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How A KASK Bike Helmet Is Made

How A KASK Bike Helmet Is Made

Here at the Global Cycling Network we’ve
been fortunate enough to be issued Kask helmets over the last couple years and they’ve kindly invited us over to Italy to look through the process of making that helmet. We’re going to go through it, right from the start to the finish apparently I’m going to be involved, myself, in making one. It all starts, apparently, with this. So, let’s see what the process is. The first part of the process is to apply paint to what will become later the shell of the helmet. Each color is
applied five times before being put into an oven for one hour at 120 degrees. This drying process is an important one because any moisture left can ruin the shell. The shell itself is actually made from three separate parts, with different molds for the base, the back and sides, and the top of the helmet. Each pod will then have to clear quality control before heading off to the laser machine, which cuts the trim of the helmet, as well as well as the all-important vents. So, that’s the helmet shell, but the
main part of the helmet still has to be made, and that’s actually done in a completely different place, which is where we are now. The main body actually starts of its life like this… very, very small polymeric beads is what they’re called. They’re left to rest for around 8 to 10 days before being fed up here, through tubes, as you can see are numbered, and that then goes through to the various parts and various machines around the factory where it will be molded into different types of helmets. From the machine that’s over there, as they go through all of the tubes, eventually it comes down here to the machine behind me. Now you remember from earlier in the video these parts are made in the other parts
the factory. This is exactly parts for the Protone rather than the
Mojitos, which we were looking at earlier but, they’ll use these bits here, and also take little inserts for the helmet straps, et cetera, put them all into the machine behind me, and as all the parts are fed into it, it’s baked at about six minutes, and out the other end comes this, which of course looks much more like a helmet. After that, the bottom part of the helmet is stuck on and then the helmet is brought here into a dehumidifier. It’s actually 40
degrees in here. I’m sweating quite a lot, and in that time
the helmet will lose six grams of water before it’s then taken to another place again. So then this, the main most important
shell part of the helmet, comes here to separate part of Kask HQ here in Italy and this is where the pads, the retention
system in the back, and the straps are finally put into place. And then it’s all boxed up and ready to go to dealers. I’m actually going to give this a little bit of a go myself. Don’t laugh. It’s a lot harder than it looks It would be really embarrassing if it now comes out when I pull it. Almost finished now and everything’s been more difficult to do than it looked before. Especially the bit
where you had to use a bit of strength. Alright, so it’s almost done. Just time for this very important bit, just making sure Si and Matt don’t get their hands on this And there we go! Kask helmet… is made. Now thanks very much for watching this video. If you’d like to see more videos along the same lines then click up there, and find out exactly
how Fizik make their saddles. And if you click just down there you can also see how Colnago make their
frames. And make sure you subscribe to GCN It’s absolutely free, and all you need to do is click on here.
– I’m almost shaking with nervousness So once all of the helmet is kind of
assembled, and the bottom part is put on, et cetera, et cetera… see you later! Ciao!

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  1. 50fps yay. Keep saying it, but fuking love it. Also, graphic and videography has been alot better in the last few videos…..keep it up!

  2. please don't forget to leave the links about the vids saddle and how to make a carbon frame. When I trap it from the vid, my mobile does nothing. Thanks so much and great channel.

  3. Right now someone in the world probably has a helmet that has carved on it "DAN WAS HERE"  or "SUBCRIBE TO GCN"
    Anyway, KASK make really good helmets for their prices, proud owner of one of them.

  4. The opening scenes have a strange perspective where it makes the Boss look like a tiny action figure..or is it just me?

  5. The look of surprise/disappointment* on the ladies face when they heard the Boss was visiting.  

    *delete as appropriate.

  6. When i recently bought my first bicycle in 17 years i also tested a huge amount of helmets. The Kask Mojito had the absolute best fit and it is the first time i can say i enjoy wearing a helmet 😛

  7. guys, please stop with these fps. better give your attention to audio balance, editing and so on, instead of gimmicky tech.

  8. Do you all post on social media where you'll be riding and filming giving people a chance to meet and ride with you?

  9. Thank you. More factory tours please.  I love seeing how our equipment is made and it helps me understand why it's so darn expensive too.

  10. Great info video! i think its a good idea to show how thinks that looks so comon to us, have such an artesanal process. Do you think possible visit Hope facilities?

  11. Thoroughly enjoyed this video. The customer service from Kask is also very very good. Thanks for sharing 👍🏻

  12. $300 US for that green helmet you're holding. Needless to say that's ridiculous for all the more work that actually goes into a helmet. This is why I quit wearing helmets. Go steal someone else's money.

  13. Interesting stuff. really enjoying GCN. I got side tracked by your ad for GCN kit – can't seem to find any female stuff. Is this really the case ?????

  14. I bought KASK MOSITO, but that is so bad by finishing materials. It was quit expensive so I expecting that will be perfect condition for sure. Ofcourse the helmet is lightweight and looking good i mean appear. But the detail of helmet is totally sucks. I don't know the helmet made by china but on the helmet, they still Italian flag on it. So now I'm a man who is miserable person in here. If you have a plan to by MOSITO, It's better to be hesitate to buy it. Thanks

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