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Hottest New Tech From Eurobike 2019!

– Myself and Jon are here
at Eurobike in Germany. The world’s biggest bike
exhibition and trade show, on the hunt for hot, new tech. – Ollie, what are you wearing? (record scratching) – This is what everyone
wears in Germany, Jon. – No, they don’t! – Lederhosen, socks, sandals, you’re part of my cunning plan, right? By blending in with the locals, I’m going to be able to get
close to the hot, new tech without them suspecting (chuckles). – All right, well, I’ll
tell you what then, you walk in that way, the
opposite direction to me, please, and I’m going to go over there and I just hope you
brought some other clothes. – Right, let’s do it! (playful string music) – Last year at Eurobike, we showed you the
CeramicSpeed Driven system. 12 months on, here is Driven V2. Now, this one has a fully
functioning gear-changing setup. How exciting is that? And, apparently, it’s even
got a torque decoupler built into it, too,
which is a first for me. Now, I don’t know all
the ins and outs about it because it is so brand new. So, I’m going to have to speak to Jason, who’s the head engineer,
to find out exactly how this bit of tech works. Right, Jason, explain to me,
how on earth does this work? Because I’m looking at it
and I’m puzzled a little bit ’cause I can’t see how
you can change gear, but please put my mind at rest. – All right, actually
Jon it’s pretty simple. We use a split-pinion technology where the pinions will
split in an axial manner. Whenever one half of the pinion
is away from the rear cog, it will step over to the next gear, so it actually moves one gear amount. Then, as that pinion rolls through, the other half comes away from the cog and it moves over also
into the new shift track. So, now both pinions
are in the same plane, but one gear over. – Right, okay, that’s
really put my mind at rest. Because at first, I was thinking there’s going to have
to be some sort of angle across the teeth, if you like, for it to sort of, ya know, blend in when it moves along the shaft. – So, we call it a step follower system. And, in addition to that, you can see that there’s areas where we have perfectly
aligned shift channels where shifting is not a problem at all, but we have these areas where
it’s called the danger zone where you have pure
misalignment of the teeth. – Now, I don’t like the sound of that. The danger zone. I try and avoid that at all times. – So, what happens, whenever
it shifts into danger zone is, so these pinions will move over, but you have pure misalignment. So, we have what’s called
a torque decoupler in here. So, as it moves over, we have
two spring loaded bearings which synchronize the misaligned teeth with the lead bearing of
the master coming through. So, it synchronizes and they mesh and as the pinion
continues to roll through the torque decoupler springs back and it slides over and
it completes the shift. – There we are. Quite complicated, but
hopefully the visuals on screen are explaining everything,
because when you told me, first of all, I was thinking, there is no way I’m going
to be able to explain this, ya know? You’re an engineer, I’m certainly not. But, it’s a great bit of technology. – I’m at the Wahoo stand and I found one of the
most exciting products here at this year’s Eurobike. This is the Wahoo KICKR Bike. Now, it’s a complete indoor
exercise bike, smart bike, that combines, essentially, some of Wahoo’s existing products. So, the Wahoo KICKR Indoor Turbo Trainer with the Wahoo KICKR CLIMB, which is their device that you can attach to the front of your bike
that raises it and lowers it to simulate climbing when
you’re riding a virtual app. Except this one has a bigger range now so it can be minus 15 percent gradients and plus 20 percent gradients as well, if you ever want to ride
20 percent gradients. Anyhow, there’s loads of other
cool features on it as well. It’s not just those two products combined. So, these shifters are seriously neat. So, they’re covered in buttons and they’re fully customizable. So, there’s buttons on the
side, buttons on the inside, and buttons on the top, meaning that you can completely customize what the buttons do using Wahoo’s app, meaning that you can set them
up like Shimano shifters, or you can set them up
like Cam Pack shifters with these buttons on the inside, or like SRAM shifters with a
single button on either side. Also, the brakes, they’re
designed to work, too. Now, at the moment, not
many indoor training apps have braking functionality,
but it’s something that we’re going to see
increasingly more of in the future. So, the bike is
future-proofed in that regard. In terms of adjusting it to your exact size and specifications, Wahoo has cleverly integrated
a Smartphone app to do this. So, what you can do is if you’ve
had a Bike Fit in the past, which is a Retül Bike Fit, you
can input that into the app and then it will tell you exactly how to set it up with regards to the little graduations
and numbers that are all over the different, movable
parts, which is pretty neat. Or, there’s another cool thing, where you can take a picture of your bike using a sort of augmented reality photo and it will tell you
based on what your bike is how you should then transfer
that onto the indoor bike, which is also pretty neat. The crank lengths are changeable as well by way of these different holes. So, you’ve got a choice
of 167 through to 175. I quite like that because,
well normally I ride 172.5’s. I’ve never tried shorter cranks, but I’d be tempted to do
so and using this I could. It would be the perfect
tool for the job to do that. So, on to the business end of the unit, and in here you’ve got the power meter which is accurate to
plus or minus one percent and has a max power or 2,200 watts, which to be honest, probably not going to
be enough for these guns but it’ll probably be
adequate for most people. And they’ve actually updated it from what’s found on the KICKR. So, you’ve still got the big fly wheel which gives a really
realistic indoor road feel, but they’ve added a little
motor to it as well, and this means that when
you’re on, say, a long descent in a virtual world, such as
Alpe du Zwift, for example, a fly wheel will eventually
spin out and stop spinning. But, with the motor added
to it, it can keep spinning and keep that momentum, and keep a more realistic,
free-wheeling experience. Also, and I really love this, the motor has been tuned so
that it kicks in slightly and gives a little kick
every time you change gear on the shifters, which gives
that really realistic slight kind of, well, when you
change gear on a road bike you can feel it at the back and that’s what it’s designed
to do, which is really neat. And, while we’re on the subject of that I mentioned that you can tune the shifters in the app to whichever
type of shifter you like be in Cam Pack, SRAM, Shimano, whatever. But, you can also tune the Drivetrain. So, if you want to run a 1x Drivetrain you can tune it so that it’s a 1x, you can tune it so that
it’s a double or a triple, but also the sizes of the gears. So, you could say run a
62 chain ring at the front and have it set as an 1123 or a 12-speed or a 13-speed block at
the back or a 10-speed, whatever you want you can
completely customize it in the app to the Drivetrain
that you want to try out or is what’s on your bike. But, the added advantage of this is you can completely set it up to how you have your best day racing bike but you’re not wearing out
your best day racing bike on the indoor trainer. And this actually has a
Gates Carbon Drive in there which is, well, largely maintenance free and being indoors should
last indefinitely. There’s also a little display screen here which either tells you
which gradient you’re at or it tells you which gear you’re in. It’s really helpful and easy to see. But, when you change gear, that little vibration at the back, it feels like changing
gear on an actual bike. It’s really weird, but it’s really cool. You just have to experience it. But, let us know what you
think about the new Wahoo bike in the comments below. I wonder what Jon’s up to right now? – Right, if you’re anything like me and you absolutely love a tool, well, the good news is
the folks at Park Tool have just released an
almost screwdriver-like type Allen keys, or hex wrenches
as you may well call them in certain parts of the world. Now, they come in two, two-and-a-half, and three
millimeter increments which is great for those
tiny little grub screws you can find on bikes. And you don’t really want
to use the ball-ended part of an Allen key, let’s face it. Because, generally you don’t have quite as good connection on there. I’m really, really relieved about that. In a while, I’m going to show
you some new tools down there including one which is going
to make my life in the workshop much easier. Right now, at first glance, I actually thought this was a one-piece cassette removal tool, but in actual fact, it’s really good because there’s a little
grub screw or set screw inside of there that you can simply remove and change the cassette
tools that you require. Why do I think this is good? Well, it’s more elegant, let’s face it, than using the end of a chain
whip or something like that. Speaking about chain whips, as well, they’ve also brought updated and brought them into the modern era of 12-speed group sets, as well. Not to mention the fact, they’ve got a new chain
splitter as well, 12-speed, and also a new chain
checker primarily, really, to match in with SRAM’s access group set. – 3D printing isn’t new,
it’s been around a while, but many cycling brands
haven’t yet found ways to take advantage of the
new manufactuing method. Fizik is one that has. Check these out. This is a new saddle from Fizik. It’s called Adaptive. And what they’ve done is 3D-printed this rather incredible structure which replaces the foam and covering that you would get on
a traditional saddle. And, their thinking is that
they can actually change this really complicated
matrix 3D structure to adjust the, well,
squidginess of the foam. So, you can tune the
saddle to how you like. At the moment, the Adaptive
saddle is only available in one model, and it’s
hidden away in this box, and it’s the Versus Evo model with a carbon rail and carbon chassis. And you can see that these pads
are then fitted on top of it but that’s how the saddle is, it doesn’t then have a
covering that goes on top, that’s the finished product. Pretty exciting. Slightly lighter than a
traditional 00 saddle, as well, but I think that’s really cool. It looks very different. I’m over on the LOOK stand and I’ve got some cool stuff to show you. So, pretty much the hottest
things in cycling tech, are, well, titanium, ceramic
bearings, and carbon anything. And the new Keo Blade Carbon Ceramics with titanium axles, tick all those boxes. These things are seriously
cool and incredibly light. Just 95 grams a pedal which is astounding. So, if you compare that to the well, Keo Carbon, the
standard one if you will, they’re 20 grams per pedal heavier. Not much, but seriously
bling, seriously cool. And there’s actually a set here that are Romain Bardet’s custom
set from the Tour de France with polka dots on. Well, he’s graffitied them as well. Sure we take a note of that so I can forge some checks in his name. Now, although these are the pedals that we all hark after owning, the one’s that we’ll probably
buy are the LOOK Keo Classics, which are much more affordable. Actually, my first set of pedals were a pair of LOOK Keo Classics. And, they’ve been updated now. They’ve got a larger contact patch on the composite body which
has been almost doubled and LOOK reckons that
this gives more stability and more confidence when you’re pedaling with that cleat interface onto the pedal. Nice. – Right, I got a few
new Turbo Trainers now coming from Elite. In fact, it’s two and a half, ’cause one of them has had a
few updates and changes to it. But, first up is the Suito, here. Now, this is basically straight out of the box you can use it because it comes fitted with a cassette and it actually takes a
really slimmed line profile and design about it. Meaning that if you’re limited for space you can easily just fold it up, put it underneath a sofa,
underneath your bed, I don’t know. Just store it away
somewhere nice and easily, and works compatible with
all of your gaming apps as well as through axles. Moving then, on to the
TUO, which I really like. And I like it because it’s
actually got wooden legs on it. Check out that. It takes a completely different look from anything else we’ve
seen out there, as does this. I mean, it’s a wheel-on trainer so it’s not a direct
drive like that Suito, but the TUO, because of this silver box and everything it fits in with more modern design
housing accessories, I guess. So, it’s not going to look out of place. Now, again it’s a wheel-on
style Turbo Trainer, so it’s a more traditional
style looking thing. I have been told as well it does work with different types of
through axles as well so everybody’s catered for. And it measures power, as well, up to three percent accuracy, which is pretty good
for a wheel-on trainer because there’s a few variables, I guess, to be thrown into the mix there. If we move, finally then
behind me to the Direto X, it has got increased accuracy. It’s gone from two percent
down to one point five percent, and gradients have gone from 14 percent up to 18 percent capability. We’ve also removed a
little bit of material here meaning that the more modern-style
shadow plus style rail, like this and also a bit longer with oversized pulley-wheel
systems and everything, they’re also going to be
fully compatible into the mix. And then, something which
I’ve been asking for for years and years and years, is this on the front of the bikes. Check out that. That’s a steering device. Now, there’s going to be a mechanical one as well as an electronic one, too, so that means you will eventually be able to link that up when the updates come into
a virtual world of cycling, such as Zwift, and be able to
steer around your competitors. Finally. I’m happy about that one. – Here at GCM, we think
tubeless tires are great. They’re becoming far
more popular on the road and for good reason. You get far fewer punctures and you can get lower
rolling resistance, too. But, a common question we get asked is what do you do if you get a puncture with a tubeless tire? Well, there are a number of things but a common thing is to actually plug it with a plug with a special repair kit and thankfully Topeak have come up with some really cool gadgets that contain these repair kits. So, check this out. This is the Tubi-Bullet. And it’s this really
beautiful sort of canister made from anodized aluminum. And inside are all the
tools that you’d need to repair a tubeless puncture. So, it’s a really neat
design, both ends pop off. You’ve got the air-stop tool there and then you’ve got the
plug tool in the other end. And then inside this bit, you’ve got three plugs in there as well. They make the Tubi-Bullet X as well. It’s a slightly smaller version. And, also, this Tubi-Tool Mini which can attach to this Ninja Pod. So, the Tubi-Tool Mini is, well, like a standard bike multitool, but it has the added functionality of those tubeless repair
tools in there as well. So, you’ve got the plug tool and a little blade if you need it and the air-stop tool as well. Really neat. You can always rely on Topeak to come up with some cool little
gadgets to solve a problem. If you want to know how
to repair a tubeless tire using a tubeless plug like this, well, GMBN have done some useful videos. – All right, I’ll tell you what, I’m pretty teched out
after all that (sighs). – Been a long day. – Yeah, it has indeed. And while I’ve seen loads here, but we’ve barely scratched
the surface, haven’t we? – Yeah, there’s so much here. So, make sure you subscribe to GCM Tech if you haven’t already. Click the bell icon, that
way you won’t miss any videos because we’re going to be
uploading more videos like this over the rest of the course of the week. There’s loads. – Yeah, That’s right, and Ollie, you’ve been banging on so far, All about these tech clubs
or techno clubs, so– – Yeah, I think, let’s go. – Okay. – (German accent) Ollie
and Jon ist in the disco. (speaking German) – I wish you wouldn’t do that. Go on, then. – Let’s go.

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