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How Do I Get Aero Without A Sore Back? | Ask GCN Anything

How Do I Get Aero Without A Sore Back? | Ask GCN Anything

– Hello and welcome to Ask GCnything. It’s that time of the week when we go through all your
questions about cycling. – Yeah, if you would like to
ask us a question for next week don’t forget to leave a
comment in the box below, using the hashtag #torqueback – And if you wanted to
be in with the chance of winning three months subscription from our good friends over at Zwift then use the hashtag #askGCNtraining – That’s a pretty cool
prize, that, three months. – I mean that’s pretty good. – Cool, right then. Let’s get stuck in.
– Without further ado, Let’s get to it. – Our first question
here is from Lewis Waugh. “Hi GCN, often when I
am watching bike races, “especially grand tours when
some riders are taking it easy, “I see many riders are just
chilling out and talking “to each other, a very
current example being Sagan “and Gaviria during the early
stages of the Tour de France. “I’m always interested in
what they’re talking about. “As most of you GCN hosts are ex-pros, “could you give me some insight “into what you guys talked about, “tactics, food, the weather?” – Yeah, I mean, when it goes easy enough and you kind of have
a bit of time to talk, you’re kind of always talking
about everything but the race. Your kids, your family,
what you got up to, when you’re at home, how
your pets are, you know, What pros kinda wanna do is they wanna take their mind off the race, so you kind of just wanna chill out, and, you know, chat to your mates really. – Yeah, I mean it gets
pretty stressful towards the important parts of a bike race, so anything you can do to
lower your stress levels earlier on, it’s kind of
like your lunch break, look at it that way. So if you’ve got five minutes to spare then you’re gonna have
it a little bit easier and just chill out. – Yeah, exactly, but it
would be nice to kind of have microphones on all the riders ’cause I would love to know
what Sagan’s saying to Gaviria. – Yeah, probably couldn’t
air most of the stuff they talk about though, could you? – No, probably not and the
pros probably wouldn’t wanna have mics on them all the time. But let’s put it to the air
service, see what happens. – Next up, we have a question
from Sumanth Kashyap. “Don’t the riders ever
complain about the petrol “and diesel cars smoking
from the exhaust in the race? “Why can’t or haven’t the
teams changed their cars “to electric with so many in the market “with good range enough to cover the race? “One problem I face when I commute “is the smoke blasting into
my face from these cars.” That’s quite an interesting
question actually because I remember back in
the early days of my career when diesel engines
especially weren’t that great, you really did suffer with it, but these days, engines are
a lot cleaner I would say. – Yeah, it’s funny you say that as well ’cause I did have a little
think about this question, and I was thinking, you know, do I notice it when I’m racing? But the peloton’s in front of the convoy, so you’ve only got really one car, maybe a couple of motor
bikes in front of you, so it doesn’t really feel like, you know, when you’re riding,
commuting through traffic, you don’t have that kinda feeling. But I also did some digging
and I found out that the EF, Education First World
Tour Pro Cycling Team, they’ve got a Tesla as their team car, so, you know, I think some electric cars and stuff like that should
kinda sponsor cycling, as it’s green and energy
efficient and good for the planet. – Pretty good idea, I didn’t know that they had an electric car actually. – Yeah, I think it was
first seen at RideLondon. – Oh wow, big thumbs up to them. – Yeah, so there, more electric cars in the pro peloton to come. – And the winner of this
week’s three month subscription from our friends at Zwift
is Chelsea Achterberg. – Well done Chelsea. – Indeed. Chelsea has been riding
for about four years and improved a lot in
the first two to three but seems to have plateaued around 2 to 2.6 watts per kilo for her threshold. “I would like to keep
improving as I’m only 26 “but am overwhelmed at trying
to find a long term focus “for my rides to keep on
improving. How can I do this?” – Well Chelsea we all
kind of get to that point. You know, when we’re beginner cyclists we’ve all kinda been there. The gains are so massive,
and you’re going at, you know, such a trajectory, that eventually it’s
going to have to plateau. But what you gotta think about is, if you’re kind of riding
200 watts all the time, every day, you’re never
going to get better, ’cause what you need to do is think about when you train, you break down
those molecular structures, and then you rest and
those molecular structures then recover and they
basically make more and repair over the top of more than you had before. – And that’s what makes you stronger. – And that’s ultimately
what makes you stronger. So there’s three points
you kinda need to look at to kind of increase those
and break more down, if you get what I mean. – Yeah, and that’s volume,
intensity, and frequency. You need to think about how much volume you’re doing in your training, is it enough to constantly
put your body under a stress? The frequency of your training sessions. Are you only doing three
rides a week, for example, or could you increase that to five? And then the intensity
of your rides as well. However, whilst you’re
thinking about all of those, you also need to add in
time for rest and recovery as what James just said, that
is when you get stronger. – And what you gotta think about also, is when you kinda change one,
so you change the volume, that is gonna impact on the others. So, we’ve got a few points here that should help you in your training. – So Chelsea, what you need to do is make a bit of a change to the activity that you’re currently doing
and include some really good, specific training in your schedule. – Yeah, so you’re happy and comfortable riding at 2.6 watts per kilogram, but what you wanna do is train above that. But what you wanna do is train above that but only for a short period of time. So Zwift have got this perfect
session called under ones, and that really makes
you do harder efforts, you know, over your comfortable
threshold and wattage, but for a shorter period of time, and that will kind of, you know, bring you onto another level hopefully. – They sound pretty painful to me, but you’ll really be
pushing yourself harder and that is what’s gonna
help bring you a new level of fitness that you’ve been looking for. – But every time we train hard, you know, if it’s painful it means
it’s working, right? – Every time I ride my
bike with you at the moment it’s been way too fast. – You get better, that’s why. – So, talking about our
session that Zwift recommended, called under ones, a challenging, high intensity interval
workout session that focuses on repeated efforts under one minute. The workout consists of just five minutes of high intensity work,
however, short recovery periods, and your lactate tolerance
will really be tested. – [James] The session is divided
into three blocks of work, 12 times 10 second sprints,
with 50 seconds recovery, and you’re definitely gonna
wanna take that recovery, and then six times 15 second sprints, with 45 seconds recovery, and lastly three times 30 second sprints
with 30 seconds recovery, and your stress points is around 52. So, it’s pretty hard session, but it’s one that you’ll
definitely benefit from. – [Chris] Yeah, and
it’s not a long session so it should be quite easy for you to fit that into your schedule somewhere. – “How can you cycle for a
long time in and aero position “without getting a really sore back?” Well this is a very good question, because I think we’ve all been there. – Yeah we have, and it’s
generally not that pretty, is it? To start with, it takes a long time. So, you wanna just do it in
short periods to start with. You wanna find a position
that you can actually put a little bit of power in,
and it’s still aero dynamic. That’s the important thing,
is trying to find that balance and then once you’ve got to that you really want to build up incrementally, so don’t just go out
there and hope to hold it for and hour, two hours, or
however long your time trial is. You wanna aim to do it in
blocks of five minutes, five minutes on, two minutes off, and if that doesn’t work for you, you can have a longer period off, but I wouldn’t go out there and expect to be able
to hold it straightaway, because it is quite a
demanding position to hold, it’s not natural, it’s
not like your road bike. – No, it’s definitely not a position the body wants to sit in, so
I think what we’re saying here is go out and practice and
just let the body adapt. – You do wanna stay on
top of your stretching, because that will just
help the levels of comfort. It will give your muscles
a wider range of motion and generally a time trial position is in a more acute, you know, the angles are gonna be a lot tighter, so if you’re more
flexible you will be able to do it a little bit easier. – [James] So stretching and time. – [Chris] Yep. We have a question from CreRay. “Hi GCN, the last couple of weeks “I got caught in a few spots of rain, “first time since riding on carbon wheels, “and although I’m very happy
with the breaking performance “in the dry, I found in the wet “braking performance
isn’t even half as good. “So bad in fact that
for my six-day sportive “in the Dolomites later this year, “I feel that I have to
go back to aluminum rims. “My questions is, are there
any modern carbon wheels around “that in the wet are just
as good as aluminum rims, “or is my experience pretty typical “for carbon braking
performance in the wet? “Needless to say I don’t
yet have disc brakes.” Well you know what CreRay, I completely feel your pain on that one, because we raced on carbon
rims for, well, years, I can’t remember not racing
on carbon rims actually. – We’ve all been there, haven’t we? When you touch the brakes– – And nothing happens and
you have that little moment of panic and you’re like
“Uh, are we gonna stop?” – Ah! – Generally speaking,
everyone’s in the same situation and actually, it is a real
major flaw and that is, for me, the main reason
to have disk brakes, is your brakes will actually work. But there are a few things you can do, you can go for a little safety squeeze and release and then reapply the brakes, so that will try and
clear the layer of water, the film that’s built up on the
rim, on the braking surface. There are some carbon wheels
that are kinda designed with grooves in them to
help shed that water. But, yeah, in reality
nothing’s going to be quite as effective in the
wet as your aluminum rims, they are just that much better. I’m not sure if it’s– – Yeah, I think you’re right on that. I think you’re always
gonna have, you know, carbon rims in the wet aren’t ideal. – But, that said, you could
quite happily navigate the Dolomites on carbon rims in the wet. You just have to be
prepared to not go as fast in a straight line, and just, – Use the brakes more. – Use your brakes more, yeah. Yeah, I mean you’re gonna
through your pads pretty quick either way in the Dolomites,
’cause it’s steep. – I mean, you would
know, you went and did– – I went through seven
pads in a day, yeah. – Alright, the next question’s from MRo. “How do you manage the degreaser
and it’s possible effect “on the environment as
there are likely thousands “of cyclist degreasing daily? “Is there a biodegradable degreaser?” Well the answer to your
question is, yes there is. So, it will only take you a few seconds to chuck it into Google, but you will find quite a few you know, top-end brands that do
biodegradable degreaser. – And if you don’t want to go that route, why not try lemon juice and sugar. See if that works for you.
– Have you used that? – I’m pretty sure in an emergency
I’ve used anything, yeah. – Have you? – Washing powder, that
doesn’t really work that well. But no, biodegradable
degreasers really are a thing, and they are really good, if you’ve got kids or
pets at home especially. It’s a great way of just
making sure that no one’s gonna end up with any nasty
irritations anywhere. – So there you have it, they’re out there, you’ve just gotta find them. – The next questions from Ian Gillon. “White or black socks?” – Black socks, every single
day of the week, black socks. You know why?
– Really? They stay black. – That’s a good point. I love white socks, and white socks and white
shoes just look peng. But they don’t–
– Well it does look good, but my issue is, half an
hour into your bike ride you’re all of the sudden no longer looking as good as you were. – Which is a bit of an issue. – However, there is something you can do if you want new socks every single month why not sign up to the sock club? – Yes, so when you sign
up to the GCN club, you get a new set of socks every month, and you start off with the
Founder Socks when you sign up, and then, this month’s
addition is the Vuelta sock, which are really cool, so yeah, if you’re a sock kinda guy, and you want a new pair
of socks every month, then yeah, get signed up. – Black or white socks will no longer be the only question you have. It’ll be, wait do I wear this one, number three, number seven? – That’s a good thing to have, isn’t it? Next question from jspaceman71. “Would neck pain during a ride “be caused by too wide handlebars? “I sometimes get a bit of
neck pain and shoulder area “during a long ride, and
one suggestion I read “is to go with narrow handlebars.” So Chris, I know you’re
a bit, you know, do a bit of mountain biking and you’re
used to using wide handlebars, have you got anything
to say on that question? – Well, it certainly can put extra strain, because the muscles are
gonna be more constricted than they would be if you had a slightly more relaxed and neutral position. – It puts more weight on if you go narrow you’re kinda putting less
weight on the shoulders but one thing you can do is kind of, lie on the floor, get a tennis ball, and put that in between your
back and your shoulder blades, and try and loosen off because, you know, sometimes it can get
tight and a bit knotty. – Looks like James has
answered the question. But yeah, there are also a
few extra stretches you can do which will help relieve
any built-up tension that’s in the muscles there. So, like simple neck
stretches and back stretches. It’s actually quite hard to
stretch some of those muscles so you have to spend a little
bit of time working on that and they’re quite subtle stretches, but it’s well worth investing
a little time to do that. – Yeah, and recently Emma
did do a core exercise, and if you did wanna focus on core and stretching then
give this video a watch. – This is a variation on the plank, which you’ve probably heard of, but it’s a bit harder than a plank, because you’ve got your elbows
on a stability ball which, ironically, is not as
stable as the ground. Now, initially you should just try and hold this for a minute
whilst really engaging your core and back as flat as possible. – Next up, we have a
question from Brad Williams, and he would like to know “What is the best way
to raise your VO2 max?” – Well, I mean, everyone wants to raise their VO2 max, don’t they? But we have got the perfect video for you. So check it out behind us. – The first session is
one that you may well have seen before here on GCN. Micro intervals. They are a great way of
increasing your VO2 max. For all of these session, it’s important that you get in a good
warmup to begin with because they are quite intense, so at least 20 to 30
minutes of steady riding, after which, on this one, you’re
going to be doing 40 20’s. – Right, next training
question from stevehaskew. “Two questions about fasted rides. “Firstly, is there any negative
impact of going too hard “on a fasted ride other
than risking the bonk? “Secondly, does a sweet-tasting “but zero calorie electrolyte tablet “in a drink still make it a fasted ride?” – Well yeah, so to answer
the second question, absolutely, it’s still a fasted ride because there are no calories. All you’re doing is just making it easier for your body to absorb the
fluid that you’re drinking. – Yes, but on the first question, what you really kinda
wanna do on a fasted ride is more of a light session. I used to do fasted rides
when I was training for racing and I kinda did before
breakfast, like an hour steady. I call it crystal cranking. – Was that an an hour of faster zone 2 water bike, by any chance? – That’s my secret, you
can’t give everyone away, no. So I would stick to going light, just so you really want to burn fat and not really damage muscles. – Also, you’re not really that fueled up so to try and go out and do
a high intensity session, you’re just gonna end
up with a lower quality so you gonna find this
horrible middle ground that you don’t really want to be in. – And you will bonk eventually. – And pretty quickly I would have thought. So like James said, keep it light, and that’s the way to do it. Next up, we have a question
from, I’m going to try and do as well as I can with
this name, Ojas Upadhye. “Is training using a
cadence monitor as effective “as training with a power meter?” – I mean, I’m gonna go
straight in there and say power meter is just the way to go compared to cadence and heart rate. There’s just too many
variables with your heart rate, and there’s also quite a lot of variables with cadence as well. So to get a clear cut number
that you can work towards that isn’t going to change,
power is the way to go. – Yeah, I mean it would be
great for cadence drills hitting a certain number
that you want to hold near 120 IPM for five
minutes, for example, but, for actual structured training, you will definitely find bigger benefits and easier to make good
gains with a power meter. – And they are expensive, but there are cheap ones out there, so, yeah, and don’t worry if, kind
of, one is under reading, because whatever your number is, you can work to that number. So don’t stress if you
know, your power’s down, or your power’s up
depending on temperature and all that kind of stuff. – But also you don’t actually
need to stress too much about the power meter
because you can still train with a cadence monitor
and a heart rate monitor. It’s just, you know, if
you really wanna get those few extra percent at the end of it, it will benefit you to have a power meter. – ‘Cause a lot of that in time trials, you would do a time trial and nowadays they sit on a certain
power, but back in the day they used to just sit to their cadence, so they’d basically say,
look, sit at 100 RPM, and that would be a way of
kind of gauging your effort. So thanks for watching, and
if you did want your question to be in next week’s
show, then don’t forget to put it in the comment section below. – Don’t forget the hashtag,
#torqueback or #askGCNtraining. – And if you did enjoy this video, then don’t forget to give us a thumbs up. – Why not check out our
shop whilst you’re at it. – Yeah, these hoodies are
pretty cool, I’m not gonna lie.

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    Now I do live not so far from the Kemmelberg in Belgium, which is a 17% hill at one side and the other is 11-20% grade.
    My issue is that the road of the hill is unfortunately been fit with cobblestones that haven't been maintained.
    Do you know a good technique to handle those cobblestones, as well uphill as downhill as flat?
    #Torqueback #AskGCNTraining

  49. How can one find the "ZWIFT recommended workout" discussed at 6:50? It looks like standard search at whatsonzwift does not know this workout. Any link to .zwo file?

  50. #Torqueback, hello guys love your vids , i just saw Dan's and Matt's video about difference in clipless and flat pedals and I am a bit confused because they were talking about pulling up on upstroke and I have clipless and I only pull down and up when I am sprinting so should I pull down and up always? Thank you in advance cheers

  51. #Torqueback A while ago GCN did a video on using Parafin on a bike chain, what are the long term results? Ive just snapped mine so about to buy a new one and would like to know if it would be worth taking the opportunity to coat it in Parafin from new??

  52. #torqueback #askGCNtraining i have an old Trek Alpha 1.5 2009 and it's creaking from all bones i dont know what type of bottom braket is acttualy using on it

  53. #askgcntraining. I’m 60 years old and slight of build. Think of an older, less powerful Nairo Quintana. How can I build power to both climb better and hold my own with younger riders on the flats?

  54. What is the expected life span of a mid-range carbon frame if the bike is well maintained? 10.000 km?

  55. #Torqueback Hi ! It has been said that muscle glycogen storage gets "empty" in about 90 min of riding. However, what's the intensity that it refers to ? I guess it makes a big difference if we are talking about a low intensity steady ride or a long steep climb at threshold. Thanks ! 🙂

  56. #AskGCNTraining When riding in tailwind, is it best to stay aero or a bit more upright to catch more of the tailwind?

  57. Hi guys, I recently did a quick clean down of my bike with some baby wipes and it came up trumps. I'm just wondering now whether this can be bad for the paintwork etc. The packet has a list of ingredients with crazy sounding chemicals, but if they're safe enough to wipe a baby bum, surely they can't be bad for your bike, right? Thanks for any insights into this! #Torqueback

  58. #askgcntraining. I have 2 bike one good (light, carbon, aero, etc) one not so good (heavy, steel, down tube shifters, 6 speed cassette). my main type of riding is commuting to work. Would riding my old bike more often improve my performance on the good bike? Does it kind of work like training with more weights being heavier with inferior gearing options or does this have limited effect?

  59. Don’t scoff if this is already natural for you, but when I started to ride in the drops my biggest problem was not body position, but neck pain from lifting my head up from an aero position to look at the road ahead. Then one day, I had an epiphany! Instead of lifting my head up, I lifted my eyeballs up! I don’t know about you guys out there, but my eyeballs’ default position is always dead centre! I automatically move my head to look at something not in front of me, so at first, this seemed like an unnatural movement, and even now I sometimes have to remind myself, “head still, eyes up”! But gradually this eye movement became more instinctive and the neck pain decreased dramatically. Was this neck pain problem just me, I wonder?

  60. #Torqueback Hey GCN, I'm wondering would orientating your quick release levers in a aero dynamic position (face the levers to the back) make you faster? I know the difference would be very small, but I still feel like my bike looks way better with the levers in that position.

  61. I don't really get why new members get the founder socks. I thought they were only going to be for Founders (funnily enough).

  62. Break down molecular structures with cycling efforts….? You sure? Sure you break muscle fibres, but I do not thing training changes you on a molecular level…

  63. #Torqueback Question for James Hayden: How many saddles did you have to try before you found one that you could sit on day after day with the least amount of pain and what do you finally use?

  64. #Torqueback My dentist has recommended i limit damage to my teeth by going for cycling foods that are low in acidity, can be swallowed straight away and avoiding "sticky" foods such as gels, flapjacks and energy bars. What would you recommend?

  65. Something I’ve always wondered about. Does the bike brand actually make any difference when it comes to professional cycling?? Do professional cyclists even care which brand of bike they are riding?? For example, in Formula1 or Nascar you always hear the driver mentioning that they have a “great car” or have a lot of confidence in the way their car is handling but in cycling you never hear a rider mention his/her bike as being a part of the equation. When you listen to the marketing hype that major bike brands put out regarding their patented technologies you would think there would be at least some minor difference that would give a rider a slight edge especially with the difference of winning and losing in cycling being so small. Is the difference between professional grade bike really that marginalized? As an amateur I can definitely notice a real difference in switch bikes.


  66. #Torqueback Do deep section wheels still provide a meaningful aero benefit (in light of, say, a 150-200 gram weight penalty) for a gravel bike set-up when you are running tires (say, 40mm) that are wider than the OD of the aero rim (say, 30mm)? Can GCN do some science on this? Thanks!

  67. Hi Guys, 
    I regularly participate in Zwift races and I manage to average 220ish watts for the duration.
    My FTP is 226 watts, my max heart rate for age is 177 but I regularly see it at or near 187bpm during a sprint of upto 1000 watts. (usually 600 to 900w).
    During Sweet Spot training however, my legs are heavily fatigued early, usually at around 160bpm I start to feel done. 
    Is there psychological aspect to racing vs training as far as fatigue goes?
    Is 160bpm my lactate threshold? 
    Or have I overshot my FTP? 
    Will my legs come to me with time? Cheers guys, I love watching you all…

  68. I have a question GCN. How fast would a pro get round on an entry level road bike. Just so I can compare myself and no longer blame the fact that they ride top end bike for there incredable speeds. Average speed over 200km etc and would they keep up with the peloton.

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