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Hot Tech From The Waterloo UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup Pits

Hot Tech From The Waterloo UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup Pits

– So we’re here in Waterloo, Wisconsin at Trek Factory headquarters
for their Trek CXC cup weekend. It’s a big cyclo cross festival, they’ve got tons of racing
going on, from little kids all the way up to the World Cup. It’s going to be a good weekend. In the pits though,
there’s a lot of new tech that I want to check out,
give you guys the scoop on. (slow music) (“Reveille”) Okay so I’m here with
Morgan from Challenge tires and we saw you in the
pits and we had to ask, ’cause you had a couple of backpacks on and I knew there had to be
something cool in there. Can you tell us about what you have? – Well you made me dig
it out, and well this is gravel stuff, that’s a cross race. – Yes. – But gravel, of course, is an evolution of the cycle cross, and
everything we learned in cross, now we’re going to carry to gravel. And the beauty of it is that gravel, you get to play with all the sizes. So we have the first tubeless tubulars. Handmade construction, this
is the Strada Bianca 36. And so the tubeless tubular allows you, it’s the first tubular that
allows you to get a cut and plug the tire. And so we have fused this
very light, latex inner tube to the wall of the tubular, so if you do happen to get,
in the flint hills of Kansas, and the sealant– – It’s too big. – It’s too big for the
sealant, you just plug it and ride it home. – Keep going. – And then off you go and– – That’s going to be music
to the ears of the riders that are out there with big tires but they obviously want
this high-end ride quality from a tubular. But to be able to patch it like that I think is going to be well received. – This is the cats meow,
this is the, has to be. – So great. Do you think that we’re
going to see this technology trickle down to the cyclo-cross tires? – Well we actually made a
batch a couple years ago bu they just didn’t see,
’cause you’re going around and you can ride a flat
if you get to the pit, and then change it out. And there’s just a little,
little loss of suppleness that the cross people
just have to have that. – I know. – The ultimate, the ultimate, you know. – I know. – And the pit’s right there, so. – Well thank you so much
for showing us this, it looks really nice and yeah
thank you again for your time. – Thank you. (slow music) – More cool tech from the
pits here at the CXC cup. Mike Barry, mechanic for, talk to us about these pressure guns that you guys are using. – So these are Craftsmen pressure guns, we use all the same one. We assign them to different riders. We don’t necessarily
need to worry too much about whether the pressure
is exactly accurate or not, as long as every rider uses
the proper gun, 25 pounds. Whether it’s 25 pounds in
this gun, is always the same. – I got it. Yeah ’cause that’s why you guys each, Kaitlin Keough has her own gun. Stephen Hyde, and Curtis
White, they have their own gun. The other riders, you guys
have other riders on the team and on your development team. – Yup, that all use a particular gun every time they go to use it. – I love it, and so this originally, it was designed to be
something that was used out on the road with your car tire. – Automotive, it was designed
for straighter valves and it was designed
for balls and footballs and things like that. – Yeah, and you have
a lot of the pro teams re-engineer these guns to be
able to put a Presta valve on them and then be able to
fill these tires up super quick. – Yeah absolutely, and it’s accurate, the digital gauge is great, you don’t have to deal with the dial, and they do tenths of a pound. – Yeah exactly, and you
don’t need to worry, ’cause again, it’s not
about if it’s 25 pounds on this one, just the
most important thing is that it’s the same every
single time on that gun. – If that’s what you think 25 pounds is, that’s what we want to make sure. – As a former pro-rider,
I could appreciate that we use the same
gun every single time. Yeah cool all right,
well thank you so much. – Thank you. (slow music) – We’re over at the Sram
booth and I ran into Dan. Dan, tell us about what’s
going on with these cranks, this is unique because you
guys have a lot of athletes running one by systems with a power meter and it’s different than your road set up. – Sure with eTap AXS, traditionally when you
have a red crank set the chain ring is all machined
out of one piece, aluminum. So with cross, typically
it’s the 1x set up, so every crank bolt force
in red is ready to go with power or without. So this crank here we’re
showin single chain ring without a cork power meter. If you want to run power,
all you do Is grab a spider run a four bolt chain ring, go 1x or 2x and it’s all power metering
integrated into it. – Wow, that is, that is
really cool and I think, I think for people that are out there, with a 2x want to go to a 1x,
there able to do that as well. – It’s super easy eight
bolts and it gets you there. – Ready, thank you. – Thank you. – [Narrator] So I’m here
with John at Shimano and we’re looking at
the new GRX group set. This is new for you guys can
you tell me a little about what’s going on here
and, and in particular, I’m really interested in
these buttons that shift on each side of the top. – Yeah, so Shimano wanted
to release a gravel specific group set, so something
a little bit more robust for gravel cycle cross use. So a nice feature are those
buttons right here one top just to get you another
position to shift in. (relaxing music) So it’s just a nice comfortable place you can use your thumbs to go up or down that can set however, however you like. – Cool, all right well
thank you, thank you so much for showin us. – Yeah, yeah thank you for comin by. – All right so we’re continuing
to look at cool stuff that we’ve seen here at the Trek CXC cup and I found Andrew, Andrew tell us what the heck is going on with these. – Yeah so this is a PVC bike
holder that we have here and the idea is to be
able to fit four bikes in the back of our van
here that which we use as our team vehicle. In order to keep everything
organized and upright, and clean and safe, and
to maximize the storage space in the back of our small van. – Yeah I think it’s pretty cool, if I’m thinking about it
when I use to drive around in my old school Caprice,
we used to just have to ram those bikes in there and unfortunately they would chip up the paint
and get some things messed up. This is a pretty, yeah lots
of ingenuity going into this (laughs) and and the ability– – Thank you – Yeah you’ve just taken
literally, what, I don’t know how much but maybe ten
dollars of PVC pipe, you’ve kind of created a jig
and then you’ve replicated, you got four of them in
there and it keeps everything super clean, I assume the
wheels can tuck in between each of them. – The wheels can tuck in
between each of them and they all fit together nice,
and they’re cut to fit in the van so everything
fits in there really neatly. Leave just the right amount
of space for everything and keeps it from falling
over and moving around. And the bikes stay out
of elements as well. – Can people pick these up at your local sponsor at the
Pony Shop up in Chicago can people pick these up? – Unfortunately not , people
are going to have to– – Look you up on Esty. – Their going to have
to look me up on Esty or (laughs) use a little elbow grease. But I think, I think these
are much within ability of any, you know, master
carpenter. Master carpenter. – I could not do this. Thank you these look amazing. – [Andrew] Thank you Jeremy. – Mike has a beautiful set
up here at the Sram booth. Talk to us about your, talk
to us about your tool box and this rapid charging
station that you have. – Yeah, so the tool box I custom made, we have some red carbon
fiber piece build in to it. I also have solar power battery charger that are built into the bottom of it. – [Jeremy] Yeah. – With some charger cradles that are here. But we also have for these
bigger events the need for more charging to be done at once. So we created a box that’s a travel box. Plug directly in and now we
can charge up to 8 batteries at one time, we’ve also
got a USB because there is always somebody who wants to, charge their phone at some point. But yeah that’s everything
you see here is just custom made with red
carbon fiber underneath it. Has to be Scram red to
match us, so if something is missing we know exactly what’s missing. – I love it, changing in the times, it used to be housing and
cables and all this extra stuff and now you guys are going electric. Everything has to be electrified and so having these
solutions to be able to, to be able to kind of meet the demands of what’s going on here,
portable energy is got to be a huge part of your life now. – [Mike] Absolutely, and
I’ll even carry a solar panel out on days like today
where it’s really rainy and overcast but the
solar panel will actually charge up enough to keep up with it. – I love the ingenuity, awesome. – Thank you. – Okay so we moved over the
feedback tent and we met up with Jeff, Jeff you have
your chain keep here you even got a custom
edition for the Trek CXC cup. Talk to us. – [Jeff] Yeah this is
such a great event for us and we love coming out here and racing and participating in the expo. So we deciding to make a
co-branded Feedback Sports Trek version of our chain
keeper that works for both through axles and QR. – [Jeremy] Awesome, and
this is something that can literally like if I have a
bike that’s, like you said, through axle or regular
just quick release, this goes on it and tensions the chain and allows me to like clean my
bike, or store it, or rack it or whatever. – Traveling too, a lot of
people like to take their, obviously their wheels
off in their travel bag and this keeps chain tension on the chain so it’s not slapping
around that chain stand. – Yeah, very cool all
right, thank you so much. – You bet thanks for stopping by. – Okay we ran over to the Stan’s tent and they were packing up
but we got a glimpse of a new tire, and Drew tell us
about what’s going on with this. – So we got our prototype
mud tire from Maxxis we do a little bit of modification to it so there are kind of a wide center knob that we trim up a little bit so that it sheds mud a little better. It’s what the girls prefer,
hopefully we won’t have to use it tomorrow, we’ll see what
the weather does though. – It’s lookin pretty rainy out there It’s a working prototype
for sure and obviously It’s a, It’s tubeless design
so a lot of riders we’ve seen doing tubulars but
stans, obviously known for being tubeless and
your technology that you have there is a, I believe
a patented rim as well. – [Drew] It is, it is we’ve
got five different patents on our rim shape but kind of
our whole deal is that the tubeless that we’ve been
running the cross team for a number of years so we’re
happy to support athletes and be a part of the sport. And we’re excited about
the world cup tomorrow. – What, what is the lowest
pressure do you can get away with on a tire like this,
prototype or not, just curious I think that it’s– – We run well into the low teens. I think the lowest cord we ran
last year was something like thirteen- fourteen. – Wow – We get them low – It’s come a long way. (laughs) So cool to see. All right
well thank you very much. – Thank you Jeremy. – So that’s all the tech
for the Waterloo World Cup here at Trek HQ. It’s a fun time for me I hope
you guys enjoyed the video. If you like this please
give it a thumbs up leave a comment below, let
us know what you liked the most and if you want to subscribe to GCN please click right here.

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    To illustrate My point, here's the Emonda ALR 5 Disc (I know, but I assure you it is aluminium, much as it looks like carbon. And mind the colour! Stunning!):
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