wheel scooter out of my old 50 cubics scooter. And while welding, I thought I pulled out every important part of the scooter: the accumulator and all the little things. But it seems I haven’t pulled out the stator, the most important part that gives the spark to the spark plug. I ordered a new stator, mounted it and it didn’t work at all. And the possibility that I take it apart and go take it to a service is really slim. And there are no services around my town either so that means I would have to go to a second, third town. So I had an idea to switch the 50 cubic scooter to a 200 cubic scooter. This is a 208 cubic Ducar motor which I actually put on the go-kart and I think it will fit perfectly on this build. I think we will have to improvise a little but we have to work with what we have! So let’s get to it! The back axis was done by a lathe operator. I currently do not have a lathe tool but I plan on getting one. The bearings are in a 24 mm housing. He punched out the bearings out the wheel itself (there were some inside). He made me an 24 mm axel with a shell. As you can see, he left a big enough space for the disc to not get scratched. He left me a 24 mm reception here for the chain and he secured it all with a screw so that everything will move as it should. He’s done that on the other side as well. Now it is all secure and it won’t fall apart. Now we will continue the build. We have a centrifugal clutch with this chain which came from Banggood. You can find it on Banggood or on the link in the description. We got a brake system from Banggood as well. It is the whole system with discs but this time I will put the disc aside and I will just use the jaw and the brake itself. The brake itself is aired and it has all the oils inside. I will also leave the link for it in the description. I got this fuel filter from GearBest. Link in the description. Since this pump doesn’t let fuel go through we will have to improvise and drill this reservoir. For the exhaust, we will use this fake one from Banggood. I will leave the link of the video in which we tested this exhaust and also the link for the exhaust itself. And now this little hose for the pump is giving me a headache. It is too short. And since there is no proper store in my town, I will have to improvise once again. Stick around so you find out. Since my camera bugged out, I’ll explain it myself. So we welded these sides and we put protectors on the hood. I just used two 12 cm rods. And on the top we put the tighteners. That’s it. We’re going back to the video. You can also find these laser lights on Banggood, link in the description. So guys, welcome to the end of part 2! In the third episode I will show you how I painted it and the final test. Tell me in the comments how you like it and if you like this type of videos. So that is it, leave a like, share and subscribe and I will see you in part 3. Bye!

100 comments on “Homemade 3 WHEEL SCOOTER Baotian ?! PART 2

  1. Predobro izgleda, svaka čast na svom uloženom trudu, super je i to što si ubacio 200cc motor
    Inače taj kilometar malo ispoliraj da se bolje vidi mada i sad je u fullu

  2. ma ti si legenda sta kosta to jel se moze to kupiti ja sam iz austrije imao bih interesu super si samo tako nastavi drago mi je da ima nasih ljude sto to znaju super da si ovde u austriju bio bi pin para bratko

  3. Eee ako ti neće upaliti bontiak na akumulator proba ga skinuti i na kurblu bez akumulatora meni isto nije htio i bez akumulatora je upalio

  4. ok super hvala ti puno ja koristim marke od park side kako je to jeli to dobro nesto imam skoro sve od parkside

  5. Evo sad rasklapam jedan auto da ga odnesem na otpad I Planiram uzet VW bubu I stavit motor od neke freze malo jace. Vidim mogu ici do neki 75-80km/h, a I da napravim sper da rade zajedno I da je startan.

  6. Sve pohvale
    Ali da ti kažem iskrene zamijerke
    Tu izduvnu granu na auspuh i sam auspuh si trebao bolje spojiti i napraviti
    Zadnji amontizer nisi trebao podizati trebao si ga spustati
    Prednja hauba ti nije trebala ili bar ne tolika,i prednje vjesanje i sama širina je prevelika

  7. Matori, šalji kod mene da ti izviklujem stator alternatora! Ima dodam par namotaja da bude još jača varnica! 😂😂 Mislim ja bi ti rado izviklovao, ali ne verujem da bi ti slao u srbiju!

  8. Meni je bilo iskreno ruzno ali kada sam vidio taj limeni oklop ono me baš iznenadilo i rekao sam da izgleda perfekt a mogao si jedan projekt mini motora uradit sve ram da praviš iznova i taj motor da staviš od 200 kubika poz

  9. Svaka čast, dao si mi ideju u vezi mašine (agregata), imam PGO comet i imam problema sa njim a i kod mene u Srbiji se teško nalaze delovi za taj motor tako da zahvaljujući tvom videu ako ne osopsobim ovu mašinu, ugrađujem drugu slična tvom na tvoj način, hvala i svako dobro 😀

  10. Вот этот маятник поставь на скутер и и прокатить лучше на японский

  11. Aw man, I could have helped you fix that old gy6 engine. I regret not being in a position to help.

  12. Es liegt nicht an der zündung sondern du hast den zündunterbrecher Co Seite Ständer entfernt wodurch kein zündfunke mehr an die Kerze kommt Bau den Kontakt am Seiten Ständer ab Klemm den wieder an den Kabelbaum und klem den pin fest so als würde quasi der Ständer oben sein dann würde der Motor laufen

  13. Зачем мотопед порезал!? Когда эта колымага тронется с места?

  14. I was with you on first video of build. Now I am stunned by how dumb you are you took a perfectly working scooter you take it a part. So far I'm with you, Then you remove the motor add a lawn mower engine ,What the he–. Are you thinking. You could easily have assembled a rear end and you should never have dissembled the scooter dumb as a rock Video # isn't worth watching .

  15. i wanted to watch this cause of you using a scooter engine, well ur not, why did you even use the scooter in the first place?

  16. Dr. D.S.
    Awesome build!!!!!!! I am almost but not sorry your stator didn't get completely isolated, because if it had not, then the changes wouldn't have happened and I wouldn't have seen and learned some things I have been wondering about!!!

    Do any of you negative people pay any attention to anything at all?????? Daannnng!!!

    He fully intended to use the scooter engine!!! He states in the beginning if you are going to do any kind of build like this, that you MUST make sure to not only disconnect the battery, but you must also disconnect all electrical components completely from one another, from ground etc.!!!! Well as he states, he obviously thought he had BUT unfortunately he missed at least one run to the stator and thus overloaded the electrical wiring of the stator and either caused a short or an open…likely an open!

    He states he can send it out for diagnosis and possible repair but there is no local shop in his town or nearby towns so that would mean going at minimum of two towns over to get repairs done, SO INSTEAD, he goes with the "new" and higher horsepower engine!!!

    This actually accomplishes a fix instead of a complete disaster of needing to just scrap the entire thing, but it also gives viewers a rare glimpse in how some things, they may have never known otherwise, work, AND, a way of going around, and or repairing as original and easy to more sophisticated options one could use instead!!!

    So grow up, grow some decency, grow a better and more positive attitude and actually learn something!!! One can still do as he originally intended to do from viewing this, or upgrade if they have a scooter but a non-operational motor or would like to use the existing of most everything but upgrade the motor instead!!!! Y'all should apologize and learn and if not… minimum bug off!!
    If you don't have the guts, the balls, the strength of character to apologize, you need to seek help from your parents, your peers, a pro or all of the above, and be ashamed of yourself, your behavior and attitude until you do apologize!!!


  18. Po meni super si sve odradio samo mi nekako mnogo sirok raspon izmedju prednjih tockova i to bi noglo da ti pravi probleme tokom voznje ja sam bravar zavarivac i imo sam takav projekat

  19. You are very good at your mechanics bud. Enjoy your videos. How's the tank coming? I can't wait to see it. Your friend from Larned, Kansas.

  20. Why the small engine ? couldnt you get the baotian engine working ? You have to join the kick stand wires to get it to work. lol. You unplugged the side kick stand and that breaks the circuit for starting.
    Zašto mali motor? zar nisi mogao da baotijev motor radi? Morate se pridružiti žicama potpornog postolja da biste uspjeli. lol. Isključili ste bočno postolje za udarac i time prekida krug za pokretanje.

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