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How Can Cadence Help You Control Your E-Bike? | EMBN’s E-Bike Skills

– Now, your E-Bike motor is a super capable and powerful unit, and it can provide assistance
for the nastiest climbs. That is, if you provide it
with the correct cadence. So, today, we’re taking a look at cadence, and how it can affect your ride. (smooth rock music) – So, what actually is cadence? Well cadence is the amount of times your cranks spend around per minute. It’s quite similar to a
cars RPM of the engine. So, on a bike, this is going to differ how fast you’re actually going, and what gear you’re in. You need to match the gear
to the speed you’re in to get the correct cadence
to push your bike forward to the desired speed. Now, most motors have a sweet
spot of about 80 to 90 RPM, so just make sure you’re
in that sweet spot to make sure you’re getting the most out of the motor when
you’re hittin’ the trail. (smooth rock music) So, how do you actually measure
your cadence on your bike? Well, a lot of manufacturers these days, such as Shimano and Yamaha can have all of that information on your heads up display
on your handle bars. So, you’re going to hit your menu button, scroll through the functions
all the way through to cadence. Keep it up on the screen, hit the trail, and just make sure you’re maintaining that 80 to 90 RPM of the bike, and get a mental note of where that sweet spot actually is. Now, a lot of bikes that
connect via bluetooth, such as a specialize,
and things like that, it can have all that information
on your mobile device. But mentally and physically,
you should be able to feel that sweet spot out on the bike, and kind of take a note of that yourself. – So, let’s take a look on this rock slab, at finding that sweet spot, and trying to maintain it on the climbs, and out and about on your ride. (smooth rock music) – Alright, so I’m going
to attack this climb in the wrong gear, so it’s going to give you the wrong cadence. It’s going to make this climb
twice as hard as it should be. Alright, so let’s give it a go. So, straight away, I’ve gotten very little assistance from the motor. I can feel I’m really having to push for the pedals hard, increasing my chances of a wheel spin, as well. My weight is really far over the front, and I’m having to work
really, really hard. (upbeat music) – Alright, let’s hit this
climb with the right gear, therefore, it should give
me the correct cadence to get up this hill. Super easy. Now, straight away, I can feel that I’m not slumped forward
over the handle bars, I can control my weight, nice forward and back to control my grip. Got a good spin on the motor, very little effort, and
I’ve got good forward speed. This is definitely the sweet spot. (upbeat music) – So, when it comes to
finding the sweet spot on climbs such as this, it’s all about selecting the right gear to get the right cadence from the motor. So, if you selected the wrong gear, the motor’s going to be
providing very little assistance, and you’re going to find yourself bogging down, and actually going slow, and having to put a lot of effort in to get the bike up the hill. With the right gear, however, in the right cadence, the
motor’s going to be spinning up giving you a load of assistance. You’re literally going to
fly to the top of the hill. So, it’s about time we hit the woods, and see how our cadence affects
you on the flat, as well. So, a key part to this E-Bike riding is actually finding that
sweet spot of the motor, and finding that out without using one of the heads up displays,
can become quite a black art. So, all you need to do is find a flat road just like I’m riding here, and attempt to ride that section, over and over again in different gears, in the same power mode. Then, you’ll find that
sweet spot of the motor. Whether you’re working too hard, or your legs are spinning around, or your pushing longer, and it feels like you’re
laboring the motor, you just need to find where the motor is going to assist you most, and drive you forward
with the least effort. So, once you’ve found that
sweet spot of the motor, it’s worth noting a few things. Now, a few motors make a bit of noise, like Shomana’s system like I’m using. I’ve got, actually, a
noise I can listen to, where I know that’s the pitch of the motor where it’s providing the most assistance. So, if your motor does make a noise, it’s worth noting that. And another part of riding is the actual body and the muscle memory that you’ve got in your legs. So, take a note of how fast
your legs are spinning around, and apply that to the bit
of trail you’re riding, and it should see you flying up that trail with the most motor assistance
and the best cadence to pursue that obstacle. (smooth jazz) – So some signs of some good cadence is that when you’re out on the trail, you’re legs are spinning nice, every trail obstacle becomes a breeze, you’re getting good motor
assistance on every single climb, and on the flat, your bike is
going along at a good pace. Now bad cadence, there’s a
few different signs of this. This is high and low cadence. So, low cadence means that
you’re grinding along, your weight is going to
be all over the stem, and every obstacle you
come to becomes a struggle. You’re not going to get much
assistance from the motor, and your legs are spinning really slowly. In high cadence, the
opposite end of the scale, is that you’re in too easy a gear, for the obstacle that you’re riding, you’re spinning along, your legs are going around
really, really fast, and the bike isn’t traveling
very fast forward either, so you need to change in to a harder gear, to get our motor to
spin at a lower cadence, and provide a lot more
forward thrust to the bike, rather than you spinning
along in too easy of a gear. – Today, I really hope
you enjoyed today’s video on cadence in your E-Bike, and getting the most out
of your E-Bike motor. Don’t forget, you’ve got to spin to make that motor work the best. But, if you’ve got any comments about getting the most from your motor, or cadence, and drop some in the comments box below, get involved. Give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, but if you want to stick
around for another video, check out Spinning vVersus Grinding, that one’s down here. Don’t forget to subscribe to EMBN as well, by clicking the globe in
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