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Hookie Episode 8 — “Wolf” Honda CB 750 K7

Hookie Episode 8 — “Wolf” Honda CB 750 K7

Welcome to the new Hookie episode.
This time I’m going to introduce you to our Wolf. Based on a Honda CB
750 K7, a very special construction year 1978. One to the last series
with this model. We have invested a lot of time and also produced a lot of unique items. Starting with the tank. Based on the original tank, we have added a pair of knee indentations left and right. The original
tank cap was completely removed and replaced with a small pop-in fuel cap,
made of aluminium. Let’s move on to the tail, the
most complicated project with this motorcycle The old CB engines still have
an external oil tank, but of course we wanted to keep the clean look and the free frame triangle. Therefore we have build a completely new oil tank, which sits under the seat. It’s completely made of 2mm aluminium. It was a little bit tricky, because all in all we needed about a
volume of 3.1 to 3.2 liters and that is quite a lot, but we have got it done.
The tail above is also a new interpretation of our popular
hawk tail. I was trying to do some kind of hovering stern to build, you see it
maybe right now faded in at process, I only started to work with
clay to define a shape. the tail then was also made from 2 mm aluminium.
All parts are hand formed and welded. It is a
absolutely unique that does not exist yet It fits perfectly in the
overall picture. The front was of course also complete
revised. This time the performance was in the foreground, before the design.
Therefore now working as fork is an upside down fork of the GSX-R 750.
In cooperation with cognitomoto, which gave us a little help there,
we have had the stem re-turned, completely with the same aluminum which we used
in the GSX-R and so we can use the original fork bridge.
This was a very very large effort And to all those who like to do this:
Be aware it’s a lot of work! The tires are completely re-spoked. The rear has 18 inches, the front 19.
They are aluminum wheels from San Remo. In the rear wheel the original hub works with a drum brake and in the front there is a cognito hub which was especially made for the GSX-R fork. Everything is of course powdered in a super nice super matt-black and the stainless steel spokes round off the overall concept. The wheel set was newly covered with Shinko e270 tires. In the front 19 inch x 4.0 and in rear 18 inch x 4,5. We pass on to electronics, there
now also works a completely new Moto gadget unit blue with bluetooth.
We have installed an electronic ignition. We have installed the mo.switch controls.
We have worked a small Motoscope tiny into the front and a small
RFID ignition lock into the fork bridge A total of one round thing. At the cockpit we have attached importance
to go more into performance. So we have installed clutch and
brake fittings from Accossato and in cooperation with the Nissin
brake system which is also original on the GSX-R we have got a super crunchy
pressure point and is not at all comparable with the original brake system. The concept of the Wolf and the complete bike was: First of all more performance. Secondly, it must be completely monochrome. And thirdly it’s allowed to look
aggressive, evil and rough. Our varnisher Adrian, many thanks
again for an enchanting work at the Wolf, really gave us again our
beautiful contrast between mat and high gloss black. As you can see,
this monochrome looks just gives the bike the last
detail. I am super proud of the Wolf It’s one of my favorites, of all my builds. And therefore, have a lot of fun with the
following driving shots.

8 comments on “Hookie Episode 8 — “Wolf” Honda CB 750 K7

  1. Deine Bike‘s sind ein absoluter Traum! Eure Werkstatt , eure Philosophie und eure Designideen sind einmalig! „Wolf“ ist für mich dabei der absolute Höhepunkt, ich würde es direkt bei mir ins Wohnzimmer stellen 😍! Wie wollt ihr das noch topen? Freue mich schon auf weitere Episoden…. Grüße aus Ingolstadt

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