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How a 46-Year-Old Marathon Runner Keeps Getting Faster | NYT Opinion

How a 46-Year-Old Marathon Runner Keeps Getting Faster | NYT Opinion

This is Memo. Memo runs far, and
Memo runs fast. And somehow, he gets
faster with age. “Surprise for me too.” Today, Memo is one of the top
10 runners in the world for his age group. He’s also a porter
in an apartment building in Queens, New York. We’ll come back to that
later. Memo believes in three things: Hard
work, never giving up, and — Fine. Two things. The American fitness industry
is worth over $30 billion a year. That’s a lot of fancy
gear and gym memberships. But Memo doesn’t
believe in gadgets. This is Memo’s heart monitor. This is Memo’s gym. This is Memo’s nutrition plan. And this is Memo’s locker. Memo doesn’t believe in
swanky gyms or boutique-y yoga studios. He doesn’t believe
in self-promotion, even though there would
be a lot to promote. You know what
Memo really believes in? Memo believes in running. In Santa Ana Cotapec,
where Memo grew up, he was an average runner
on a pretty average team. And Memo lived a
pretty average life for a kid in that town. Memo crossed the border
illegally at age 15. He did find work in America, in a kitchen and as a bike messenger. And he ran his first marathon
in 1995. A year later, he was arrested
and sent to jail. In 2005, Memo
passed his citizenship test and became an
American citizen. By 2019, he became a top-10 runner globally in his age group and the second-fastest American
in his age group. Now Memo works in Rego
Park as a porter. “I made those signs. “Memo took them
down one by one. “He doesn’t like to advertise
how great of a runner he is.” On November 3rd, Memo
will take the day off to run the New
York City Marathon. He’s on track to run
faster than ever. Memo reminds us that we’re
being sold and packaged something that’s free. Achievement doesn’t come from
a sports brand or the latest high-tech gizmo. Just ask Memo. He believes in just
three — “Two!” Right, two things. That’s the Memo method.

100 comments on “How a 46-Year-Old Marathon Runner Keeps Getting Faster | NYT Opinion

  1. he is wearing nike vapor fly next percent running shoes and doesn't believe in gizmos? I like him and his attitude and everything but I don't like the video they made about him, they did not do him justice. The New York Times should do better

  2. Mexico city folks have good endurance but the Tarahumaras of Chihuahua can run 200 miles without stopping

  3. I would love to meet this guy. He’s like me. Quit the gym, focus on running outdoors and participating in races all year. I love this story

  4. we are invaded from 75% of things that we really don't need, we could live light, easy, outside in nature, with a weight that permit us to be fast and reactive, but now there are all gifts for christmas and fat food to buy, welcome "progress"!

  5. Memo, you are inspiring and I will use that simple principle in running, "Hard work and Never give up". Most of us tend to give up and believe all the lies of the outside signals that prevent us to continue to strive for success. I think it can apply also to real life's journey. Blessings

  6. wow this is so good !! all the best so inspiring what a shape he is in ,i wish i gonna be there as well, 2:28 whatttt omg

  7. Mohammed EL Yamani : 2h26'32' at age of 53 and he ran a 20km last month in 1h06'21" at age of … 55 !
    Not too bad too 🙂

  8. I couldn't agree more, no-one needs the gym when you've got the biggest gym for free…………..

    The whole world!

  9. 55 is the time when the performance really drops I found and also more susceptible to illness and injury but can't complain as am still running after 30 years and still loving it ,

  10. It’s always that one pesky gang banger or child molester that makes great people like
    “ memo” look bad. Somebody always got to EF it up for the rest of them

  11. Memo works as a porter in a apartment building in Queens New York – is that Rego Park ? I am not sure – just a wild guess – anyone ?


  13. When you are good, you are good.
    When you are bad, your expensive shoes, clothes and watch aren't going to help you.
    That's easy

  14. You're a true model making those so called professional athletes looking so bad. You don't need materialistic. God bless you

  15. Wow, hard work, determination and good mind-setting really pays off! Congrats to you! You deserve all of this achievements of yours!

  16. He was 3rd in over 45 at the NY marathon, 2:33, winner ran 2:08, winner over 45, 2:26, record over 45, 2:14. So Great, but remarkable? This sounds like an adv. for open borders.

  17. Bien Memo asi se hace saludos desde Peru. Keep running all the way…to who knows. So simple guy with so many achivements

  18. I am inspired. I was also born in 1973 , and I have run 2 Marathons (the Athens classic Marathon in 2015 , in 4 hours 4 minutes , and the same Marathon in 2019 , 2 days ago, in 4 hours and 28 minutes, much worse than my first attempt). But I am doing mainly callisthenics training, not running. I run 2 times per week, around 6 km (for a period of 3 months I was running 2 times per week for 10 km, in the summer). And I am vegetarian.

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