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Hottest New Road Bike Tech | Eurobike 2018

Hottest New Road Bike Tech | Eurobike 2018

– Brace yourselves because coming up we have got some the hottest,
new road bike tech out there. – That’s right, we’re here at Eurobike. 13 halls and over 1400 exhibitors, showing the latest and greatest products. – We’ve got our work cut out Ollie, we better get a move on. You go that way, I’ll go that way? – Sounds good man.
– Right. (smooth music) It’s fair to say that this,
has completely blown me away. This is on the Ceramic Speed booth, and it’s their brand new invention. It’s so new in fact that the patent is still pending on there,
it’s genuinely mind-blowing. They have been targeting
the idea of improving the efficiency of your
bike for many, many years, and there’s loads of different components. Like oversized jockey
wheels and ceramic bearings that help them do that, but their goal was to create a bike that’s 99% efficient, and they reckon that they’ve done it. So let me talk you through it, because you might be struggling
to get your head around it. Basically, instead of a
chain you have a drive shaft, and on it are 21 bearings in total. The chain ring effectively, which can’t be called a chain ring anymore because there is no chain, is kinda rotated 90 degrees. So that then turns these bearings, it turns the drive shaft,
and then at the other end, on a standard hub would you believe, on a standard free wheel,
you’ve then got the equivalent. And so in total, they
say it is 99% efficient. Now this one is a Simsbury
version at the moment, but this rear cog, I guess
that’s what it’s called, can be built into actually a cassette. You can change gear by then moving the second set of bearings
up and down the drive shaft. Now you’ll be pleased to hear that you don’t need to use your imagination, because apparently there
is a complete bike. And here it is, the working prototype, with a 13 speed cassette. (smooth music) – Ah man, I love a bling pair of shoes, and I just spotted these new
Infinito R1’s from Fi’zi:k, and now available in a new
color which is this gray-knit. They look so cool, I really
want a pair of those. There’s also some other
cool new knit colors as well available, which we’ve got here. Fi’zi:k also have some new saddles, which are particularly bling as well. So last year they came
out with the Versus models which feature this relief
channel down the middle. They only went up to the
carbon railed R1 designation, and now they’ve got the 001’s, which are the lightest and stiffest, and the most high end tech
that Fi’zi:k offer in a saddle, so that’s really awesome. They’ve got the Arione,
the Antares, the Aliante, all available now in the
zero zero model, or 00. Is it zero zero or 00? I don’t know, either way awesome. (hysterical chuckles) – Colnago C64. I mean strictly speaking
there’s nothing new here. It’s just your run of the
mill, handmade in Italy, carbon lugged frame, a
kind of a work of art. But what is new, is
actually how you buy this. Probably not relevant to
many people out there, but it’s interesting never the less, because Colnago are
going direct to consumer. This is their first offering, it’s called the Private Collection, and it’s the first bike
of 64 that will go direct, which is kinda cool. Personally I’m not sure I could pull off quite so much gold bling, but
yeah that’s something ‘in it. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 13 gears on Rota’s new group set, this is pretty cool right? So a few years back Rota
launched their Uno group set, which was hydraulic brakes
and also hydraulic shifting. Then things went a little bit quiet, but clearly they have
been working super hard behind the scenes because now they’ve got a new 1X group set. So mountain bike, road and this
cyclo-cross gravel version, but actually apart from the shifters it’s all the same, it’s brilliant. The derailleur works from
a 10 to 52 tooth cassette. It’s got a clutch system in there as well, so it is 1X specific, and then it’s only the cassettes that you
change, so you could run a 10-52 on your road
bike if you so wish. To get 13 sprockets on the cassette, what they’ve done is
really quite ingenious. It fits on a standard free hub body, but they’ve moved it 3MM over
towards the non-drive side. So there isn’t a rim brake version, you have to use 142MM
width spacing on there or of course boost if you’re
riding a mountain bike. But then in order to be able to fit a tiny 10-2 sprocket on
a standard free hub body, that actually mounts over the end of it. Anyway, it’s clearly an
amazing bit of engineering. Remarkably liked by the sound of things. They’re being a bit cagey about figures, but remember that their Uno group set was the lightest group set out there, and now they’ve gone 1X. I mean the mountain bike cassette weighs just 330 grams and that’s a 10-52. – What’s the difference between a tire and 365 prophylactics? Well one’s a Goodyear, and
one’s a very good year. This is Goodyear’s Eagle tire, and it’s their first road
bike tire in a very long time. It’s an all season model
designed for all round use, but we’re told they do have a lot of other models in the pipeline, including specialty tires for
racing and that sort of thing. The eagle is a fully tubeless tire. It’s available in widths 25 to 32MM, and Goodyear tell us that they’ve put a lot of though into the
design of making this a really reliable tubeless tire. That can be pumped up just
with a hand pump at home, without the need for a special compressor. Also with regards the
bead and stuff like that, it’s designed to fit very
well onto the rim width without bulging out the sides. They say that when this tire
is quoted at being a 25MM tire, it is indeed actually a 25MM tire. – Wahoo have got a whole load
of new stuff on their stand. Starting with the legendary kicker, which has just been
redesigned, not externally, which is a good thing in
my book, but internally. So we’ve now got a bigger fly
wheel, it’s now 16 pounds. That’s very roughly about eight kilos, and they reckon it’ll generate up to two and a half thousand watts resistance. Also they’ve redesigned the internals, so they say now it’s virtually silent. To the extent where technically you could use it in a library. Up front we’ve got the kicker climb. Now we saw that last year,
Lloyd-y had a good look at it, but just in case you didn’t know, it basically changes the
gradient of your bike. So anything from minus 10 to plus 20%, so for that reels whiffed experience. But then another new bit of tech which I love is just up here. This is called the Kicker Headwind. This is a smart fan and you
can set it in one of two ways. You can either sync it up with
your trainer via Amp Plus, and you can set it so it
will increase the wind speed, depending on the speed
that you’re riding at. So basically the faster you
go, the more cooling you get, just like the real world. Or, you can actually sync it up with your heart rate strap via Amp Plus, so the harder you try, the
more wind it’s gonna kick out. – This is the new Merida Warp TT bike, and I am really excited to see this here. It’s brand new, it’s
just come out yesterday and it’s gonna be ridden
by the Bahrain Merida team in the Tour De France
team time trial tomorrow, including Vincenzo Nibali. It’s got loads of awesome,
really TT nerdy aero details on it that I’m gonna tell you about. The first thing that
Merida unsurprisingly, is claiming that it’s eight watts faster than the previous Warp TT. But what are the reasons for that? Firstly it’s got a completely
redesigned cockpit. The previous version
had a direct mount brake that was fitted onto
the front of the bike. This one, it’s been completely integrated with a tetro center pull
system that’s completely hidden and integrated at the front there. Also Merida is using a lever-less, quick release lever at the front which comes from Control Tech. By not having the lever
at the front of the bike, that actually saves about a watt. Overall the new cockpit design, which also comes from Vision,
and by removing the brake Merida have saved five watts
at the front of the bike. Throughout the rest of
the bike there’s another couple of watts savings, so
that’s eight watts in total. Now other cool details we have, are the junction box which is just here. Merida has used the new Dura Ace system to have the junction box hidden, right down here in the bottom bracket, for easy charging and
checking the battery level. So that’s really cool. My favorite really geeky TT bike detail on the new Warp is to
do with the front mech. The front mech is removable. And the reason for that is that it means on a flatter TT course you
can choose to run a 1X set up, which has a number of advantages. Firstly it’s lighter but more importantly, by removing the front mech
and having a single ring you’re actually making the
bike more aero dynamic. We’ve seen Tony Martin run 1X set ups in time trials for this reason. When you remove the front mech, there’s actually a plate
that comes with the bike that covers up the hole
where the front mech went, to make it nice and
flush, and clean and aero. So that’s really cool. – We’ve quickly stopped
by to see Continental, because they have their
brand new GP4000 RS tires. These are the limited Tour
De France edition tires, and they were actually
kind enough you’ll remember to give away five pairs in
the GCN Show a few weeks back. Basically they take the venerable GP4000-2 and made it faster. They’ve got a lighter tread on there which apparently cuts down
on the rolling resistance. So there you go, even faster Cont-y tires. – Fortunately it’s not raining right now, but if it was I’d be protected. Because I’ve got the
Para-Top fitted to my bike, which is an all encompassing
rain protection cover and it’s also got some pretty cool tech designed into it as well. There are some holes in the front, which actually fill it
up like a para-sail. So the air is able to get in these holes and then fill up the cavity in here, so that you don’t actually
get the whole thing collapsing against the
oncoming wind pressure. A pretty cool piece of design. I could do with one of
these back in England, where it rains all the time. Cor, day one of Eurobike done. I don’t know about you Si, it’s hard work this Eurobike lark. – Oh it’s so tough. Right, please make sure you
give this video a big thumbs up, and if you want to watch
more Eurobike videos then make sure you head over
to the GCN Tech Channel, because that’s where they’re all gonna be. So if you don’t subscribe to
it make sure you do so now. Just click on the screen.

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