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How Can You Fit Di2 Shifters To Your TT Bars? | GCN Tech Clinic #AskGCNTech

How Can You Fit Di2 Shifters To Your TT Bars? | GCN Tech Clinic #AskGCNTech

(dramatic music) – Welcome to the GCN tech clinic where you submit your
tech related questions using the #askgcntech down in
the comments section below, and then we pick a
selection of them to answer, to hopefully help you with your
tech related cycling issues. – So I’m now joined by Edwin Van Vugt who is the creator of Speed Bar. Speed Bar if you’re unfamiliar are custom made aerodynamic
tri bars that are used by, base bars, that are used by, well some of the world’s best athletes. So, Victor Campenaerts
and his hour record, and Rohan Dennis and his world
championship winning ride, were both on bikes
equipped with Speed Bar. So we thought it’d be
great to ask some TT bar and aero related tech
clinic questions to Edwin. So, without further ado. We’ve got a question here
from Mike Davies one who says he’s got a set of quick release
time trial bars on his bike, so I think just clip in ones, and he’s put them on his road bike. And he wants to install some shifters on to his bar ends of his tri bars, and connect them to his Di2. Now he’s wanting to know
about, can he just connect, how easy is it to connect extra shifters into his Di2 junction box and what are the best kind of shifters to put in on the ends of the tri bars? ‘Cause there’s different Di2 ones, so what would you recommend for that? – Well the good thing about
the Shimano E-Tube system, or the Di2 system, is you got a variety of
shifters that you could use. There are the ones that
you can plug into the end of the extension, so
you can shift like this. You also have, I guess
it’s an older model, which have the buttons on the side, but maybe which also could work
and is a good idea for him, Shimano also has this spring shifter which you can place
everywhere on your handle bar, like here or here, whatever you want. Which also hooks up to the E-Tube system, the same as the other shifters, but you have much more, well, freedom in where you want
to place the shifter. So, maybe that’s also a good option. But when it comes to connecting
the shifter to the system, when you do that always remember to go to your E-Tube project, to your E-Tube program and to let the system know
that the shifters are there and to give them the function that you would like to
have them to, to have. – ‘Cause you could in theory set them up to control your head unit. – That’s right. – If you wanted to. – Yeah, yeah. – So E Tube’s good. But he’s wondering, like is there any
compatibility issue between, like if you use. ‘Cause he’s using 8070 Ultegra, so could he use the older
version Di2 shifters, or the newer ones? – Yeah, yeah. – So it’s all cross compatible isn’t it? – As long as it has the E-Tube system, so the same connectors,
then it’s all exchangeable. But please remember to
go to the E-Tube program because there are different
types of software, and every part of your bike should have the same type
of software of course, to interact with each
other in the proper way. So when you do install it go to the E-Tube project program and let them all communicate in a proper way with each other. – He’s wanting to know as well if like, exposed Di2 wires will be a problem, and what’s the best way to route the wire, like Di2 cables through the bars? Have you got any advice on that? – Well it really depends
on the system actually, which he’s using. Some systems you can house the
cables within the handlebar, but in the end they have
to come out somewhere to connect with the junction box. So it’s, there’s not like a general way or rule how you should do it. It really depends on
the system you’re using. – And often you can
get them to go through, on a traditional round tri bar. – Yeah, yeah. – And just get it to come
through the back, can’t you? Just the back of the tri bar. – Yeah, yeah. – And then just feed it
in somewhere that way. But I guess, I’d probably say, just use a bit of black electrical tape to tighten up the cables if
you’re worried about them. – Always works with tape. – Yeah. (laughs) So, next questions is
from Angus Stoneham one, who says, “I’m looking for
aero upgrades on my bike. “What are the narrowest
handlebars on the market “that you know of or would suggest? “And are there any
performance disadvantages?” – Well, the disadvantage is of course the control you have on your bike during crosswinds and stuff like that. So I wouldn’t suggest to
go as narrow as possible on your crossbars, because in the end you also
want to stay safe on your bike, which is the most important thing I guess. – ‘Cause you’ve worked as a
pro mechanic right, as well. – Yeah. – So, I mean, are there any
pros that have come to you and said, “Oh, I want
like really narrow bars.” Or they’ve tried them and then they’ve gone back to wider ones? – Well there are a number of sprinters who like to use more narrow bars. – Yeah. – But actually that’s not
because it’s better for them for sprinting, because for sprinting
you would actually like to have a more wider set up so you can pull harder on the handlebars. But for them it’s more to get just in the narrow gap for them, to get in a good position. – Yeah. – For them, to stay in the
wheel of their lead out man, and if there’s a narrow gap
and you have a small handlebar, of course you will have
a advantage over that. But, no, in terms of control and safety I wouldn’t go as narrow
as possible on a drop bar. – Yeah, and comfort as well
I guess could be compromised. – Yeah. Because a taller, wider person
has to use wider handlebars, so if you go like smaller it’s not better for your
position on your bike. That’s for sure. – Yeah. Next question is from Yannick Kurzweil, who says, “I would love to
use carbon aero road bars “that allow TT extensions.” So I think by that he means like, you know when you have
a bar on your handlebars but they’re not round cross section. So he’s saying, “Are there
any products out there “that allow me to clip on some TT bars “onto an aero bar, drop bar?” – If there are any products out there they’re supplied by the brand
of the handlebar itself, most of the time. I know ENVE has a clamping
system for their aero road bars, and there should be other companies who would have them I guess. But please don’t go with like
an off the market solution for an aero bar which doesn’t have the
perfect fit whatsoever. If you want to do it, please make sure you use a handlebar with a dedicated clamping system. – Yeah. – Yeah. – I guess it can get quite, I mean you’ve got a lot of experience in making things
– Yeah – out of carbon fiber. I guess it, I mean, how easy is it to crack things if you clamp them incorrectly on carbon? – Very easy. – Yeah. – Yeah, yeah. – Carbon fiber, like the word is saying, is made out of fibers. And what I always say, you
can’t push with a rope, if you know what I mean, which is the same for
carbon fiber when it’s. The fiber is strong when you pull with it, so when the fiber is, the load on the fiber
is like a pulling load then there’s no worries at all. When you go clamping or whatsoever, I wouldn’t suggest to do that, no no. – Cool. Right, well thanks very much
for answering the questions and coming in Edwin. – Thank you. – It’s been great chatting to you man. – Okay. – And if you’ve got any
questions about time trial bars or getting aero and custom carbon, then fire them in and we’ll try and get them answered next week, using the #askgcntech down below for next week’s tech clinic.

28 comments on “How Can You Fit Di2 Shifters To Your TT Bars? | GCN Tech Clinic #AskGCNTech

  1. I have to say this is my first thumbs down of any GCN video. Honestly I will probably just remove any rating. Tech clinic needs to be done by a mechanic with some presenter skills. Ollie, you are a great reporter but mechanics, and interviews, are not your strong points. This video combined both. In fact, the more uncomfortable you are with a topic, the more you talk with your hands which you did almost constantly in this video. Nor do I feel that the tech clinic is the right segment for an interview. 

    Edwin should have been interviewed as a part of ollie’s Hour of Power series. There he could go much more in depth and really give an education on TT bars and their ability to make Ollie more aero. His definition of “you don’t push with rope” was however fantastic. That explains so much about carbon fiber in a simple one liner.

    Another issue I have with this video I’d that you only covered 3 question. Three questions does not make for a “clinic”; it makes for an infomercial, yet this had no product.

    Tech is difficult enough but when the presenter is constantly saying, “you can,” “you could,” “if you,” etc. rather then, using “I have,” or “once I,” or “I would,” it loses an incredible amount of integrity.

    You haven’t stepped down to the level of ‘Tony Tenspeed’ (search for him) but you have just turned to face him.

    Now to remove that thumbs down…

  2. #askGCNtech Hi guys! My Shimano R7000 shifters has developed some rust at the inside shift toggle. Perhaps due to me neglecting to wipe it down after every ride. How do I remove the rust? I've tried WD40 and Autosol (separately), can't seem to get the rust off. Help!

  3. One of the things I will miss about john, is his unbelievable passion for the technology. he was the only person more passionate and more knowledgeable about cycling than us, the viewers. (Apart from Martin Aston:respect 🙂 ) I'm sad that this is the first effort out of the gate for GCN Tech. I love Ollie and always will, so this is not on you Sir, but this just did not work guys.

  4. #AskGCNTech I still see S-bends on TT bar extensions but isn't that an outdated system compared to the Ski-bends? They are more aerodynamic and more comfortable or ARE there any advantage to S-bends?

  5. #askgcntech
    I just got a power meter, tried doing a workout using it.
    Had my power display set to average over 3s, but found I couldn't sit at any power level (it would just bounce between significant over and significantly under)
    Is that normal? Should I just use the real time output for workouts?

  6. The idea that narrow bars are more difficult to control isn't necessarily true. It's just a case of getting the right width for you and getting used to them. For me that's 38cm.

  7. Just FYI. 8070 levers can't commodate sw-r610 sprint sifters. 6850 levers work with these.

    For 8070, you can install only sw-r9150 sprint sifters. The old sw-r610 has different style connector, which is missing from newer style levers.

  8. #askgcntech Hi guys I’m looking to upgrade to SRAM 12 speed Force axs on my trek Domane SLR 6 with BB90 bottom bracket . What issue could I encounter
    I currently run Shimano ultegra 6800 11speed with direct mount brakes. Thanks

  9. #AskGCNTech I am looking to put etap axs on my latest bike, but it is 12sp and my current wheels have 11sp hubs is there a way to convert the free hubs to 12sp? Is it just a case changing the freehub to an xdr type for the hubs on the wheels?

  10. The only two carbon aero bars that are compatible with after market time trial clamping that I know of are 3T Aeronova’s and Ritchey WCS Carbon Streem II. As I said “that I know of”

  11. My god, I love you guys but can you for the love of god make some non -super rich people videos. When was the last time you people made a video with steel or aluminum or rode something that was 105 or less? Again your an amazing channel. Have a nice day thanks for all the content.

  12. This was great.I'd love to see Ollie do more long form interviews in a relaxed setting with people in the industry, tech, riders on the outskirts or into interesting areas of cycling! That would be so cool! Keep up the great work x

  13. I plan to get a new road bike with SRAM Force spinder based power meter. Since i already have a pair of pedal based power meters, I'm thinking about fitting the SRAM Force crank, power meter and chain ring on my gravel bike. But the gravel bike has Shimano 105, 2×11. I suppose I need a new a new DUB-BB to fit the SRAM crank. Will SRAM Force chain rings work with a Shimano 105 front derailleur? #askgcntech

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