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How Did You Get In To Mountain Biking? | The Dirt Shed Show From Whistler Crankworx Ep.128

How Did You Get In To Mountain Biking? | The Dirt Shed Show From Whistler Crankworx Ep.128

– Well, look it who is. Well, look it who is. Look who it is.
– (laughs) – Well, look who it is. It’s him, Blake Samson. – And him, Martyn Ashton. – With The Dirt Shed Show, here
in Blackcomb Upper Village. Crankworx is happening just over there. It’s crazy. We made it to Whistler. – And we’ve got all the usuals coming up. We’ve got hacks and
bodges, first try Friday, and viewer edits. – We might even fit in a bike vault. Let’s do it.
– Oh, let’s do it. The Dirt Shed Show!
– The Dirt Shed Show! (rock music) Okay, let’s get going with the show, but before we do, we’re just going to do a quick name check to Milestones, the lovely restaurant
we’re hanging out with. We’re going to order our
lunch here in a minute. But they’re letting us
hang out and do our show because we could not find a shed. We couldn’t.
– We couldn’t. We couldn’t, we couldn’t.
– We looked, we looked and looked. – It was nowhere to be found. – Yeah, and we’ve got this lovely view of Blackcomb lift going up
into the mountains there. It’s a sweet spot. – It’s got mini golf
right behind us, as well. – We might play mini
golf in a little while. – (laughs) Right, to business. Crankworx is happening. We’ve seen a few events already. By the time you see this,
there’ll have been some more. – Yeah. – The atmosphere is unreal.
– It’s incredible. It’s unreal. – It is unreal. But the think we’ve noticed, and a topic we want to
talk about this week, is these little shredders. – Yeah. – There is mini people
dashing about on small bikes. But they’re not just small bikes. They’re perfect little full-sized rigs. – A lot of technology in a little bike. – Incredible.
– It’s crazy. Crazy little kids
shredding down a mountain. They did B-Line DH. – Which is a cool race.
– Which is an amazing thing. Dedicated for little
shredders like these guys. – Yeah – It’s wicked.
– It’s unreal, and the talent of these kids
is right off the charts. I mean, they’re talking
about trails they’re riding that I just couldn’t even
contemplate riding down. And they’re like, “Oh, yeah, I was riding
down Slayer yesterday. It was no problem, it was cool.” – Yeah, it can shut a lot of people down. – Such good riders. Now, I was talking to Brian Finestone who, basically, is in charge of Whistler and the whole programme here. And he was telling me
about this generation that are coming through and how
they are really promoting that and pushing that. They want to see
fantastic riders in Winter and Summer sports coming out of Whistler for generations to come. Finn Iles is already one of the top pros riding for specialised. He’s a local. He’s the first sign of what we can expect of a long line of people
coming out of Whistler. Yeah, it makes you wonder
what influences your riding? What gets you into it? Is it your parents, is it your
locale, the place you’re at, like somewhere like here? Blake, what got you into it? – Well, me, it was all about magazines and movies coming out at the time on VHS. It was like Double Down. You had all those old videos.
– Yeah, old VHS videos, yeah. – New World Disorder.
– Yeah. – I loved those
– You could maybe mention one of the videos I was in,
– No one could redo that. – if you like.
– Yeah. What with the trail, trials? – You don’t even know.
– Did you do trials? No, I didn’t watch any trials. – Anyway, I was influenced by, I came from motorcycle trials, originally. I was influenced by the competition scene but never had the location
like this to really… I come from south of England, which isn’t the greatest
trials land in the world. Up northern part of our country
is much better for that. – Yeah, a bit more rocky. – But it was the videos and stuff of that, that I got into, but it’s clear that Whistler
has got something going on, where it’s really, really
promoting these young riders. – It’s a breeding ground. – Yes, that is it.
– It is a breeding ground. – In a way I haven’t seen before, but we want to know what influenced you, and why don’t we do a poll about it. – Yes. – This thing we’ll have
above bing-bong’s head. Parents, they were my
influence, is your first option. It’s all about where I’m from,
that’s your second option. So if you’ve got a Whistler, and is it getting in you mountain biking? Maybe a YouTube channel
is your third option. Wink. YouTube got me into my riding
and helps me all day long, and your fourth option
is, Snook is a good game. – (laughs) Where did that come from? – I don’t know, but that’s your options. You’ve got four, let us know, and in the comment section down below, tell us what influenced you. Okay, it’s time for the
news with Neal Donahue, but actually he’s not here,
he’s at home healing up. Hey Neal. – Hey Neal, if you’re watching. – But Blake’s gonna get us going. What’s been happening at Crankworx? – EWS, which has been amazing, and we had speed and style as well. – Yeah, EWS was really great actually, because local boy Jessie
Miller won the atmosphere at the bottom when he come
down and realised he’s won. His family was there, it was insane. – For a split second I thought
Sam Hill would have had it. – Yeah, I kind of, I was
rooting for Sam Hill, because I think he’s doing a great job, and EWS is making it very exciting, he’s stirring up the pot,
it’s confusing people. I’ll tell you what
else, I met Richie Rude. He’s a unit. – Is he? – He is a strong looking kid. – I guess you gotta be
that, taking on that. – Yeah, very talented
rider, really nice guy, too. Nice to meet you Richie. Yeah, and in the women’s,
Cecile Ravanel smoked ’em. – Yeah, she killed it. – I’ve made no secret
that Isabeau Courdurier is my favourite. I thought she was gonna win. She was in the lead
until Cecile come down, but yeah, there you go. – She killed it, she killed everyone. – I do like Isabeau’s
progression through EWS, though. She’s on the upward slope,
very steep learning curve, and I think she’s gonna be
top of the charts next year, just my prediction. – There you go. – Yeah, but EWS is great. What about Slope and Style? – Oh, Speed and Style. – Speed and Style. – That is a great event,
it’s a great event. – Is it? – No, it is. – Tell me all about it, Blake. – People love watching it. It’s fast, everyone does tricks. – [Martyn] And no one knows who’s won. – So it’s based on time and tricks. – Yes. – You can cut your time
down if your trick or stunt on a certain obstacle
that they are judging, like there’s two jumps,
that way you can do a stunt. – Confused much? Me too. Anyway, lots more happening in EWS. Air D and H is, Fox Air DH is coming up. Actually, I should know the name ’cause I’m riding it.
– You are racing it. – I’m riding it.
– Yeah. – Racing it, I’m riding it.
– Yeah. – I did take part in Whip-Off. – Blake’s taking part in the Whip-Off, and we’ve also got slopes
that are happening. We’ve been seeing like
the big dogs hanging out. I saw Brandon Semenuk earlier
riding, a bit starstruck. Ryan Nyquist. Who else have you spotted? – I’ve seen those. I’ve seen all the UK boys,
I’ve seen all the Swedes. – It’s gonna be off the charts. – They’re all there, all the big names. – But that’s enough news. We need to talk about what
you guys have been saying, so let’s get on to that. (rock music) Right, let’s get into it
straight off with Hillkillr, who’s saying he doesn’t know
why people hate on bar ends. I think this might be pointing to us. They still have a legitimate use, and it’s a bit of an
oversight for not recognising that they really help out some riders, and it shouldn’t be about
how stylish a bike is. Sometimes function is more important. Hillkillr, you’re right, you’re right.
– (laughs) Yeah, they do have a function. – But it’s really fun to
take the Macau bar ends, I don’t know why. – Make sure they’re big one’s though. – I’m just messing with you. – The massive one’s. – I’m just messing. I like bar ends, I used
to have ’em, the tiny one. – Alright, next one
comes from Dukevanzoom. For next hacks and bodges, please film Neil with
his locked teeth singing the hacks and bodges.
– We tried. We asked him to.
– We tried, we tried. – He was gonna do it, but you know what, he was well up for it, I
was texting him saying, they are gonna love it,
Neil, if you send that in, but he actually was in quite
a lot of pain that day. – He was, yeah. – So yeah, he hasn’t done it.
– Poor guy. – But he is getting better. – He says take care and heal up. Thanks. – David Lambert says, I’ve
watched so much fails and bails on your show that he’s
now nervous to hit a jump. – If I watch so much, I’m like, oh man, like three time check
myself, should I do this? – Yeah, you realise how dangerous it is. – Yeah. – You gotta take fails and
bails with a pinch of salt, and just not take it into account too much when you’re riding.
– Yeah. – Watch it and then throw it away. Throw it way.
– Yeah. Next one comes from Tobbe Lindqui, Lindquist, Lindquist.
– Lindquist, Lindquist. – Grippy shoes, hmm, there are very clever things called SPD. – This refers to last
weeks hacks and bodges where we had that pedal wrapped. – That was a horrible thing. – I loved it. It was wrapped in an inner tube, and the guy had just literally stuck bolts out the bottom of his shoe, and the idea was that they would stick. – I see a design fault right there. The bolt heads are gonna like dig into the bottom of your feet, unless he’s put a plate in
there to stop those bolts from like pushing into you. – I think he had, but you’re right Tobbe,
SPD’s kind of do that. – Yeah, they do their job. – But you could get a shinner
on them rubber pedals, and it wouldn’t hurt too much. – True.
– So that’s quite good. Next one is from Mopedlife, and he says he’s replayed
Doddy’s crash so many times. I think you’re not alone in that one. We’ve all enjoyed Doddy.
– Yes. – In fact… (rock music) – We’re gonna kick off Progression Session with Rowen Green, straight
out of Ludlow, the UK. – Yes. – He’s 12 years old, and he’s doing this massive,
massive rock-roller slab thing. It’s crazy. Look at it, look at it. – [Martyn] Oh no, he didn’t go. – [Blake] Oh, he’s gonna do it. – [Martyn] Go on.
– [Blake] He’s gonna do it. – [Martyn] Go on, Rowen, go on, go on. Now he’s stopping. – [Blake] Oh, he’s gonna
be third time lucky. – [Martyn] This is it, Rowen, go. Go on, go on, go on. – [Blake] Slow, steady, he’s in. – [Martyn] Whoa, it’s big. – [Blake] It is massive. – [Martyn] Whoa, good
job, good job, Rowen. That literally, was progression. – [Blake] That was progression. – Perfect. So, Blake, have we got a first photo. – Yes, we have. This week we have two applicants send in. Yeah, I know.
– What, what? – The first one comes from Paul Cook, sending a video of his wife
doing a seesaw teeter totter, we’ve been talking about this. – Right. – It’s quite daunting, but
she’s coming in on a seesaw for the first time. Look at this. – [Martyn] I thought she was going over. – [Blake] Nah, let’s see that again. – [Martyn] It’s second
try fly day, here we go. Yes, nice, very good. – Well done. Right, next we got Jasper
Johnson sending in. He’s only 13 years old, and
he’s sending a stair set. Check this.
– Oh, a stair set’s gonna be scary. – They are, they can be very. – Have you every done a big old stair set? – Yep, like true rails. – [Martyn] Here he comes,
he’s gonna be coming in hard. – [Blake] He is yeah. – Oh, he landed low. – He landed right on the bottom step. – Jasper, you needed to go
a little bit slower there. You were king. – Right, Jasper and Bailey, you deserve one of them. – Good job, first try
Friday, what up dingus? (rock music) So whilst walking around
Whistler’s base camp, I spied this bike from
Structure, which is pretty crazy. It’s an amazing bit of tech for this week. I’m gonna let Lonnie Hall, the designer, tell you all about it, but
look at this thing, it’s crazy. – Hello, my name is Lonnie Hall. I’m the designer and founder
of Structure Cycleworks, and I designed this bicycle
to become more stable the farther you get into the travel. So we’ve got two trapezoidal
suspension systems that work together with
similar motion ratios with the goal of making
the steering head angle become slacker the deeper
into the travel you go, maintaining the wheel
base through the travel and being able to make the
bike less prone to dive at that point to pitching over the bars. – [Martyn] I’ve got to say, I really enjoyed looking at the bike, and I was chatting to the guys. They’re so passionate about it. It’s a different idea, and I think the only way
for the sport to progress is to push it into different directions. Ones that have not been done before, and I like the way he said
trapezoidal suspension. – [Lonnie] Trapezoidal. (rock music) – ♫ Hacks and bodges,
– ♫ Hacks and bodges, ♫ Hacks and bodges,
– ♫ hacks and bodges, ♫ Hacks and bodges,
– ♫ Hacks and bodges ♫ Here we come.
– ♫ Here we come, ♫ Here they come, ♫ Hacks and bodges all the way
– Shhh, yeah. – ♫ Hacks and bodges,
hacks and bodges, hacks, sing with me, Blake. ♫ Hacks and bodges
– ♫ Hacks and bodges, hacks and bodges
– You’re doing it wrong. – ♫ Hacks and bodges.
– Let’s do hacks and bodges. First, hacks and bodges this
week is from Irvin Rosenfist, who was out on a ride and check this out, he lost the little bolt in his disc pads. – [Blake] Oh yeah, that’s
really, yeah that’s common. – [Martyn] So he used a
twig, it’s a good bodge that. – [Blake] He used a twig to keep something that’s gonna slow you down out
on the trail, he used a twig. – Yeah, I mean the brake
pads could have come out, and you could have been
totally blown with the brake, but a little twig in there,
it got him home, clever. – [Blake] It’s a little green twig. – [Martyn] Yeah, it’s clever though. – [Blake] It is clever. – It’s not much, but it worked. I’m giving him a props on that. – I could say, you know, a
little chain ring on your keys, if you had your keys with you, you know that little chain
to hold your keys on. – Yeah, yeah. – Maybe take that off,
bend it up and put that in? – Good idea, Bing-bong. Thumbs up from Jack
behind the camera there. Jack-in-the-box over there loved it. Alright, next one here
is from Zander Clark. Wanna see one of the most
amazing bike racks… – Yes. – Ever? Look at this thing. Oh, double duck. – [Blake] Oh man, look at that. I guess it kind of balances
if you’re working on one, you use the other to hold the rack up. – I think it looks like two bikes in those village stocks
they used to put people in and throw vegetables at them. – Throw veggies at it. – Yeah. – Rotten tomatoes. – [Martyn] Yeah. It’s pretty cool. – [Blake] Yeah, it’s clever. – [Martyn] I’ve not seen
a double up bike hack, that’s a hack. – For sure.
– Yeah, right. Next one, you’re really
gonna love this, Blake. Cameron Ravenhill has made
an amazing wooden kicker. Look at this. – [Blake] Oh wow, look at that. He’s made it out of
reclaimed wood as well. – [Martyn] Yeah, and a bit
of fencing, really nice. I mean, that’s a great
hack, but look at his bike, look at his bike. It’s pretty big next to his bike. – It would be really good
to put on like, off banks, you can drop onto that. – If he’s jumping the flat,
you’re gonna feel that. – He’s got a suspension, he’s got it. – Great hacks and bodges
– That’s a hack. – Now if you’ve got a
hack or a bodge or both, make sure you send ’em into
us at [email protected] – Just there. – Just there. – I love seeing them.
– We’d love to see them. (rock music) – Alright, caption contest
from last week was myself with my moustache. – You’re little mustachio. – [Blake] Yeah, I tried
to go for the curly wurly. – You look absolutely awful with it, but it was worth it because we
got some incredible captions. I don’t know, you’re gonna
have to pick the winner ’cause you were in the photo. So first one is from
24sevenx, and he says, taking the french line. I don’t really get that one. I guess you kind of look French. – They look French, yeah. – Yeah, yeah. And Vonhumblebum says, like Gwin at MSA, I must dash. Get it, a moustache. – Oh, moustache, that’s a good.
– That’s clever. Derif likes that, he smirks. – That’s a good one. – Pokit Productions says, if
Poirot and Blake got merged. Yeah, yeah. – I can’t see it, but yeah. – Thefbomb says, ladies UCI
cross country is on, bing bong. (laughs) That was all about
the delivery, that one. I think I should have
got an award for that. The last one is Greasmonger says, when you have bar ends on your face. – Oh. – You’ve got bar ends on your face. – That’s not a, well,
he took time for that. – You’ve gotta pick a winner in there. – I’m going for that bing bong one. – The bing bong, okay. – The way you delivered it. – Thefbomb85, you are a winner, and we are gonna be
sending you a GMBN hat. Look at that. This is this weeks photo. – [Blake] Ew. – Do what you will with it. In the comment section down
below, give us a great caption. You could win yourself a GMBN hat or whatever else we have to hand. Goodies. (rock music) Time for viewer edits. This is the moment where we
make someone a movie star, basically, and get ’em a million
views at least on YouTube. That won’t happen. The first video is from Isaac Maddox. – Do you think we can turn the sun off? – And he’s turning out a great story here. Check this one out, I love it. I really love these films
that tell a story about a day. I think this is a great example
about what a view would be. I love that truck. Look at this, it’s off
the road, here we go, we’re off road now. – [Blake] Drone, drone shot. I wonder what drone. – [Martyn] High production value. – [Blake] Wow, wow. – [Martyn] Lots of, lots of shots, a bit of gimbal shot there. – [Blake] Oh look at that, a
crane shot, this is very good. – [Martyn] This is high standard. – [Blake] It is high standard. – [Martyn] Very high standard. That is really, really good. – [Blake] They should do Oscars. – [Martyn] That’s a hard
one to follow next week. Good luck. If you’ve got a viewer
edit, please send it in. – To [email protected] Fails and bails where that
mountain just over there, claims a lot of fails and bails. Well, Jack behind the
camera and then myself. He crashed in front, but
then I crashed into him. – That’s a good place to crash. – Yeah, he was quite soft. – He looks like a good
parking place to me. Let’s get ourselves into
the mood for fails and bails with this one from Steven
Ray, his son, James, crashing into a tree. Not only crashing into a
tree, knocking it over. – Knocking a tree over, this is definitely gonna
get me in the mood. – Look at this, Blake. I’ve got a few others coming in. This builds tension. – [Blake] Oh, he kicked that up. – [Martyn] Yeah, nice run down. That would be James. No, almost there. You’re gonna know which one is James. – [Blake] Alright, let’s see. – [Martyn] Because he
undeniably knocks a tree down with his head. – [Blake] With his head? That’s James. – Wow, and tree. That is ridiculous. – (laughs) How did he do that? – I don’t know how he got away with it, but thank God you did. Namaste, James, for that video. It was amazing, and
it’s got me in the mood. – Yes, it has. – Go on Blake. – Run VD. (upbeat music) And some…
– Boom. – Yeah, where we show
you who we are following and are worth for follow, so I’m gonna throw to, itsjasonlucas, straight out of Vancouver BC, he’s rad and he’s got cool things, he shoots a lot of
movies with Matt Denison, who’s his partner, but check this out, that is his ankle. – [Martyn] Ow. – Poor guy, that’s a fail and bail. – That’s worth a look. – Give him a follow, he’s rad. – And I’m shouting out
this week to annekebeerten. Look at this, she had
this tumble, which sucks. That was practising for
EWS, it’s for Crankworx, she didn’t get to ride,
and that is not cool, so I’m just throwing out some props ’cause she’s a legend in the sport. – I’m gonna follow her. – She’s definitely worth a follow. – Definitely following. (rock music) – Alright, let’s get in
the bike vault this week. We’re gonna start with this
one from Stephen Morgon in the Goor Valley. It’s a pretty old school GT, isn’t it? Yeah, I like that. – Oh, I think it’s super nice. – It’s super nice? – I like it, it’s super retro. – Wow. – I’ll go for it, super nice. – Super nice. Next one. – I like the yellow flowers. – This is from Srpm22, catchy
name, sent us his Trek, and I think it’s nice. – I think it’s nice, that’s nice. – That’s nice. – That’s nice. – Oh, Canyon. – I’m just gonna go back
and look at that Trek. I know that’s not done often,
but I’m giving it super nice. – You’re gonna give it super nice? – I just like the
flowers, I like the scene. – Yeah, it’s super nice. – I just, it could have
been around the other way, that’s why I didn’t say
instantly super nice here. I know it’s crazy. Rob Baker in the Netherlands. – I’m giving that a, that’s nice. – That’s really nice.
– That’s nice. Oh, there’s another Canyon, but you see, I like this one ’cause the other one’s a
Spectral, this one’s a Strive. I don’t wanna fall off my Strive, so I’m gonna give that a super nice. – Canyon heavy this week. – It his Canyon heavy, but… – Is one of our partners
getting on the bolt vote. – Can I super nice? – You can super nice that one. – Super nice. – Yeah, Karen Brennan, nice bike. Oh, look at that. Giant from Jordi Aleutia. – It’s nice. – That’s nice. – You could have set it
so we could see the view. – Yeah, it’s been kind of
thrown against the wood. – Yeah, but it’s a good bike. What’s that? – John Tempson. – What is that? – He’s come up, I don’t
especially know what that bike is. I don’t love that
triangular bit by the seat. – Yeah, it’s nice. – It’s nice. – It’s nice. – It’s a nice shot, and a nice bike. – Two nice mean. – A nice. – A nice. Ooh.
– John Lair. Island of Man. – Man, not Man? – Man. – Man. – That is… – That’s a specialised, it’s beautiful. – Super nice. – That’s a super nice. – That is a super nice. – Teedee hehe. – Next up, we’ve got Chromag. That is from Jason Burrows. – I need my handlebar
moustache, my moustache. That’s a super nice bike. – I don’t think it’s super nice, Blake. I think you’ve lost it
on that, no it’s nice. – Oh. – Dillon Shaw, he has sent
us this pink wonder Whyte. Is it pink, or would you say that’s… – No, it looks pink. – Maybe it’s a red, it’s hard to tell. I think it’s a red, but it’s nice. – It’s nice. But I like how he’s taken the shot with the nice little purple
flowers by his wheel. – Yeah, it’s really nice. – Drive side, 3:00, can’t complain. – Yeah, nice. – Dave Lanky. – Oh, look at that. It’s super… – Now that is a really old. – Bar ends.
– It’s got bar ends. – No, but the bar ends,
they belong on that bike. That’s right, that’s fine. – Look at that water bottle. – I mean, if you put those
bar ends on your bike, you’d look like a total nut job, but that’s where they belong. – That’s a nice bike. – In the 90’s. It’s a nice bike. – It’s a nice bike. – So quick these days. – Where did these come from? – I love seeing your
bikes in the bike vault. I think I love it more than Blake, but he loves it a lot. – I do love the bike
vault more than Martyn. – Keep them coming. – Please send them to [email protected] – ‘Cause you might make
it in and get super nice. (rock music) Coming up on the channel this week, it starts tomorrow with G Athens pro bike, and it’s a beauty, and he’s a big dude. – He’s massive. – He’s a unit these days. – He can shred a bike. – Sunday we have got the whipper faction. – Oh yeah. – A bit of ice cream whip from Blake. – Nice there Monday. It’s, what is this? Seven things about carbon. What’s going on? – We’re building the tension on the video. It’s gonna need to be good, that one. – Then Tuesday is top money saving tips. That’s a pretty good one. – Yeah, we’re gonna have
a how-to on Wednesday, and then of course on
Thursday, it’s ask GMBN. – Yes. – Yes. – And then again, where are we gonna be? – Well, we’ll still be at Whistler. – We’ll still be in Whistler. – And it’ll be the Dirt
Shed, kind of show. It’s the kind of Dirt Shed
Show, but not in a shed. – It’s the show. – From Whistler next Friday. Right, I hope you enjoyed
the show this week. We certainly enjoyed it. We’re gonna get over and
see what’s happening. – I wanna get ready to get on my bike. – I’m gonna go and do Fox Air
DH, that’s actually happening. So yeah, if you wanna see
more from the channel, then make sure you subscribe by hitting this logo right here, and then I’m gonna throw you
to this video, GTN explained. – Yes. – Yes. A whole new channel, a triathlon channel. Click here and you can find out. – Definitely find out
and then five top skills to mastering a bike park. I think they’re down here. – Oh, our chips have just arrived. Oh brilliant. That is a great way to end the show. Thank you, sir. – Thanks, Bruce. – That’s the way you end the show. – He’s the boss. – Is he? Well, they are great guys here. See ya next time. Oh, they are nice. – Oh yeah, they are.

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  5. Started mountain biking because a friend said he will get into it right after i do, he was a dog, but i ended up broke with three bikes in my living room. XD still a happy man

  6. Got into mountainbiking because of my girlfriend's dad. I saw him ride on facebook, he motivated me, and even helped me choose my beginner bike. Guess who i spend most of my time with now?

  7. Well I am 10 and live in the middle of Scotland so really we have to travel and my brothers and my dad really wanted me to get me into it so it's just easier for my parents. And I started to race when i was 5 but really started to get into it when I was 7.

  8. I started building jumps for my bmx schwinns in the 70,s I moved to Durango Colorado in 80,s and was so stricken by the mountains always wanted to be in them saw people riding mtb,s around put 2 n 2 together and the rest was history.

  9. i think you guys should try a lefty, dont knock it until youve tried it, i have a 2017 fsi with lefty and think it feels as good as fox shock ive tried

  10. Y'all should do competitions similar to what top gear used to. Everyone buys a bike for $200 and has to complete challenges. Put everyone on a rode bike. Hahahahaha

  11. #CaptionContest When you find out your mate has bought a new dropper post without telling you and you are still broke af

  12. I needed a bike to commute to work, and was given a dual suspension Giant NRS. After riding the bike a bit, I started watching MTB videos on YouTube and thought to myself, "I need to do that" and then hit the mountain with my bike and fell in love.

  13. What got me into to Mountain Biking is was a combination of location and mates. Although I spent a lot of my time as a kid cycling in the mountains I generally stuck to fire roads or the easier trails but about 10 years ago a mate was trying to get back into racing again so joined him on his spins. So had to buy a proper bike which was a Saracen Mantra Pro entry level but still can take a beating. Now I've out ridden it and currently waiting on delivery of a Kellys Swag 30!!

  14. How did I get into Mountain biking? I guess I didn't have anything better to do. Here In on the flat side of Belgium There's no Terrain, I didn't have You-tube or magazines and I didn't like snooker :p #howedidIgetintomountainbikingyouaske.

  15. I used to ride my bike with my friends where I live but YouTube boosted my interest in MTB. i still ride with friends but now in the trails, you can see on my Strava and Instagram!

  16. My dad got me into mountain biking. As soon as I learned how to ride a bike, he took me to the trails, left me behind, and made me go beyond my comfort zone and now we're building a dh bike together.

  17. Just started trails 6 months ago ive been a Munro bagger for 3 years. I always had it in my head to do all Munros Grahams Corbetts on my bike. Ben lomond Conic hill Ben Narnain Dumyat in the bag. Learning so much from GMBN
    Keep them coming guys

  18. I started mountain biking by training for motocross, later on found downhill more interesting and quit motocross for mtb, and now ive got my first race on the 10th of september. so stoked

  19. My parents owned a sporting goods store in Pennsylvania, so I pretty much grew up around people that were avid about outdoor sports, and when I was old enough I would start joining our employees on rides

  20. if bar ends still had a legitimate use then the pros would be using them. people claim that not having them is because of fashion are simply victims of an older fashion.

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