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Hot Wheels Figure 8 Raceway fun with Toys School – Hot Wheels Car Track

The first time they crashed I think it is because This car went too fast And the other car didn’t get pass in time Let’s take a look at the slow motion playback My name is Zac Zac My name is Bryan and this is my little brother – Zac Zac! Today we are going to unbox this Hot Wheels Figure 8 Raceway! There is one car and one booster! There are 3 ways to build this track! First one is 8! Second one is 8. And the third way looks like a mickey mouse! Welcome back to Toys School. Remember to Like and Subscribe! Let’s unbox this! I think it’s here! Let’s unbox this together!We did it! Lots of tracks! This is the motorised launcher! And now we are going to take out the instruction and the Hot Wheels Stickers! Now let’s try to put the tracks together! Where is the car? Where is the car? We forgot to get the car out! Look! Let’s see what HotWheels car we get! El Super Fasto! Zac zac do you want to build the track? Ok! Let’s build it! We built this with tiny bit of help! So Let’s play! First we are going to try El Super Fasto! I don’t think I can add another car to this track! Let’s just add more cars to the track! Look we did it in the right timing! That’s why they don’t crash and hit each other! So you have to get the right timing! It’s hard to get 3 cars on the track!But you can do it! See you again in the next Toys School adventure! Bye Bye!

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