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Hot Wheels Racing Championships!

Hot Wheels Racing Championships!

Welcome to the Hot Wheels Raceway where many kinds of race cars
both big and small race each other on the track today we will have six heats
each with six cars that will be racing against each other
for a spot in the final race the lucky finalists able to make it
to the final race will shot at winning the
Halloween 2016 Hot Wheels Cup (ding) and I must say it is a very nice looking trophy! the first heat on the track
will be the superhero series from left to right the cars in this heat are Ultron Prime, Thor, Captain America Iron Man, Hulk and Superman Hot Wheels racers get your lane (engine revving sound) How will the five super heroes and one villain in the Marvel superheroes do on the track…
we are about to find out and they are off… we’re going to slow it down
(slow motion sound) you can catch up to see all the action The Hulk monster truck was a clear mile ahead of the other racers and will take the first win in this heat each heat will have three races for the next round all the cars will switch one lane to the right while Superman moves to lane one so everything is fair
and each car has a new lane (slow motion sound) and that was another clear win
by the Hulk monster truck it has won two out of the three
races so far the final race for this heat is about to start but can an opponent beat the Hulk? this last race will tell us and with that we have a winner Captain America was close to getting first but the Hulk was incredible
in these races and will proceed to the
final match the next heat up is known as the “kool” cars in the next group we have the Project Speeder
taking lane 1 the Americana taking
lane two the Formula
in lane 3 the Scion FR-S
taking lane four the Lamborghini Huracan
in lane five and and lastly but certainly not least the Voltage Spike
in lane six this is a good-looking set of racers but which one is the fastest? They are off
for the first round That was a very close end between Americana, Lambo
and Scion but the Huracan will take the first win in the three races and the second race is underway it is very hard to predict the winner as the cars are so close, yet so far unfortunately the slow-mo camera
didn’t capture that but it looks like the Lambo once again won with the American are following closely behind the formula isn’t doing too well
but will a change in lanes help balance it out? we are about to find out… (slow motion sound) wow that race was probably the closest the Lambo and Americana got however the Lamborghini has once again won all three races and has a guaranteed spot in the final round the next heat up
is the Dragsters the cars in round three
to hit the track are… the La-Fasta
in lane one the Fast Fish
is taking lane two Boulevard Bruiser
will be in lane three the Mono-Posto
will be in lane four the Orange Dragsters
is taking lane five and lastly, the Governor
is taking lane six what another marvelous set of cars
up for a race and they’re off! that one seemed easy for fast-fish as he’s clearly the first winner
of three races and the second race is underway we have another clear win
fast-fish was way in front of the pack and was able to cross the finish line
way before the others the Fast Fish has won
two out of the three races the last race is about to start can this lane change
give us a new winner? and it looks like
we have another clear winner Fast Fish proves he is
the fastest in this heat winning all three races
no matter what lane he’s in Fast Fish will advance to the final race and that leaves us with
three heats left to race with the next one up being the roadsters we have the Green Dragster
in lane 1 the 2008 Lancer Evolution
in lane two a Halloween special the Street Creeper
taking Lane three the Porsche Carrera GT
in lane 4 the Overboard 454
in lane five and lastly, the Old Revited Roadster
taking lane six I’m anxious to see which of these roadsters is the fastest of the six and the first race has begun this race is probably the
closest we’ve had so far the Old Roadster wins the first race
but only by a short distance as the Overboard and Street Creeper
were very close behind and the cars are off on the second race could we have a new winner? Wow! the Street Creeper and the Old Roadster were only a millimeter apart however, the Old Riveted Roadster will once again win the second race each car has a new lane for the final race and I’m predicting a new winner judging how close the previous two races have been (slow motion) the Street Creeper is not doing as well as he did in the first two races and we have a winner the Old Riveted Roadster
won all three races giving it a spot in the final race Congratulations! the second last heat up is the graffiti ride series with a special surprise car we have the Rocketbox
taking the first lane the Mighty Power Panel
taking lane two the 2008 Ford Focus
in the third lane the 1972 Ford Ranchero
in the fourth lane the Rapid Responder
in lane five and the surprise car… the Ghostbusters Ecto-1
will be in lane six the camera didn’t directly capture it but the Ford Focus abruptly switched lanes and went directly in front of the Power Panel you can see it slightly bearing the slo-mo cam and the Rapid Responder beats the cheating Ford and wins the first race and they are off for the second round the Ecto-1 doesn’t seem to be doing too well that was very close but the Ford Focus ends up beating the Rapid Responder
by only a couple of meters and ends up winning the second race can the Ford Focus still keep up with the streak and when the last round we switched the cars in different lanes so the outcome is fair and square this looks like another tough round for the two leaders in the pack ooh the Ford Focus tried hard but it wasn’t hot enough
to beat the Rapid Responder which got the second last spot in the finals Congratulations! and the last heat up
is the retro Mario series which are collection of famous video game titles from the 20th century from left to right we have the original Mario Brothers
in lane one Super Mario Kart
in the second lane Mario Brothers 2
in lane three Doctor Mario’s
taking the fourth lane Mario Brothers 3
in lane five and lastly Super Mario World
is taking the sixth lane all these games are fan favorites but which one is the fastest… and after the first round looks like the original Mario Brothers
will claim the first win with the Mario Brothers 2
following closely behind and the second race is underway Dr. Mario was the only one that was able to cross the finish line therefore he will have the second win this is the deciding round which game is truly the best of the best we once again switched all the cars so everything is fair and what a comeback by Dr. Mario despite the late start he has proved that he can face the finalists and will take the final spot
in the finals after all six heats have raced
here are your finalists from right to left they are Dr. Mario The Incredible Hulk the Rapid Responder the Old Revited Roadster the Lamborghini Huracan and lastly the Fast Fish congratulations to the cars that make it this far but there can only be one champion let’s see who it will be let’s view the fast-paced action again in slow motion that was a close first round between the Fast Fish and Hulk but the Fast Fish will take the first win in the finals for the second round all the cars will once again switch lanes by one to the right and Dr. Mario will have the opposite lane let’s see how the cars do in the second round in their new lane and we have a winner in the second race Fast Fish made that one look easy as he takes the second win in the finals one final race Oooh this is gonna look very tight and what a turnover The Incredible Hulk wins the third and final race but however the Halloween 2016 trophy will still go to Fast Fish who won to out of the three races (applause) thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe to keep up
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  1. The purple car was in last place at 9:41, then the blue car was going to win for sure, then it stop right in front of the finish line as well as the orange car. Then the purple car comes back and wins. 9:45

  2. No fair the hawk made it are you blind or something I need my glasses can you see well here how are you can see this🤓🌚

  3. I have no I idea why this is on my recommendations, but this takes me back to when I was a little boy and playing with Hot Wheels everyday! My favorite cars were the Twinmill and the Bone Shaker.

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