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Benefits of cycling
How A School Nurse Lives Healthy

How A School Nurse Lives Healthy

sometimes the best way to pick up a
healthy habit is to find out what works for others so today I am with Cindy
who’s a school nurse now Cindy being a school nurse your job is to make sure
people are healthy but you can stay healthy yourself so your healthy habit
one of my favorite exercises and I love to do it is spinning class right I love
spinning I love riding bikes it’s such a great X form of exercise I know I like to fit in my workout like
20 minutes a day or wherever I can fit it in how do you do it well it’s
important to find time for yourself so you’re healthy for others instead a
good example a lot of times what I’d like to do is to do a 5:30 spin class
first thing in the morning it gets you it clears you out you’re ready to start
your day becomes part of your routine and it just makes the day better for you
in every way let’s talk about those benefits the benefits of spinning and
cycling you’re clearing your mind you’re reducing your stress you’re building
strong muscles fills your core which is important for posture but also just your
lungs and your cardiovascular system it’s great and just the legs it just
gets stronger and you’re just able to exercise now other ways too
when you’re in the cycling class when you’re in spinning the music’s go and
the endorphins are jumping around and you just feel so great when class is
over that sense of accomplishment right it does make you feel great it makes you
ever ready to start your day I think I really can’t imagine not working out
every day it is something that everybody can do and hop on a bike
well you’re leading by example I love it thank you so much if you have a healthy
habit that you want to share with us hit us up on Facebook or Twitter and you can
see it featured right here on the show all right Cindy I’m ready to start

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