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HOT WHEELS NA CAMA!! Pista Track Builder Corrida de Carros da HotWheels

♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ What’s up, folks!
I’m here in Maikito’s bedroom, he’s at school and I have a surprise for when he comes home,
I’m gonna build a frenzied Hot Wheels track right here on top of his bed. Check out all the
pieces we have to set this track. We have lots of straight lines, curves, loops,
two boosters that run on batteries, all of this cars that belongs to Maikito, I’ve separated
these other ones ’cause they are newer, and all of this accessories.
Then let’s get down to it, crazy fella! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ All set, folks, I’ve finished setting it up.
Check out this stylish track, crazy fella! I used two loops and two boosters.
The track starts over there. It starts on that edge, goes down and makes its
first curve, then through the first booster and into the first loop, then it has a 180 degrees
curve that leads to the 2nd booster, goes through the 2nd booster, another curve over
Captain America and the blue bunny, the it comes back in this direction, makes
another curve before exiting the bed, goes over the cushion and finally ends
going into Maikito’s toy box, where Doraemon, Marshall from Paw Patrol,
the blue elephant and many others await. Only but the cars who manage to fall inside
the box will be considered winners, if more than one car manages that, we’ll have a
tie break to decide which one is the champion. Now we’ll wait for Maikito to come home,
Claudia went to pick him up, he’ll be here shortly, Let’s see how he reacts once he arrives. But before that, I’m gonna test one car just
to check if the track works, I haven’t tested it yet, so let’s
turn this booster on… [BOOSTER RUNNING SOUND] …now the other booster… …and let’s launch this car as a test lap. [CAR RUNNING SOUND] Wooow! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Uhhh, this one is out! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Don’t stop! Come on, come on, come on… Oh yeah baby! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Try this one! You think this one will manage?
Let’s see, go! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Uhhh, rolled over!
Let’s put it here aside. Go! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Uhhh, it hit the curve.
Another one! Oh yeah, baby! 3… 2… 1… go! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Uhhh, this is a weak one, it seems
its wheels are getting stuck. Let’s try this green one. ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Let’s try the Corvette now, try it out! The convertible Corvette, crazy fella,
it’s its time to shine! Go! Uhhh, they are all rolling over after the first
curve, it’s a very dangerous curve, fella! The Tank Truck now! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Uhhh, it rolled over on the curve.
Almost, but no. Let’s try the Dodge. Try the Dodge. Go for it, Dodge! Oh yeah, baby! Uhhh, it almost made it through
the curve, but no. Let’s try the truck now,
just to be different. Go! Come on! Uhhh, everyone is getting stuck on this curve. Let’s try the Missile Tailgater! Uhhhh! Now this one, check out how stylish it is! Oh yeah, baby! Uhhh, it rolled over on the 2nd loop! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Now Mario’s car, try this one now,
it’s a stylish one! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Uhhh… ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Now we are gonna try this purple Ford Focus.
Check it out, crazy fella! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Uhhhh! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Pickup truck! Ops, this one doesn’t fit the track.
It doesn’t work, folks, it gets stuck. Its wheels are too big, they end up stuck, so
let’s leave it aside and try another one. Let’s try another Pickup truck,
the black one now. 3… 2… 1… go! Oh yeah, baby! Uhhh, it rolled over!
Let’s leave it aside. Check out the skull, it’s very stylish!
What’s the sound of the skull? Raaawr! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Now we’re gonna try the famous Lawn Mower,
folks, this one is a true champion. Go, Marcos! On 3… on 2… on 1… Lawn Mower! Uhhh… he’s not the same as he once was. Shall we try this one?
Let’s try the vampire car? What’s the sound of the vampire car? Pire! Very good! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Let’s try this one, I find it very stylish.
What’s its name? It’s Chrysler! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Next up, I’m gonna pick another small one,
so that it matches the Chrysler. It’s named Rocket Box! Oh yeah, baby! Go! Come on! Come on! Uhhh! Uhhh! Let’s try one of the new ones now, this one. This one is very stylish, check it out,
the spider car! It’s named Street Creeper! How do you say it? Spidy! Ouch! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Another of the new ones,
this one is really stylish! Super Blitzen!
How do you say it? Blitzen! Oh yeah, baby! Oh yeah, baby! Oh yeah, baby! Uhhh, it rolled over on the 2nd loop. Rolled over! Rolled over! [MAIKITO REPEATS]
Rolled over! This one is named Camaro.
How do you say Camaro? Amaio! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Come on! Come on! Let’s give it another chance? What do you say,
should we push it a little bit? [PRETENDING TO BE MARCOS]
Let’s stomp it! I’m gonna give it a little push, another chance
for Camaro, ’cause its really good. Nope. It’s pretty bad. Bad! Now this one looks like a really good car,
I’ve never tested it before. It’s the yellow Chevrolet! Yello-o! Oh yeah, baby! Looks like I was wrong, it didn’t even pass
the first loop, Marcos. It rolled over! [MAIKITO REPEATS]
Rolled over! Now we’re gonna try the Mercury Cougar! Mec-Cug! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Uhhhh! Now we’re trying this blue one, which
is named Ford Ranchero! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Uhhh, it rolled over! But since it landed inside
the track, we’ll give it another shot. Ranchero! [MAIKITO REPEATS]
Ranchero! Go! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ No! It rolled over again and it won’t
be having a 3rd chance. Stay there! Now we’ll try the Radical Racer! Racy! Go! Check it out! Check it oout! Check it ooout! [CHEERING LOUDLY] [CHEERING LOUDLY]
♪ with Heavy Metal music in the background ♪ Gimme five! Oh yeah, baby! Yeah, it fell into the box! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Next one up is the scorpion car,
do you know the Scorpedo? Pedo! Oh yeah, baby! On 3… on 2… on 1… go! Uhhh… this scorpion is more like a cockroach. Cockroach! [MAIKITO REPEATS]
Cockroach! Uhhh, little cockroach. [MAIKITO REPEATS]
Little cockroach! This one is named Sting Rod,
it’s the crocodile car! Say it, ‘Rod’! [MAIKITO REPEATS]
Rod! Oh yeah, baby! Go! Uhhh… this crocodile is more like a gecko. Now we’ll try… wait, there’s a motobike here,
I think it won’t work, but shall we try it? Do you think it will work? I think it’s gonna fall over. Uhhh… let’s try again. Yeah, this Harley is more like a scooter.
Bye! Now we’re gonna try this Firetruck, but I’m not sure if its
wheels are gonna fit in the track, they’re too big. Maybe they do, let’s give it a try. No, it got stuck. Another chance! No, it won’t work. No, let’s try and push. It won’t go either. It’s out! Now we’ll try the Wattzup! It’s not your phone’s Whats app, folks,
it’s Hot Wheels’ Wattzup. Wattzup! [MAIKITO REPEATS]
Wattzup! Oh yeah, baby! Uhhh, almost! But since it stopped on the
curve, it’ll stay here grounded. Now we’re gonna try the MJ, Marcos. It’s chrome blue with fluorescent green.
This one glows in the dark, folks! Fluorescent wheels that glow in the dark! Uhhh, it rolled over. We have three Pickup trucks left,
Marcos, only but three. Let’s try the yellow one first, but I think it won’t fit.
Try the orange one, then. Uhhh, way too heavy, Pickups are heavy! The blue one now. See if the wheels
aren’t too large, see if they fit. It got in!
No… it got stuck. And the very last one, which
I don’t think will fit either. It can even get inside of the track.
Really, no. Folks, I think that only but three cars made it
to the end of the track, if I’m not mistaken. This blue one here, and this other one…
wait, we have four! Four cars made it to the end, I think I haven’t
forgotten any car inside of the box. Four cars made it all the way into the toy box, so now we’ll have a tie break to see
wich one is the best among them. Maikito is gonna start, let’s go! Pay close attention! Oh yeah, baby! This is the winner! For Marcos, this is the winner, bro! Oh yeah, baby! 2nd contestant for the tie break.
Let’s go! Way to go, bro! Go! [LAUGHING AND CHEERING] Oh yeah, baby! This blue one is a good one!
I like it, it’s very stylish, and it matches your coat! Coat! Go! Wooow, this one is reaaaally good, bro! Yeah!
[CHEERING] Folks, since all four of them are really good, we can see that they won’t roll over for any reason. They are truly awesome! So we’re gonna throw all four
at the same time and see what happens. All four of them together now, Marcos! On 3… 2… 1… go! Uhhh, they all rolled over, bro!
All four of them! Let’s try it one more time. Let’s give them some assistance
up until the first curve. And… go!
♪ with Heavy Metal music in the background ♪ ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ [CHEERING LOUDLY]
♪ with Heavy Metal music in the background ♪ We have a winner!
♪ with Heavy Metal music in the background ♪ ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ And the winner is the Radical Racer! Crazy fella, check out how stylish it is, with
green wheels and chrome purple color. Folks, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video,
if you did, please leave your ‘Like’, And if you’d like to see more videos like this one,
playing Hot Wheels with Maikito, leave a comment saying ‘Stylish Hot Wheels’! Stylish! I’m thinking about setting a track in the kitchen,
over the sink and all, it will be awesome! If you have any suggestion on places where we can set up more Hot Wheels tracks, leave us a comment! That’s all for today. [BOTH SPEAKING TOGETHER]
…a hug… …and I’m out! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪

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