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How Can I Ride In Sand…Without A Fatbike? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

How Can I Ride In Sand…Without A Fatbike? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

– Welcome to this weeks Ask, the Show, where we try and answer
all your questions about mountain biking because
we are two experts. Well definitely one of them. Right now I’m going to start off with this question for you actually. And it’s from Shile and they say, can you do an interview with Neil? One good video to talk about what happened with your accident in the crash? Everything what lead up to it? And how you’re doing and some tips for recovery that’s a good idea. – Well I’m doing all right thanks. Five weeks ago I crashed my road bike into a car. Went around the corner too fast and I broke my ankle, broke my jaw, had bleeding on the brain, knocked all my teeth in. I got a gum thing on. My ankle’s doing good. I can peddle a bike a little bit. – You’re waddling around very well. – Getting on alright on my feet. – But I think an in depth video about that and talking about how
it recovers is actually a really good idea. It’s a good suggestion. Something we could maybe do. – I’ve had a few injuries. (mumbles) Rehabbed my shoulder through
lots of things in the gym and I just started doing that with (mumbles) It’s an important thing to
do when you get injured. – Absolutely good question. Fin High says, can I put a BMX fork on my downhill bike? Wow that was a gear change. – I would say it’s probably not possible and you probably shouldn’t do it anyway. – But you’d have to run a
20 inch wheel on the front. – The downhill bikes 1 1/8 anyway. I don’t use BMX bikes are 1 1/8 to? Maybe they are actually but don’t do it. – We’ve got to put a big
why on the front of that. Why would you? – Maybe we should! – Now you’ve got his interest. What else we got? – Paul Fritzell any tips
on riding through sand on a non plus or fat bike? Also any tips for maintenance after riding through sand? – Well I’ll tell you what. I haven’t got any tips on the maintenance. I’m gonna let you do that. But as far as riding through sand momentum is key. ‘Cause once you’ve lost it you’re done. You’re getting nowhere. – You have to lean back a little bit. To try and keep the front
wheel floating almost. – That feeling it kinda just, kinda glides across, keep your weight back, but that does make it quite
hard to keep peddling. It is hard to ride on sand. – Any sand on your chain or in a bearing is gonna absolutely wreck it. So make sure you clean the
bike afterwards I’d say. – There’s a race every year isn’t there? Where it starts on sand. – There’s one in the UK. Bailon Beach is it called? I think it is. – Keep your weight back keep moving. What about maintenance Neil? What to do about maintaining bike of sand? Just buy everything new? (laughter) – Born2befree so I’m a light fella and rarely get pinch flats, but does get fair amount
of cactus punctures. Not from the UK obviously. Should I go full tubeless or
should I go to slime tubes? – A bit of support there
in the tube is good, but I don’t know. Something like that is it really… – That’s what it’s designed
for to be honest I think. So definitely go tubeless. And we’ve got a video on top
five mistakes you’ll make when going tubeless so watch that and don’t make any of them. – So another tubeless setup
mistake that people often make is not having a correct pump to get your tubeless system inflated
in the first place. In an ideal world you want to use a compressor. Little bike shops have these and you might have a friend that does. The good thing about compressor is you get constant flow of air at a good rate. So your tire’s just going to pop out into place first time. The next best thing is to have one of these
sort of style pumps that have got compressed canister built into them. Using the pump handle itself, you’re inflating this and when you’re ready you
can actually release the air all in one hit. (hiss) – Next question coming
in from Supprozz says, can I change a larger wheel size e.g. 26 to 27.5 without changing the frame? – I’d say no. It’s technically possible, I’ve done it myself
when 27.5 just came out. I sought my Santa Cruz Bronson I think? I made it 27.5 for a race but the front tyre was
very close to the fork. So he could change the fork. But most frames you’ll be very
close and tight to the rim. So I wouldn’t recommend it. – Also you’re gonna get into
the bottom bracket issue. – Geometry’s can change. – The ball and bracket drop or rise. We haven’t quite worked
that one out have we? That’s a good one to bring up. Owen Cooper says, what’s your favourite bikes? – That’s a great question. – How would you answer that? Favourite bike or favourite bike as in downhill cross country? – Mine changes all the time. At the moment my favourite type of bike is the cross country bike. I really like going for long rides. Some of the modern bikes with 120, 100 mil travel, are really amazing bikes. I can’t believe how
light and fast they are. That’s my favourite bike at the moment. – I’m in love with downhill bikes. There’s a few out there
I’m really lusting over. – Is this the Whistler effect? – Yeah it might be the Whistler effect. It could be. One of my favourite bikes of
all time is a downhill bike and it was the Honda that
Greg Minnaar used to ride. – I rode one of those! I stole it off (mumbles) I was a bit disappointed. – Don’t say that now. Blake favourite bike? Sender good answer. Good answer nice. – Mumma Of 2, I rode my first race, women’s only on the weekend, what tips do you have for recovery? It was a three hour race and I’d only ever ridden
for two hours at most. Felt dead but had a great day with around 100 other women. – I’m gonna say rest. I always say rest. Whether it’s about injuries or recoveries, make sure you do have
the right amount of rest. Neil anything else? – The proper food after you finish. So protein all that stuff
is really important. And then maybe a gentle recovery ride. That after can really help your legs especially if you got sore legs. – Recovery rides are really
interesting one actually because when your legs
are sore you’re thinking they’re asking you what
to do is go for a ride. Now I remember being at
the end of a world cup cross country race once. Watching Alison Sydor, I think she was three
times world champion, come over the finishing line. She had just won the world cup and you’re thinking, man she must be tired, she went for an hour long recovery ride. Immediately after the race. That puts it into perspective. That recovery ride’s really important and those top pros they
use them all the time. First thing they do is get on a bike after they just won a race crazy! Now if that’s not information, enough information about recovery rides, then why don’t you check out our video about how to recover after a ride and all the ways you can do it. – Doing very little is what you need to do sometimes to recover and that’s really
important when it comes to getting fitter and stronger. While proper rest is important, it’s also good to get moving. You’re really looking for low
effort when you’re riding. Just to get the legs spinning and move away some of that lactic acid. You’re really looking for the
lowest intensity possible. So don’t go hard on those climbs, try and keep your heart rate down, and don’t go for more than about an hour. – Kai Ho asks, what do you do when you’re not cycling? – You know what? When I’m not in the shed or when I’m not out mountain biking I do something really interesting, I go hand biking. – It’s the same thing. (mumbles) Hang out with family. Got a little man at home so
I like doing stuff with him. I like tinkering with bikes. I’ve got an old Murr bike in my garage so I go in there and spend hours messing around with bikes. – It’s a lot of bikes. – A lot of bikes. – Bikes really is generally what we do. Animatrix says I’m 15, thinking of entering first race. Good on you. Do you think I should
enter hardtail category or my age group? I’ve noticed a lot people
in his age group have got nice full-sus bikes and he doesn’t know if that’s an unfair advantage. – I did same thing. I started racing when I was 15 on a hardtail. Depends if it’s downhill. We don’t know what type
of racing it is actually. If it’s downhill, yeah full-suspension bikes are all gonna be a bit quick probably. But I would say just jump
in your age category. It’s great to learn on
hardtail so just do that. – Find your level. Against other riders it’s important. – Djaddict13 can you make
a video on how to clean tubeless tyre sealant? – I can’t but you might be able to. – I would say best thing to do is, if it gets on your bike or on your tyres, if it dries out it really sticks to it. So just wash it off. Hose it off as soon as you can. I actually use a brush as well because like I said it makes it horrible. (mumbles) Dirt sticks to that and it’s horrible so get off that as soon as you can. – Marius Hilkert says, how does a steeper or slacker
seat angle effect the riding? And what is better for for downhills for riding with the saddle slammed? – Doesn’t really make any
difference when you go downhill. It’s when you’re seated climbing. So a steeper seat angle means you sit on top of the (mumbles) And it’s much nice as climb. Soon you’ll stood up it doesn’t matter. So if you’re downhill it doesn’t really make much difference to be honest. – And you slam that seat
out of the way just to give yourself more riding room. – Sorry I’ve ruined the name. Can you teach me how to nollie? Do you know what nollie is? – A nollie is a skateboard trick and on a mountain bike a nollie is the very same thing. – It’s a backwards bunny hop. – It’s a backwards bunny hop. Back wheel up first, front wheel follows. – It’s actually kinda easy but we haven’t done a video on that yet. Blake’s done a video on how to nose bonk which is quite similar. – It is actually. ‘Cause you kind of do that same motion, maybe start there. Maybe have a look at that one. – Welcome to my class today. I’m gonna teach you on how to nose press or nose bonk out there on the trails. (exciting music) – Time for the quick-fire round. Neil are you ready? Right here we go then. Darxide Pryor says, do brakes need servicing aside from replacing pads and bleeding? Okay good answer. Keanu Innis when is
the next Dirtshed Show? Louie Patrick Aquila says, can you fit a 26 inch tyre and tube to a 27.5 rim? – A tube yes tyre no. (laughter) – Kashive Sahadeo says, where are you all? In England or the USA? – England but we travel a lot. – We get around. Vaios M says, my spd cleats squeaks. What can he do? – That would be the pedals. Put a bit of chain lube on them. – That’s the way to go! There is no rotation
marks on my Dirty Dan, is that right? – I’ll bet they’re alright. Just have to look a bit closer. – I don’t understand that question. – I’ve never seen a tyre without rotation. – And that is the end. Oh it’s a tyre! I get it now. I was wondering what the hell is this… It’s the end of the quick-fire round let’s get out of this while we can. Correct me if I’m wrong. Now Neil we’ve got to
help out Ian Whitehead because he’s been
practising his bunny hops over in Brisbane in Australia. He’s doing pretty good but on this pile of logs
he’s trying to jump over his front wheel is hitting, his timing is a bit out, the back wheel is clearing the logs, but the front wheel is kind
of kicking off the first log. – It’s a good slow-mo here. Big pump that definitely works, but if you look, Ian stays quite central above the bike so big through the bunny hop. He’s trying to move down like he did, great big pump, but then moving back you want your hips to roll back. That’s gonna lift the front wheel. And then you hit (mumbles) It’s that back to forward
motion that you really need. That’s probably the most common mistake I see with bunny hops. I think you should put in
another video on this soon. Definitely try and get back and then forward. – And I’d also add, actually doing quite a skillful bit of riding there ’cause you’re knocking the front wheel
off of those first logs, as if you were gonna use
them as a little ramp but then bunny hop it. Now if you wanted to do that as a skill in its own right, it’s quite difficult. Don’t feel too bad. It’s not quite a bunny hop
and it’s not quite a jump. Neil’s advice would
probably sort that out. – Keep sending your
videos to [email protected] We’ll take a look. – Thanks for watching this weeks show. If you’ve got any
questions then leave them in the comments section down below and we’ll get on to them next week. – I love this video it’s great. Try and answer people’s questions. – Yeah it’s good fun. If you want to see another
video click over here for bike park vs. natural, a great video from Whistler. – And another one from Whistler click just here for top five things not to do in a bike park. – Give us a thumbs up and
subscribe if you haven’t already by clicking on this logo. – Absolutely and don’t forget to give us a thumbs up like. – I didn’t forget (mumbles) – Oh did you?

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